Musing over pretty floral dresses


Here’s a new local online fashion store that gets you musing for more. Delilah Muse, where the muse is planned by chapters, with a total of four chapters in all.  Check out their first collection, Miss Trie, which features three pretty floral dresses and two checkered designed spaghetti tanks.  But if that’s not enough for you, wait for their new release slated this coming Thursday, May 8.

A mystery, a curiosity, it’s bound to leave you wondering and wanting more. Delilah Muse’s debut collection, titled Miss Trie, is a wordplay on “mystery”. It represents everything we don’t know and want to know about fashion and style. This muse explores the idea of bold patterns, and attempts to introduce a more unique set of designs into your everyday closet.

Prices for the dresses start from S$24.90 and while Delilah Muse is based in Singapore, the fashion store can cater to international orders. 

So have a great time musing!


  1. karen says:

    Hi I ‘d like to get your contact me thks

    Hey Karen: You need to get in touch with Delilah Muse directly. Check the link in my post.

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