Omega-3 Fish Oil for beauty inside out

Omega-3 Fish Oil

I’ve not been eating my Omega-3 Fish Oil as regularly as before but today, after visiting Makeupalley, I quickly gulped down two.  You see, Omega-3 Fish Oil was featured on today’s review with 70 reviewers raving about its benefits and giving it a rating of 4.8 out of 5.

Some of these reviewers have been taking fish oil for years while others have just started out but all of them are saying good things about taking this as a supplement and how it has helped them maintain beauty from inside out.

From how it has helped them maintain supple skin, lustrous hair, stronger nails to keeping breakouts, dry eyes, headaches, asthma and even arthritis at bay.  Very consistent with what I have written before about how Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid which can actually help improve your skin condition and help you be more beautiful with fewer wrinkles and more glow.

Not to mention that research has demonstrated that omega-3 fatty acids are good for our heart, brain, mood as well as reducing inflammation and increasing blood flow throughout the brain and body.    

I haven’t been consistent in taking mine recently but I remember that it did some good things for my heart, as well as for my hair when I was consuming it more regularly.  Not too sure about my skin because I use a gazillion other products at the same time.

I need to revisit Omega-3 Fish Oil again and may want to give those from Nordic Naturals a try as there are a couple of good reviews about it plus the fact that I already buy their cod liver oil for my son.   In addition, I read that all fish oil supplements should be molecularly distilled in order to ensure the absence of impurities including PCBs, mercury and dioxins and this one apparently is.

So if you’re looking for a good skin food, go read the reviews at Makeupalley and you may just find Omega-3 Fish Oil to be your wonder pill.


  1. asoff Erachi says:

    Read the artilce and agree that Omega 3 is good, excpet that I use another oil which is more poweful than omega 3 and this is the omega 5 oil that is extracted from pomegranate seeds.

    There are several companies selling the oil but the best is a new company based in California by the name of POMEGA.

    Why settle for good when you can go for great.. but actually, your body needs both omega 3 and omega 5.

    The best combination is a mix of omega 3 and omega 5 and omega 9.

    I have tried the gel caps and healingn cream of pomega5 — they are heavenly.

    The scnet is addictive.


    Asoff: Hi. Thanks for sharing. I did read that we should ideally take a combination of 3/6/9 but 5 is something new to me.

  2. ashes says:

    Woah! Didn’t know cod liver oil is so good but I have been having 2 pills every day but I bought the Scott’s brand which is an old man carrying a big fish. ?

    ashes: No, not cod liver but fish oil. I had the two confused initially too.

  3. Irene says:

    I used to take it before sleeping. cos’ if i took it in the morning, i’d be burping fish all day. ?

    oh, my mineral make up came in today. can’t wait to try it.

    Irene: Hey, from Everyday Minerals right? Mine came in today too! ?

  4. Asoff says:

    I know that not many people are aware of omega 5 to inlcude doctors / deram experts, but pomegranate seed oil has been used for centuries to treat skin problems and to ease aging, it is only recently that Omega 5 has been brought to the forefront of skin care. A FL company has been using the oil in a diet pill that was mentioned in Woman’s World of last week as revolutionary.

    I have tried several Omega 5 products and the best are those sold by two companies, the POMEGA5 products at and the Tzerah products at


  5. Roy says:

    In the government’s pubmed research database there are more than 10,000 references to research on omega-3. There are less than 100 references to Omega-5 and only 200 on Omega-9. In essence what this means is that while the benefits of omega-3 are extensively studied, it is far too early to conclude about the benefits of 5 or 9 as there is hardly any research. Most experts agree that we get far too much omega-6 in our diets – we are practically drowning in it as it comes in all those cheap vegetable oils. So conclusion – stick with a super high quality and concentration Omega-3 such as PharmaOmega.

    Roy: I’m happy to stick to Omega-3 with some combination of Omega-9 at the moment.

  6. Asoff Erachi says:

    Dear Roy —

    Your are correct, the research on omega 5, that is pomegranate seed oil is somewhat in its infancy compared to the Omega 3 reserach pioneered by Dr. Sears. Omgea 5 has shown very great potnetial in many areas to include skin ailments, cellulite, obesity, skin cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer etc. I am sure I have missed on several more.

    The bottom line is that Omega 5 oil is now moving into center stage.

    Dr. Murad believes that it is a natural SPF boster, but the lead company is still POMEGA LLC.

    They have come up with certain superb products. GOL, a FL company is selling a mix of Omega 5 plus seaweed as a diet pill.

    The Omega 3 is not passe, but can provide a great mix with Omega 5.


  7. Anon says:

    Hey, what about Omega-3 harp seal oil?
    Anyone know if that is as good as the fish oil?

  8. Rita says:

    Anyone has the problem of a ‘fishy’ smell from the private part after taking Omega3/6?

    Rita: Hmmm…no I don’t think it did for me. Nothing fishy or unusual after taking this.

  9. Rita says:

    Sigh… I don’t know why it did with me. That’s the reason I stopped.
    I got that even with EPO…

  10. Tara says:

    Hi! I have started to take fish oil tdy…but im we hv to follow the dosage instructions?

    for eg. if it states to take 2 a day, can i just take 1 instead? it will still hv the effect right?

    Tara: I imagine if you cut down on the required dosage, the effect will be slower to surface.

  11. MISS CHANDLER says:


    my teachers at university tell us that fish oil helps with brain function and memory, I take two a day and find i’m less stressed before exams… and noticed my hair growing smoother ?

  12. sesame says:

    Oh, that’s great! ?

  13. redheadblondie says:

    I took Nordic Naturals after my child was born and my skin was really plumped out and felt more elastic. Went back to normal when I stopped.

    I started my child on the kids one and her skin was more moist and smoother after about a month!

    Highly recommend!

  14. Abby says:

    Sesame, have you thought of trying out royal jelly? It is said to contained many beneficial ingredients as well!

  15. sesame says:

    Did think but was deterred by the price.

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