Scotch Naturals: safe and eco-friendly nail polish

Ceasefire! That’s the name of the nail polish you’re looking at. Do you think the color is brilliant? Well, I do and I have to add that I’m pretty impressed with how my nails have turned out using this water-based nail polish from Scotch Naturals Watercolor. Yes, watercolor all right, because this is a completely non-toxic nail polish that is not only “3 Free”, but also free of ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, nitrocellulose, acetone, and heavy metals.

Non-toxic water-based formula
Actually, I’m still finding it hard to reconcile that this nail polish is water-based going by the glossy finishing it yields. What you see on my nails are just the nail polish; there is no base or top coat at all. I’ve tried some water-based nail polishes and none comes close to such finishing. So yeah, this is truly premium! The actual ingredients are: water, acrylic polymer emulsion, butoxy diglycol and non-toxic colorants. Besides being toxin free, this product is paraben free, fragrance free, cruelty free, plus it is vegan, hypoallergenic and biodegradable. I’ve wanted to try this range for awhile now but just never got down to ordering them but good thing I procrastinated, because these came in complimentary for my review.

Availability and prices in Singapore
Scotch Naturals WaterColors nail polishes are made in USA but they are now available in Singapore. Yay! Simple Living LLP has brought in the range, along with HopScotch Kids and you can purchase them online now. Seventeen colors are available for selection at S$22.90 each or you can purchase their cocktail trio at S$73.90 that includes your choice of any three Scotch Naturals WaterColors plus their deluxe base/top coat and a free nail buffer.

No nasty smell
Okay, I must first tell you that I was sold on Scotch Naturals WaterColors nail polishes based on the packaging. I mean, they do look sleek and smack of good stuff isn’t it? But when I learnt that it’s water-based, I was a little skeptical for those I’ve tried were not exciting. Yes, water-based nail polishes do not stink like chemical solvent-based nail polishes but neither do they look anything near conventional nail polishes in terms of the finishing.

Glossy finishing with 3 layers
However, this one is quite different. When I painted the first coat, I went like uh oh, another disappointment! But wait, as I painted the second layer, the results were different and by the third layer, the results were gorgeous. Yes, what you see here are a result of three layers of painting. Two are okay but you’ll still get that watercolor effect at the end of your nails. And with such water-based nail polishes, you don’t need to use too much at one go and they do dry up fast. That’s why even with three layers, it looks okay. Let’s just say the three layers here is about the equivalent of two layers of conventional nail polishes.

Best used at night
This nail polish does have a smell but it’s not of chemical solvent; more like those acrylic paints you use in your artwork. Anyway, the smell is only noticeable when you deliberately sniff at it. I was informed that it’s best to paint my nails with these in the night so that the colors can bond better as this is watercolor and so it needs a few hours to cure fully prior to prolonged exposure to water. But I didn’t bother and used it in the day and it turned out fine with all the bathing and washing. So I’m very pleased because I can’t paint my nails at night when the lighting is bad.

Scotch Naturals Plant-Based Nail Polish Remover S$19.90
I was also sent the Scotch Naturals Polish Remover but I’m not enamored with this one at all. It’s a spray bottle and it actually contains surfactant and so it foams a little when you squirt the solution out. I needed to squirt quite a bit onto a cotton pad and it takes a longer while to rub off the nail polishes. In addition, I realized that the solution is rather drying. After using this for awhile, the skin on my fingertips wrinkled up! No, I don’t like this and I much prefer my oil-based acetone-free polish removers.

Hopscotch Kids
Scotch Naturals has a kid’s collection called Hopscotch Kids. The formula is almost like Scotch Naturals WaterColors except that it contains water, acrylic polymer emulsion, and non toxic colorants. I tried the colors and they are pretty but the Say, Say Oh Playmate dried up to a slightly different hue compared to actual shade in the bottle. The polish is also a bit thicker and so two layers are sufficent. Eleven fun colors are available and each retails at S$19.90 with choices of value bundles available.

While the Hopscotch Kids are designed for kids, we adults can use them too. I mean, they look all right on my nails don’t they? But my preference goes to Scotch Naturals Watercolors. I really like them very much given the results they yield on my nails. Much love and that’s why I gave them 5 out of 5 hearts! To check out the range, go to the Scotch Naturals Singapore website. Details of Hopscotch Kids are there too. Do check out their Facebook too because I’ve noticed that they run giveaways. (~_#k8SjZc9Dxk)


  1. Mai says:

    yeahhhh!!! i l0ve u Sesame!! I’ve been l00king f0r a water-based nail p0lish f0r ab0ut 6 mths but t0 n0 avail..recently i f0und this brand – Sunc0at, fr0m Canada i think & was already c0mtemplating t0 buy! Lucky y0ur p0st came just in time!!

    This has n0 alc0h0l right? C0z if it d0es then my j0y is sh0rt-lived. l0l.

  2. fwy says:

    This is good news as I always loath the smell of nail polish.

  3. sesame says:

    Suncoat is nothing like this. You need a topcoat to make it look glossy and the effect isn’t so great. This one contains butoxy diglycol, which is an ether alcohol…not sure if that affects your decision.

