JASON Vitamin E Pure Beauty Oil

JASON Natural 14000 IU Vitamin ESince my last mention about the beauty benefits of Vitamin E, I’ve gone to purchase a bottle of JASON Natural Cosmetics Certified Organic Vitamin E Pure Beauty Oil 14,000 IU and have been using it to moisturize my neck and parts of my body.  However, I’ve not used it on my face because I find it too rich and sticky.  And even when using on my body, I add a few drops and mix it with my body lotion for application just twice a week or so. 

Vitamin E is said to be a powerful antioxidant and is widely known for its scar and wound healing properties.  The oil is also effective in preventing inflammation, and may help to prevent skin damage and soothe any burns if applied within eight hours after sun exposure.  

JASON Natural Cosmetics Vitamin E Pure Beauty Oil is combined with sunflower, safflower and avocado oils to nourish dry and dehydrated skin.  It is said to condition and protect skin to help seal in needed moisture and Vitamin E. 

Night treatment
I agree that this is great for dry skin, although I would state that it should not to be used on a daily basis.   In addition, I find this beauty oil should only be used as a treatment in the night so that it can be better absorbed.  My neck for example, don’t feel so sticky the morning after.

I’ve read reviews on Makeupalley of women who have had good results using this to hydrate and claiming that it helped diminished fine lines around their eyes.  But still, I refuse to use it on mine and rather use my Rose Hip Oil instead, keeping the Vitamin E Oil purely for body treatment only.  I have to concede that when applied sparingly on the body, JASON Natural Cosmetics Vitamin E Pure Beauty Oil helps to smoothen the skin texture and keep it feeling soft.  I definitely think the skin on my neck looks smoother than before.

Despite the benefits, there are two things that deter me from buying this product again.  One is the packaging.  JASON Natural Cosmetics Vitamin E Pure Beauty Oil comes in a glass pour bottle which means you’re likely to use too much of it at one time.  The other is the smell.  I don’t know why others find the almond bark smell pleasant but it definitely turns me off.

JASON Natural Cosmetics Vitamin E Pure Beauty Oil is certified organic and retails at S$28 before any discounts at Dargon Dors Cosmetics #03-1126, 32 New Market Road (People’s Park Complex).  If you’re buying it online, you can get it for much lesser through shopzilla.com.


  1. Precious says:

    I used to use it as a night cream too, and it worked wonders for my super dehydrated skin. but so sticky…

    Precious: Great it works for you but yeah, too stick!

  2. helloworld says:

    do you use Rosehip oil around your eyes?

    what is the correct way to apply eye cream/ RHO around the eyes?

    Helloworld: I don’t use RHO around the eyes anymore. Some time after writing this, I realized that RHO causes milia seeds to grow around my eyes. It’s too rich and best to keep it on the face. However, you can use other types of lighter oil around the eyes like grapeseed oil or even evening primrose oil. Just use lightly and I try to avoid using on the area nearest to the nose bridge cos that’s where I usually grow milia seeds.

  3. lin says:

    u should use the 5000 IU its not so sticky and can use on face

    lin: Ah…I see. Maybe I’ll try it when I get the chance.

  4. tam says:

    Hello, I’ve been thinking about purchasing pure vitamin e oil. But I found that they are mixed with other oils, for examples,such as JASON Vitmain E oil? Is that okay, I mean, the reason why I want to buy it, is because I want to use it for my scars on my face…
    So will it work just as fine as pure vitamin e oil?

  5. sesame says:

    Jason Vitamin E Oil used to be pure. Not sure about now cos I haven’t looked it up. Otherwise, get it from those DIY ingredient suppliers. You can get it from Garden of Wisdom online.

  6. mint says:

    Hello, recently I bought the 32,000 IU Vitamin E from Jason, and I was wondering if it was 100% *PURE* & NATRUAL vitmain e oil? The ingredient on the bottle is: Tocopheryal Acetate(Vitamin E)

    As well, will vitamin e oil be more effective if mixed with other oils (if so any specfic oil in particular)? I just want to use vitamin e oil for my scars on my face. If mixing with other oils will be more effective, that would be good as well.

    This might sound silly, but what is the 32 000 IU etc? They all seem to have these IU’s…

    – Oh gosh, sorry for such questions, I’m quite new to oils…Thanks in advance, great blog btw. (:

  7. sesame says:

    Tocopheryal Acetate is more like synthetic vitamin E. It’s okay and you can mix with other oils but I don’t think you’ll like it cos it should be quite thick. I find it hard to apply on my face.

    IU means international units. On a simple level of understanding, it just means the higher the IU, the more potent and effective the vitamin is.

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