Do we need special neck creams?

neck cream

A while ago, my friend Ashes of Krystallinos asked me to recommend something for her neck.  She admitted that she didn’t pay too much attention to that part of her body and she  was getting paranoid that age might be showing through her neck creases.   Yes, the annoying turkey neck syndrome!

I believe Ashes isn’t alone.  Many of us tend to forget our neck in our beauty regime, including myself.  I’ve to admit that I only started taking notice of my neck maybe a few years back when one of my friends pointed it out to me and even then, I didn’t slather on the cream or sunblock religiously.  It was only last year when I started to become more anxious and incorporated a beauty regime for my neck.  But before I talk about what I do, let’s understand the skin on our neck better.

According to my reads, the neck muscle called platysma is not connected to a bone structure and is prone to loose its elasticity. It also contains very little fatty tissue and has less sebaceous glands than the face and is thus more susceptible to dryness and wrinkle formation.

Hence, we need to take special care of our neck and for that reason, there are various neck creams available on the market such as:

– Dr. Brandt Specialists V-Zone Neck Cream
– Clarins Advanced Extra Firming Neck Cream
– La Prairie Cellular Neck Creme

But the question is, do we really need a special neck cream?

My answer is no.  Personally, I just see those products as pure marketing sell and I don’t use a special neck cream myself.  However, while we can actually extend our facial moisturizer to apply on the neck, I tend to think that our face cream, unless very rich, may not be sufficient to protect our neck. We need something stronger, and so I add vitamin E to a very rich body cream like L’Occitane Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Cream and massage into my neck, extending to the decollete or the uppper chest almost every evening.  In the day, depending if I have sufficient time, I might put on serum and moisturizer before applying sunblock to the neck region too.  On top of that, I apply a scrub and a mask to my neck about twice a week.

Essentially, I’ve really extended my beauty regime from my face to my neck, with the exception that I try to put on something richer to keep it well nourished.  So while I do not think that we need to use specially formulated neck creams, I do recommend special care be made to this area of our body as it’s a region that age faster than our face.  And we still want to be able to show off our beautiful necklaces gracefully don’t we?


  1. Hon.Lady Jane says:

    I just wanted to tell you that I love your site and I’ve added a link to it on mine. If you’re a tad bored, check it out
    Have a lovely day

    Hon. Lady Jane: Thanks for coming by and linking me up. I’ll check up yours soon and add to my VivaLinks.

  2. Tracy says:

    my neck suffers the most! i notice my neck creases every time i see my own photos! if i don’t care for it, i’d have to resort to wearing turtle necks from now on!

  3. helloworld says:

    what sort of vitamin E do you use in conjunction with your moisturizer for neck?

    what are you recs for vitamin E.?

    Helloworld: I used to use JASON Natural Cosmetics Certified Organic Vitamin E Pure Beauty Oil 14,000 IU but have stopped recently. You can also try using a vit E capsule for your skin. Another recommendation is using evening primrose oil. They’re great!

  4. bec says:

    thanks for the advice!

    bec: You’re welcome!

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