Badger SPF30 Sunblock product review

badger sunscreenFinally, after many months of waiting, Badger SPF30 Sunblock will be available during mid December here in Singapore. 

Surprising, I am not as keen on the product anymore probably because I now have Keys Solar Rx SPF30+.  But I will likely still purchase it for my kid since it looks like the 2007 formulation is now again rated the safest and most effective over at EWG Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database.

I’ve actually tried a sampler of Badger SPF30 Sunblock and find it a tad too greasy for my face.  And like Keys Solar Rx, it has a scent that needs getting used to, although admittedly not as strong as the former.  In addition, the 20.5% micronized zinc oxide still leaves an unsightly white cast upon application even though the product states otherwise.  I was also told the oil in the product will become saturated if the sunblock is left unused for too long.

Still, I do like the fact that it is a 100% natural formulation with many organic ingredients especially 20.5% of zinc oxide that provides broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection.  Just refer to the following rating compiled by Environmental Protection Agency.  More important perhaps is that Badger SPF30 Sunblock is water resistant for up to 40 minutes so I can use it for outdoor activities as well. 


The price of this sunblock is around S$22 in Singapore, depending on where you get it.  As the product is a hot item, you’ll need to pre-order by Nov 25.   Those interested please leave a message here with your email and I’ll provide you with the information for you to place your order directly.


  1. zara's mama says:

    Hey.. I’m dropping by here b’cos I wanted to know how come you turned off comments for all your post in your other blog?

    ZM: Haha…so that I can get you to come here mah…

  2. zara's mama says:

    clever.. ?

  3. miyo says:

    hi sesame where can i purchase badger sunscreen in sg ?

    miyo: You can try Dargon Dors Cosmetics #03-1126, 32 New Market Road (People’s Park Complex) or However, I have no idea if there are stocks now. Btw, you might want to know this sunscreen is rather oily. Not suitable for oily face at all.

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