Review: Skin Food Eyeshadow Brushes


I bought the Skin Food Eyeshadow Brush (3) M on a whim some months ago. Their makeup brushes seem quite popular going by how quickly they were out of stock at that particular store and so I thought they must be quite good. Plus I was attracted to the wooden handles which make the brushes look very sturdy. 

Comfortable size easy for eyeshadow application
I’m not well versed in eye makeup and quite honestly, am not sure how to review such brushes. All I can say is that the Skin Food Eyeshadow Makeup Brush is of a comfortable length and size which picks up and holds the eyeshadows pretty well.  I’ve been using it to apply base color eyeshadows on half my lids and so far, I didn’t have problems with my eyeshadow colors flying all over.  And because it is soft, dense and flat, I find it easy to apply the colors on my eyelid smoothly and quickly.


Animal or a mix with synthetic bristles
There is no indication what sort of hair makes the bristles of the Skin Food Makeup Brushes. The SA told me that it’s animal hair but I won’t be surprised if it’s probably a mix with synthetic.

Other sizes of brushes available
Anyway, I was back in the store recently and decided to pick the Skin Food Brush (2B) L. It’s as soft as the size 3 but a bit denser and is a good brush to apply eyeshadow on the entire eyelid. Although it’s slightly broader than size 3, it cost the same price at S$12.30. In fact, most of the Skin Food brushes are retailing at that price, except for the blush brush which cost more and feels like a scratchy broom to me!

On the whole, the size and shape of these brushes make them functional for all-over-the-lid base shades application.  While the cost look decent,  I personally find it a tad costly.  But they do their job well and so I’m rather happy with them.


  1. Karen says:

    hehe your “scratchy broom” description made me smile. ?

    thanks for the review, i’ll go check out the brushes.

    Karen: Come to think of it, the blush brush look like a broom too…except that it’s black. ?

  2. pf1123 says:

    I never want to buy Korean beauty stuff outside of Korea now that I know the prices in Korea is less than half of the retail price here.

    I bought a Face powder brush from The Face Shop before. After using for 1 year, the hairs got “scratch-ier” with each washing. Yucks! Finally threw it out.

    On hindsight, I should have kept it to dust my keyboard.

    pf1123: You’re right! Once you see the cheaper price, it’s hard to bring yourself to buy it at a higher cost. And for the Face Shop brush, yes you could have kept it to brush your keyboard! I must remember when mine becomes unusable for the face…hee… (your comment made me laugh but it’s actually a good idea!)

  3. Nikki says:

    thanks for the review! I’ve seen them here as well and I’ve done the touch test and I would say, I gave it a skip ?

    Nikki: It’s not too good for you? I have no basis to compare this brush with except my cheaper range from Cyber Colors.

  4. pf1123 says:

    Yeah…keeping the old brush to use for dusting is a great idea I read from somebody’s beauty blog. But I can’t remember which one.

    pf1123: Actually I’ve never dusted my keyboard. ?

  5. Thes says:

    Nikki, have you tried the brushes from eyeslipsface (E.L.F.) yet? I bought the eye shadow, eye blending and concealer brushes because of good reviews on youtube videos. I love them so much that I bought so many to give out as Christmas gifts. It’s only $3.30 each! I heard it’s available at certain SaSa outlet but slightly more expensive.

    Thes: Didn’t see the brushes at Sasa but their staff cost quite a bit more there…

  6. Bubbi says:

    Ohhh, I love your review! It made me want to buy it! & I did! But, some of their brushes isn’t the best. But afforable and moderate in my opinion.

    For anyone who was wondering I bought it here.

    It’s free shipping, if I’m not mistaken, I found it in Youtube. One of the Asian guru was commenting about how good the site was. It wasn’t bad.

    Bubbi: Thanks for the link! Will check it out.

  7. Thes says:

    You can either buy eyeslipsface online or call them at 6396 4739 to check out which Sasa outlets carry the brushes. It’s cheaper to buy directly from the distributor though.

  8. Gracie says:

    OMG, I’ve been trying to find a website that sells skinfood products, thanks for the link! ?

  9. Adoring Carmine says:

    Thank you very muuch for skin food links!!!


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