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Natural skin care products

Woo hoo!  We may finally be able to get our hands on cosmetic products that are 100 per cent natural in the near future as I learnt today that more companies are working to develop effective natural alternatives to synthetic preservatives to extend shelf-life of their products. 

Currently, manufacturers of natural cosmetics are forced to use weak forms of synthetic preservatives such as benzoic and benzyl alcohol in their formulations.  Hence, these manufacturers cannot label their products as 100 per cent natural.  But this frustration may soon be over as Cosmeticsdesign-Europe.com reports that Israeli biotech company Avisco has developed the natural preservative Aviorex while Slovenia-based Vitiva is working on Inolens 4 which contain active ingredients derived from rosemary to help protect cosmetic oils from oxidation and rancidity. 

I’m really glad to read this especially since I was just looking at the 30ml FANCL preservative-free skincare products and thinking that it’s rather inconvenient to have to replace them every month or so.  At the same time, wondering how I can avoid common preservatives or additives, which according to FANCL R&D, triggers melanin production leading to pigmentation and aging of skin cells in the long term. 

Well, it looks like now my questions may be answered sooner. 


  1. Fernando Ibarra says:

    Hi Sesame,

    I’m glad to hear and see that the organic movement is not only a trend and that everywhere people are consuming with more and more responsibility. The topic you picked is a particularly hot one and all over the world raw material producers for cosmetics are trying to find new alternatives for chemical ingredients in cosmetics. It’s good to see, that there is some progress.

    My company is also in the cosmetic business as raw material supplier and please allow me to add one information to your posting. It’s just that there are already materials for 100% natural preservation on the market. Many of them have been created by our company, as we started already 15 years ago with supplying alternative and natural ingredients. We didn’t just follow a trend at that time (because there was no natural cosmetics trend then), but a certain philosophy about raw materials.

    In Europe most manufacturers of certified natural/organic cosmetics rely on our natural preservation systems and of course you are right that no consumer should be forced to throw away fine (and expensive) organic products. Which of course also contradicts the environmental attitude that users of organic products have.

    Anyway, thank you for the interesting article, which was a nice reaction and extension to the cosmetics-design publication.

    All the best from Germany


    Hi Fernando: Thanks for sharing the information! The market is definitely growing with more people becoming more health conscious as well. But a lot of good products are really not widely publicized as well. I would take some time and visit your company’s website soon.

  2. Deanna says:

    Hi. I have been researching the natural preservative issue extensively, on and off for several years, mostly with disappointment or disgust at what I find. I also was excited about these new natural preservatives coming on the market – until I did more research. First of all Inolens 4 is an antioxidant, not a preservative. Powerful as it may be, it is a derivative from rosemary oil. An anti-oxidant. Aviorex – go to http://www.inulav.com and click on “Our Science & Studies.” I don’t know about you, but natural or not – I am not willing to knowingly buy a product that has been put in rabbits eyes. And I could not in good conscience sell a product containing it knowing this. There is PLENTY of information to be gleaned from past animal testing studies on all sorts of substances making it comepletely unnecessary to continue this practice – primarily in the case where cosmetic application is concerned.
    The new preservative system used by Burt’s Bees – Biovert- I was excited about. Except you have to buy a min. of 20 kilos. I am a tiny home-based business. I cannot do this and it is not available ANYWHERE in smaller quantities.
    Curious about Fernando’s company and what they have to offer. Can I get his website info?
    What do you think? I would be interested in any other info you have on the subject. The other preservatives Neopein, Suprapein, etc. while great, most say they have an odor that limits the usage to like-scented products. I need something versatile.


  3. Danielle says:

    I have been endlessly searching for a way to get my hands on Biovert. I haven’t even been able to get the few suppliers I’ve found to acknowledge my questions regarding the min order and price. It sounds like you have at least made more progress than I. It is very frustrating & to the point where I think I’m becoming determined to get it.The preservative issue has been my only major obstacle but it is a major one. My company is also Very small and quite new but if I could at least get a sample I would consider taking out a loan if it works well.

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