Review: UV-b Safe Natural Sunblock SPF30+

UV-BSafe Sunblock

Over the weekend, I picked up this UV-b Safe Natural Sunblock SPF30+ with Zinclear Microfine formula from a mobile cart at VivoCity.  It caught my eye because it’s stated as 100% natural and contains 25.9% zinc oxide.  I was told it’s available at Living Pharmacy for S$30+ but I got this tube slightly cheaper at S$25.

UV-B Safe Natural is made in Australia
I was initially a little hesitant about the product because I’ve never heard of the company.  While I don’t mind purchasing products from small companies, but I’m more picky about sunscreens and was worried if the product was properly formulated and tested.  Plus, I learnt that this is quite a new product so there are probably very few reviews available for reference.  However, my concerns were eased somewhat when I learnt that UV-bSafe Sunblock is made in Australia, a country widely known for having stringent requirements for sunscreens. 

Usually, I’ll wait for a few weeks to test a sunscreen.  But this time, I’m able to review this quicker because I’ve decided to use this product for my body, mainly my neck, arms and hands rather than my face.

UV-bSafe Ingredients

Concerns over high zinc oxide content
While I love sunscreens or sunblocks with zinc oxide, I’m leery of those containing more than 20% of that ingredient.  No matter what the experts say, zinc oxide in high concentration is drying for my face.  Such products are also slightly difficult to remove and would require more thorough cleansing and I’ve experienced breakout because of this reason.

Almost nil whitecast upon application
Anyway, I did try the UV-b Safe Natural Sunblock on my face for a day.  In terms of texture, it feels rather oily and this is likely due to the ingredients, which include rosehip, grapeseed, sesame seed, vegetable oils and shea butter.  However, when applied, it’s not excessively greasy and is bearable, although I could only apply a rather thin layer which is definitely not enough.  I  needed to wear some foundation on top of this sunblock to cut the shine though.  I also don’t see much of a whitecast because the zinc oxide is micronized.  It has a scent, from the combination of oils and I’m not sure if it’ll appeal to everyone.  Personally, I found the smell okay.

Drying for my skin
But in the end, I decided not to continue using this sunblock on my face.  Why?  Because my cheeks felt extremely dry shortly after application and that’s not a good sign; I usually breakout if my skin feels that way.   I’m not prepared to risk my skin for the testing and decided that it’s probably best to use this sunblock on my body.  

Perfect as a sunblock for the body
On my arms and hands, this UV-b Safe Natural Sunblock was perfect.  It was greasy on application but after half an hour or so, the feel was more or less normal again.  In addition, I couldn’t notice any whitecast so it’s cosmetically appealing.

UV-bSafe Texture

Overall summary
At the price of around S$30, this sunblock is affordable.  I’m also happy with the ingredients generally (please check if you have sensitive skin though as Phenoxyethanol has been said to be a potential irritation for some people) and would buy this sunblock again as a sunscreen for my body.  However, I’ll keep it away from my face though.  I have combination skin with slightly drying cheeks and 25.9% zinc oxide is too much for me.  In addition, the combination of oils also don’t appeal to me and I don’t even dare to use this around my eyes.  But having said that, I want to give credit to a local company for bringing a natural sun product to the market for us. 

I understand that UV-b Safe Natural Sunblock is currently only available in Singapore and can be purchased from Living Pharmacy for S$32.  The company, Osmosis Nature, is based in Singapore, by the way.  Coincidentally, two readers – Guest and Freckles – also bought this product so if they can share their views, that would be great.


  1. Blovet Beauty says:

    wow, thks for the sunblock facts! I can never use drying products cause I break out if my skin is too dry or oily! Usually, I just use those sunblocks that aren’t suitable for my face on my body too.. ?

  2. pf1123 says:

    Hi! Oh dear…its the high Zinc Oxide content in my sunblock thats causing my face to be so dry.

    Is there anyway to rectify? Because my makeup doesn’t look well if I use that sunblock.

  3. sesame says:

    Yes, I have similar experiences too. If my cheeks start to dry and feel tight, then I’ll breakout in the next few days.

  4. sesame says:

    Hmm…could be. Mine from MV is 20% zinc oxide but it is okay but another formulation from MV is dry. So it also depends…

    I guess you moisturize under your sunblock? It’s a bit hard to rectify unless you choose to apply a carrier oil under your sunblock if you don’t mind. Even then, I can’t be certain especially if you use it under aircon environment.

  5. pf1123 says:

    I tried…I have added hydrating serum to my morning routine but its not enough. Then I added a hydrating essence on top of the serum. Then also use BB cream…but I turned into an oil slick by mid morning.

    I like powder foundation better. But seems like my Diorsnow UV shield can’t work with powder foundation. ?

