8 beauty trends for a younger looking face

Song Hye Kyo

I’ve covered fashion trends for 2008.  Let’s now look into how to look younger with these 8 beauty trends according to an article at Sunday Mirror.

1.  Mineral Makeup
Mineral lovers know that it is true that mineral makeup helps us to look younger because of the natural glow and the luminous quality.  In addition, mineral makeup is also better for some of our skin in the longer term.

2. Dewy Foundation
Use dewy complexion enhancers and luminising creams to mimick the natural light-reflective quality of young skin or try mixing radiance cream into a tinted moisturiser.

3.  Pale With A Radiant Glow
The tan look doesn’t help older skin to look young because it makes the complexion look opaque and emphasizes the wrinkles. The secret is to add just enough colour to look radiant, not bronzed.

4. Shimmery Eyeshadow
The translucent light-reflective colors and brightness of shimmery eyeshadow adds brightness and sparkle into the eyes, which has a flattering anti-aging effect.

5. Red Soft Lips
Looks like a red lip gloss might do the trick or opt for a red matt lipstick for softer definition.  Does this mean we should junk the lip liner?

6. Coral Lipstick
For a youthful effect that will bring your complexion to life, wear a sheer coral lipstick or an iridescent coral gloss.

7. Sculpted Cheekbones
Cheat your way to a younger look with more sculpted cheekbones by wearing your blusher high, starting from the hairline and going right along the cheekbone.

8. Brighter Teeth
Whiten your teeth and that will definitely take years off your smile.

Read the full article for recommendations on the products as well.


  1. Suzann says:

    Love the sculpted cheekbones idea. I’ve found, too, that if you lose weight and find that the lower cheeks are looking hollow, a lighter foundation color on that part of the face will give a younger look.

    Thanks for the post!

    Suzann: You’re most welcome! ?

  2. AZLINA says:

    hi! i bought a tinted moisturiser that has more pink i guess.i dont know but when i sweat it tend to look greyish/ashy/darker.it is so unflattering.What should I do? I dont want to waste it.

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