Dotting smart stylish corporate wear

Dotted Line classy vintage looking dresses

Working ladies who are tired with wearing stiff corporate suits would be happy to find some interesting and stylish wear at Dotted Line.  I like the fact that I don’t see one piece of corporate suit at their online store and yet, it’s undeniable that these are clothes you can wear with ease at any business meetings.  And you can trust that they are indeed suitable for the corporate scene because the designer, Dorothy, used to come from a (rather stiff) corporate environment.

In Dorothy’s words, her clothes are meant to provide a delicate balance between professional polish and casual ease. In addition, by keeping in mind the lifestyle of the modern working women, she has also included selected pieces for that occasional cocktail party or weekend engagement.

Check out the Scallop Dress which is really pretty.  Or look really corporate smart with that Cassidy Tweed Dress.  Her Little Black Dress is also very classy, nothing over-the-top at all.

The best part about Dotted Line is that each design has very limited quantities, which means chances of you wearing something similar to the lady sitting next to you at that corporate seminar would be 100% coincidental.

Dotted Line hails from Singapore and ships internationally.


  1. fashionasia says:

    i love unconventional working clothes…my fav is the last piece.

  2. kell says:

    Some of these dresses look like you’d wear them to a party not work. you don’t have to be boring and standard but I still think A LOT of women get it wrong. The first one looks too much like a lounge dress. The second one looks like a party dress b/c the bottom is shiny or looks like satin. The third one looks like a boring bride’s maids dress. The others are ok. I suppose the second to last one is questionable as to suitability.

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