Erth mineral eyeshadow review


I received these eyeshadows from Erth Mineral Makeup sometime ago but didn’t experiment with them until about a month or two ago.  Initially, I found the violet, sea & moss in the same order as the picture above too light for my liking but recently, I’m loving these sparkly shades for a soft and sheer hue. 

I don’t like to use a lot of eyeshadows and I usually just use a dark green to shade the crease so these barely there sheer eyeshadows work well for me as a lid color without looking overdone.  But they’re still obvious because even my 5-year-old noticed them.  I also have the Eye Elements Quad Kit consisting of forest, coal, cocoa & madura which come with minimal sheen and these are great for crease contouring and works well for me as eyeliners too.


Actually, violet, sea & moss are part of Erth Mineral’s 7-piece Erthly Kit which include four other sparkly shades earth, loam, rose, & poppy and are priced at US$18.95.  There is also an Erth Minerals Intense Eye Shadows Collection for those who prefer deeper and brighter eyeshadow pigments.  I think leaf & river look delicious!

I also learnt that Erth Mineral has introduced new summer colors with four new sparkly shades: silt, russet, turquoise, & deep purple under the Eye Ethereal Collection as in the picture and you can get them for US$13.95.

Erth mineral eyeshadows are 100% natural and contain pure crushed minerals namely mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxides with no preservatives, no chemicals, and no dyes.  Some may also contain tin oxide & ferric ferrocyanide.  I am happy with them as they blend well, do not smudge and has good staying power.  

Except for the intense collection, Erth mineral eyeshadow cost US$5.25 each and comes in a 5 gram jar with 2 grams of product.  That’s quite a bit to last a while but I do wish these eyeshadows are put in sifter jars to prevent unnecessary wastage.   


  1. Rachel says:

    Hi! Thank you for all your posts on skincare. It has been very helpful to me as I’ve learned something new with every posts ?

    I was wondering if Micronized Titanium Dioxide is safe for use with Everyday Minerals foundation?

    Rachel: I haven’t read anything negative associated with that although reports have indicated that products with nano ingredients should be used with caution but the investigations are not conclusive. You may also like to know that Everyday Minerals do not contain nano or micronized particles according to their website.

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