Japanese hairstyles for inspiration

Japanese ladies hairstyles

So I learnt that 2008 hairstyle trend for women will likely be marked by longer hair with a volume and fullness achieved by looser, natural flowing curls. Hair coloring will be more subtle and soft instead of the stark color contrasts that are popular today. 

Well, I don’t know.  I’ve always been into subtle hair coloring but I’m not a big fan of long, wavy hair.  It just doesn’t flatter me at my age anymore.  I like my hair short and chic but I’m also tired of the bob and have lopped it off after keeping it for about half a year only.

As to hairstyles, I usually rely on my hairstylist for recommendation although I sometimes would refer to magazines for ideas.  However, instead of looking at Western celebrities, I always look at Japan for inspiration since Asian hair texture is uniquely different. 

And if you’re an Asian looking for a new hairdo and don’t quite know what to go for, check out the resource at beauty-jp.com. It has a collection of fashionable hairstyles on women of different age groups, from short straight hair to wavy long hair.  You can click on the picture above to take you directly to the website.  Just navigate the buttons for the slide show.  Pretty cool stuff.


  1. Tracy says:

    i love japanese hairstyles but i realize that they spend a lot of time doing their hair. you don’t just wake up to styles like that! i prefer something simple and straightforward where i can wake up, wash and go.

    i also had a bob but had it chopped off accidentally when i went to hairdresser here in China! now waiting for it to grow out more so that i can get a japanese hairstyle for the heck of it.

  2. Maddie says:

    Japanese hairstlyes are awesome! There so creative and amazing that i totally want one myself. I’ve recently tried one but it is a lot of work in the morning to keep it the same…i have to spend and extra hour to do my hair, but its worth it ? (in my opinion)

  3. Preet says:

    I feel that japanese women have very beautiful hair . Also they take care of them a lot .
    Preet last post is: 5 Modern Women Hairstyles For Thick Hair

  4. Hill says:

    Thanks for sharing this post. I have really enjoyed reading your well written article.
    Japanese hair style are beautiful. Not all Japanese girls have black straight hair. Nowaday many of them have curly and lightened hair with layers and I think that very cute. Look very innocent in Japanese hairstyle.

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