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This is a brief review on vPOSTUSA shipping services specially for my Singapore readers who are shipping goods from United States. 

I recently used this service and am quite happy that it was pretty fuss free and easy.  In fact, vPOSTUSA is excellent as a way of saving costs when you have consolidated all your overseas online purchases as you only need to pay for one base charge fee (separate from shipping charges) for any number of purchases from different merchandisers. 

I paid S$13.24 for the base charge for goods from two different locations.  Even after adding the shipping charge, it was still cheaper than shipping direct from one of the merchants.  As for the other, I have no basis to compare as the merchant does not provide international shipping but the shipping cost only came up to S$5.5 for the 0.6kg package.  One point to note is have your package as small as possible as vPOST charges based on volumetric weight, not actual weight.

Hence I would recommend using vPOSTUSA if you’re planning a shopping spree from US online stores.  Take advantage of those which provide free domestic shipping and remember to time your purchases together so that all your goods can arrive at your VPOST designated US address within 2 weeks.  By the way, vPOST issues their users with two addresses.  I used the Oregon address as I understand that this a tax free state, while California has a 7.5% consumer tax.

The instructions given are very clear.  All you need to do is to submit all your purchase invoices to vPOST for tracking.  They’ll take a few days to match the invoices when your goods arrive at the US address so you also need to be on top of all your purchases to ensure they do not process beyond the 2 weeks’ period or you would need to incur holding charge of S$10.19 per week.  In addition, be aware that custom GST of 7% is applicable for all items imported into Singapore, where the Cost, Insurance and Freight exceeds S$400.

And if you’re paying via PayPal, there is a 10% off the shipping charges when you enter the promo code: 072S6PY.


  1. Tracy says:

    i have been searching for a forwarding company for online purchase from the US. tks for the heads up ?

    Tracy: Look up vPOSTAsia. They have services from Malaysia too if you plan to ship there. But not to China though.

  2. Tracy says:

    oh i just checked out the site and it’s a service provided by Singapore Post. How nice for Singaporeans! And how sad for me!

  3. Tracy says:

    tks sesame!

  4. Doris says:

    Thanks for the valuable info – should I decide to order anything from the US next time, I’ll check with you again k?

    Doris: Sure you can! ?

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