    Btw, I saw your old post on Paul & Joe powder foundation and many good reviews online. However, it didn’t work out for me. Doesn’t blend well and makes my skin patchy looking. No matter I blend with the sponge or my kabuki brush. No matter how I moisturise and prime my face before it or spray a mist after it, it doesn’t work!

    Its not to say yours and other people’s reviews are wrong/not good. But I just feel unhappy that I heard many good reviews, bought it to try and it didn’t work out for me. Sigh… ?

  6. Amanda says:

    Oh, I never knew that a high % of Zinc Oxide would cause dry skin. I’ve just recently bought a sunscreen from an organic brand with 20% Zinc Oxide. Hopefully it’s not too drying.

    UV-b Safe Natural Sunblock sounds like a great choice for a body sunscreen =)

  7. sesame says:

    In this case, the sunblock may not be suitable for your skin. It’s not very good to apply so much products as you might end up with clogged pores later.

    Paul & Joe is one of the better compact powder foundations I’ve used…even better than Stila’s that I once kind of like. It’s kind of ex so I can understand your frustration. I would too. But these things happen…sometimes it works on others but we just have no luck. You know the acne patch…I still have no luck even after following your advice. I think it just doesn’t work for me…

    Btw, do you exfoliate your face often? I know some exfoliator helps makeup stay better. Wonder if that would help?

  8. sesame says:

    Zinc oxide is actually a drying agent and in high %, may not work well for some skin types. I wrote about this in an entry about mineral makeup sometime back. If you’re keen to read, it’s here:

    20% may still be okay. It really depends on the formulation. Like I mentioned to pf1123, I use two formulations from the same brand – Marie-Veonique. Both uses 20% but one works for me and the other is more drying.

    Btw, what’s the brand you’re using? I’m curious cos you mentioned it’s organic and contains zinc oxide. ?

  9. Guest says:

    Now that explains why my skin, in particular the t-zone is more matte after using the uv-b safe sunblock. It’s the high zinc oxide content.

    Contrary to sesame, my skin though on the sensitive side is taking the sunblock well. No breakouts yet but I have been careful to cleanse thoroughly.

    I’ll update again maybe a week or two later. That’s usually when the problems e.g. Clogged pores, if any, start manifesting for me.

  10. pf1123 says:

    Thanks Sesame! You’re so understanding!

    I have gone back to using Coffret D’or one. It was a random buy and my gosh! A great buy! My skin looks glowy and it also kinda diffuses light to de-emphasis my flaws e.g. pimple scars.

    I have a few exfoliators. Cream scrub, micro bead scrub, exfoliating gels…but they don’t really work. I think its because I just came back from HK (again) and the dry weather wrecks havoc to my skin (again!).

    But this week, I tried the Kose white (or black!) mask and a milky mask after that. Its so much better already! Although not as good still.

    I think I will cut the hydrating products and use only when necessary. I think I believe that facial oil should not be fully eliminated. A balance is the best. I really don’t mind a bit of shine on my face. hahaa…

  11. Sun gal says:

    This is exact the same formulation as Graham’s Natural Alternatives Sun Clear SPF 30+ made in Australia. Same ingredients, same product, different label/packaging.

  12. stiffedneck says:

    Hi Sesame,

    I don’t know if you remember that I bought the MV Creme de Jour in tinted version, but I’m thinking of giving it away. I have used it 3 times, and realized that it’s a bit drying for me (especially now it’s winter time in New York), and that it’s more pink for my skin tone. I washed my hands carefully imediately before each use, so it’s clean. So if you want it, or know anyone wants it, I’m happy to send it to you. I don’t want to let it sit there and be wasted. It is a fantastic sunblock after all, just not for me. So email me and let me know please.

  13. Amanda says:

    Hey Sesame,

    It’s my first day trying the sunscreen on my entire face, and so far so good, although it’s just barely been 1 day.

    I’m hoping it’ll be the answer to my sunscreen search. The brand is Petite Marie Organics. Their line looks fantastic and I’m thinking of trying other products. This Sunscreen was my first buy. =)

  14. sesame says:

    I hope it’ll work well for you long term…yes, do cleanse thoroughly as physical sunblocks have this problem cos they form a barrier on our skin.

  15. sesame says:

    I have to try Coffret D’or sometime soon. I read raves on them too. Now I’m using mineral powder again so shall see…

    Yes you’re definitely right. Good to have a balance. Maybe hydrate once or twice weekly…especially if you travel to dry countries.

    My skin is misbehaving again too cos my schedule got busier and I’ve been sleeping late. ?

  16. sesame says:

    Interesting! Thanks for sharing this info Sun Gal! I’ll have a look at the Graham one you mentioned soon. I guess it’s the same manufacturing source…wonder if the price points are similar.