  4. sesame says:

    Yup, this is good…minimum smell only when you sniff it and nothing like those chemical solvent based ones.

  5. Mai says:

    0hhh bummer!! but i think it’s w0rth checking 0ut..weird th0ugh that ether alc0h0l d0es n0t appear 0n the ingredients list :S

  6. sesame says:

    It’s under butoxy diglycol but unlike the conventional nail polishes, this one does not have the strong alcohol smell if that’s your concern.

  7. Sally Thompson says:

    The nail polish is great.. I love the colors, especially the kiddie brights.. I am so excite to experiment the color!
    Sally Thompson last post is: walmart oil change

  8. Chris says:

    It’s so great to find a natural line of polishes! I always compromise by buying Big 3 Free polishes. Then I can avoid the harshest of the chemicals, and still get to wear nail polish. But now I am going over to the Scotch website to check out their shades. ?

    I use Zoya Remove+ polish remover, which contains only 5 ingredients. I used to use No Miss Almost Natural Remover, but it was so expensive. 4 ounces for $7.
    Chris last post is: Best Neutral Eyeshadows for Dark Skin

  9. sesame says:

    Their shades are limited compared to the conventional nail polishes but good enough for me.

  10. Fiona says:

    Thank you for posting this. I’ve been contemplating for awhile whether to buy this nail polish or not. The online store I normally get my natural products from stocks this brand and that’s how I found out about it, but since I don’t wear nail polishes too often, I still haven’t got around to getting it. Haha. So thank you so much for posting this ?

  11. Amanda says:

    If there is really only a slight smell, that’s quite lovely. I will probably give it a try if it offers international shipping. Do you think the price is affordable compared to other water-based nail polish?
    Amanda last post is: Annemarie Boerlind Eye Wrinkle Cream: Moisturizing But Not Anti-Wrinkle

  12. sesame says:

    Yes, it is reasonable. I’ve tried other brands that are not up to par and they’re priced in that range.

  13. sesame says:

    You’re welcome. At least you know what to order if you ever want to use nail polish. ?

  14. Veira says:

    I like the velvet kilt color you painted on your toes! Interested to try but how long did it last you? Just curious if the wear off period is similar to the conventional nail polish or sooner…

  15. sesame says:

    I’ve worn it for a few days already and it’s good; don’t think they chip off that quickly as they are watercolor based. But, they can be a bit more difficult to remove.

  16. Soos says:

    I like the hopscotch red as well as the velvet kilt.
    Soos last post is: A Cool Choice for Lunch

  17. sesame says:

    The funny thing is that the hopscotch shade is not red…it’s supposed to be purple but it dries to a red.

  18. makeupmag says:

    Cease Fire looks so pretty.

    I love the new layout, by the way! ?

  19. sesame says:

    Thanks Mag! Yes, Ceasefire is very pretty. Love it very much.

  20. Melissa says:

    I’m a cosmetic chemist and recently wrote an article on nail polish ingredients that I think you may find helpful.

  21. gold says:

    I like this kind of nail polish. Unlike other nail polish that leave stains in your nails and cuticle. And the thing is, it’s non-toxic so it is more safer than the usual brands.
    gold last post is: What You Need To Give Your Arowana A Good Home

  22. sesame says:

    Yeah, give it a try when you get a chance.

  23. Kelly says:

    Did your nails cease its yellowing?

  24. sesame says:

    It’s not so yellow as long as I stick to those nail polish with less chemicals. Also, the oil-based nail polish removers help.

  25. Carol says:

    I have bony hands so lighter colors look better on my nails. I like Leprechaun Lynch (cool mint crème) and Whisper (shimmering pale pink). When using darker colors, a base coat is needed to help prevent nails from turning yellow. I rarely wear nail polish because I have a tendency to scratch them off, and I hate the smell of nail polish remover.

    I have liked their facebook page and tweeted this giveaway.

    Follow Viva Woman’s link to read about Scotch products and find out how to win some:

  26. Kitteh says:

    Interesting, but IMO if you blog about nails, please do improve your manicure technique and also do something with that nasty cuticle.

  27. sesame says:

    Thank you for being so observant to nitpick on such details. It’s an eyesore to you? Haha…I’ll do my best although I don’t think it’s very important. Hope your nails are gorgeous.

  28. Jess says:

    Thanks for the review, I’m very interested in trying these as the smell of regular nail polish gives me headaches!! Also wanting to have a baby next year and would feel safer using these while pregnant.
    Please ignore the haters, you don’t claim to be a pro nail artist and if someone wants that they can go elsewhere! The rest of us enjoy your honest reviews & information ?

  29. sesame says:

    Thank you Jess, for your kind comments. ? These nail polishes definitely don’t smell like the regular ones.

  30. Heidi says:

    Thanks for posting these photos. I was looking for a swatch of Ceasefire. It’s hard to tell if it is a green color or more of a brown color from the photos I have seen.
    Heidi last post is: Acetone Free Nail Polish Removers Compared

  31. Sesame says:

    You’re welcome!

  32. Johanna says:

    What’s the name of the first nail polish? The dark green one.

  33. Sesame says:

    It’s Ceasefire. ?

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