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Oriki product kit

Earlier this year, I wrote an entry Whitening the Asian skin, where I highlighted that Asian skin has been found to contain more and bigger melanosomes and melanocytes and have longer dendrites than those of Caucasian skin. In addition, because the color of our melanin tends to be darker and the stratum corneum is very thin, hence, we are more proned to pigmentation.

As a result, while there are many skin whitening lotions promoting white skin on the market, we need to be aware that some of these concoctions may not be suitable for us.  I’ve tried some products in the past and while a few of them have yielded limited results, most have failed me miserably despite the promises that their miracle potion can reduce or even eradicate my pigmentations in X number of days or weeks.

So these days, when I look for whitening products, I try to look out for those created with Asian skin in mind.   At the same time, I am also learning to read their ingredients listing to ensure that no harmful ingredients like Hydroquinone, steroids and mercury are used which might produce undesirable side effects.

I learned from ORIKI Cosmeceuticals which develops products specifically for Asian, Mediterranean and other Olive (AMO) skin types that using gentle products is important.

Because AMO skin is very delicate, it is imperative to use any formulation with hypoallergenic ingredients and avoid hydroquinone. The key to obtaining good results lies in choosing safe, yet effective ingredients. Some products can cause serious redness and other adverse events that can be minimized with gentler products.

And according to them, safer ingredients would be those obtained from herbal ingredients such as Arbutin, Licorice Extract, Vitamin C and Mulberry Extract which are already used in their ORIKI whitening range.

So while all of us would like to have porcelain fair skin, do remember that we can achieve it through a safe and gentle way without causing unnecessary damage.


  1. Danny says:

    omg! I’m so glad you’ve made a post about Oriki products. I found out about this brand while reading the September issue of Vivi magazine. The models in the magazine high recommended Oriki’s whitening serum. I’ve been thinking about ordering it over the website, but $90 isn’t cheap for a college student. Then, I couldn’t decide whether I should just get the set with the cleanser, toner, cream, and serum.. or just the whitening serum alone. I don’t know anyone that has tried this before, and i’ve been trying to look up for customer reviews on Oriki products, and haven’t had any success on finding anything. Would you recommend the whole set or just the white serum alone is good?

    Danny: I suppose the lack of reviews is because the product is relatively new. I usually recommend trying out one or two of new products first to gauge the response. But the thing is if you’re looking specificially at whitening serum, it isn’t enough. Serum must be supplemented by a cream as the former isn’t as moisturizing. So if you were to add up another product from the range, it seems like getting the whitening kit makes more economic sense. Of course another way is to buy just the serum and use it with whatever moisturizer you’re currently using.

  2. Fabulously Broke says:

    I’ve since given up on the fact that I’ll have perfect porcelain skin, but it still irks me when my pimples or scratches leave behind a dark scar *GRR*

    FB: Oh ya, tell me. But recently I discovered that rose hip oil can help to lighten up the new pimple scars.

  3. Carrie says:

    Funny — I have white, porcelain skin, and have always wished mine was darker. As do my fair skinned friends. I guess the old addage – the grass is always greener on the other side rings true in this area too.

    Carrie: Hiaz…you don’t know how lucky you are. Yes, I remember seeing your picture and your skin is really good! Please treasure it. People like me can only dream…

  4. anonymous says:

    anyone tried this product? Is it really that good? can achieve rosy wnd fair skin?

  5. MeMe says:

    is this really works ??
    well, how much for the shipping to thailand ?

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