  17. sesame says:

    What about your hands? Can it be used as a body sunblock for you? Perhaps someone in States can do with this as I feel bad for you to send all the way here.

  18. sesame says:

    Oh Petite Marie Organics! I wanted to try them sometime back cos I saw the high zinc oxide content and also that they’re organic. But I didn’t want the full size. I asked for samples to test but now news though…

  19. stiffedneck says:

    Its impossible to spread, so I can’t even use it for my hands. No one that I know give a hoot about using sunblock, knowing I use it religiously everyday hahaha. So it’s a waste giving it to someone who doesn’t care. Really, I don’t mind sending it to you.

  20. Sun gal says:

    Hi Amanda,

    I’ve been considering the Petite Marie Organics sunscreen as well. Are you using the cream or lotion? Can you share some more feedback about the product. Also, the product no longer contains 20% zinc oxide. It now contains 15%. They need to update their website.

  21. sesame says:

    Okay, let me think about this. Perhaps I can also highlight this in another post and perhaps someone in US would be keen to try.

  22. toh88 says:

    years back when I attended a product talk, it mentioned that any SPF that is above 25 is of no purpose already. meaning to say, that is the max any product can protect one’s skin even if it stated 50 spf protection blah blah……..

    unsure how true is this?

  23. sesame says:

    Hmm…what I read and heard is the difference is marginal. Higher SPF protects our skin longer in the sun, but not much longer. I would say SPF30 is good enough – hardly come across products with SPF25. But the problem is people don’t apply enough so SPF50 may suit those who apply very little. Anything higher, I don’t think they serve much purpose and worst, some may even clog pores cos of the higher active ingredients.

  24. Guest says:

    I am giving my reviews of the product after using it a couple of weeks. Unfortunately it is too rich for me, and have led to blackheads and a clogged forehead. I bought La Soie today and hope my search for compatible sunscreen with end here!

  25. sesame says:

    Oh that’s a pity! I was also hoping it’ll be something that I can use on my face. I hope the La Soie works for you. It’s been okay for me whenever I use it. Very light. Only thing is I don’t like the scent. Btw, did you get it at Divine Medspa or another store?

  26. passer-by says:

    hello, happened to come across your site while surfing for a good sunscreen online. I wanted to share my experience with UV-b Safe Natural Sunblock SPF30+.
    I’ve only used it once when I went swimming from 9-10am, and I think this sunblock did not help. I visibly turned darker and it made my skin itch too. I do not have sensitive skin and previously using banana boat sunscreen worked better in my opinion, esp when this is so expensive!

  27. sesame says:

    Hmm…it probably got rinsed off? It’s supposed to be water resistant so perhaps it isn’t so then.

  28. Guest says:

    Yes, got it from divine medspa. I am doing my facials there regularly. I like the place,no need to listen to hard selling sales pitch. Only gripe is their facials are not the cheapest.

  29. sesame says:

    Oh you like the place…that’s good to know. I agree their prices are rather steep!

  30. Freckles says:

    UV-BSafe is greasy on my face so I use a powder over it.

    I used in on my kid’s faces. Unfortunately the sun was blazing hot.Even after re-applying the kid’s faces got dark. My son who did not re-apply had a bad sunburn on the face. Better to use chemical sunscreen I think for long hours and very hot sun.

    I’m more wary since that incident. Somehow feel less secure using it. So, now I’ve switched back to using La-Roche when I’m out the whole day. I also carry an SPF 20 foundation powder to put on when the sun is hot if I worry that the sunblock protection has worn off. Am looking for an SPF 30 powder that isn’t drying. The Givenchy Blanc Parfait SPF 20 is quite good though but I want higher immediate protection when it’s more convenient to use a powder than a sunblock.

    BTW even if I used a chemical sunscreen instead of UV-BSafe my kids would still tan. I also found my freckles got slightly darker (I was using a hat). I don’t think any sunblock can totally protect you from the sun.But better use higher SPF if you are swimming.

  31. Freckles says:

    BTW I read someone used hydrating serum and essence before the sunblock and it didn’t work? I think you need something more moisturising than that perhaps. I use Nuxe’s 24 hour emulsion. Works fine.

  32. sesame says:

    Nope, no sunscreen offers 100% protection. And you’re right that chemical sunscreen offers more protection that their mineral counterparts. That’s logical since they have more sunscreen active ingredients but some of these may cause free radicals as well.

    These days, if it’s hot, I’ll use double protection. Internal consumption of Heliocare and external application of sunscreen. That’ll give me some peace of mind.

  33. sesame says:

    Serum is probably too light. But for this product, it’s also hard to use a moisturizer underneath cos it’s already quite greasy.

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