Omega 3-6-9 for beauty inside out


This is my daily dose of beauty inside out.  One teaspoon of Nordic Naturals Complete Omega-3.6.9 Liquid every evening before heading to bed.  In fact, this is an upgrade from my previous bottle of just Omega-3 (see post on Take Omega-3 Fish Oil For Beauty Inside Out) because this formula contains essential fatty acids from both fish and plant source to promote healthy skin, flexible joints and strong immunity. 

I take this for both health and beauty reasons and it’s great tasting and not very fishy because of the lemon flavor.  But I can’t say for certain if taking this has contributed to better skin for me because I’m also using many skincare products at the same time.  But one thing I noticed is that my cuticles are not so dry since switching to this formula.  In addition, the pain I felt occasionally on the joints of my knees is also less apparent.

Key Ingredients Benefits
  Omega 3 Reduce inflammation, lower risk of cardiovascular disease & post-menopause osteoporosis
  Omega 6 Maintains healthy skin, hair & nails; generally helps to bring about hormonal & emotional balance
  Omega 9 Reduce the risk of arteriosclerosis, cardiovascular disease & stroke plus provide healthy immune system functioning

Nordic Naturals Complete Omega-3.6.9 Liquid is available locally from and to know more about the difference between Omega 3, 6 and 9, you can read about them here


  1. zhenling says:

    love this post! more please! currently trying out royal jelly =]

    zhenling: Glad you like this. I’ll try to cover something on collagen intake the next time. I’ve tried some products related to that and do have something to say.

  2. Girl-Woman says:

    I truly believe Omegas combat dryness. I have been eating salmon or taking Omega supplements for a couple of years. As far as boosting the collagen, I’m not sure. I have used Retin-A for years. It also pumps up the collagen.

    Please keep me posted on your testing. I am always interested in posts concerning posts like this.

    Sure I will! ?

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