Eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder?

Eyebrow Pencil & Eyebrow Powder

Unless you have had eyebrow embroidery, otherwise, you most likely have to shape your eyebrows as part of your makeup application especially if you have sparse skimpy brows.

Eyebrow powder is less time consuming
I’ve always used eyebrow powder. It’s easy to apply, less time consuming and enhances the shape of my eyebrows more naturally since it is softer when applied and blends well with the hair of my eyebrows. I use this palette from The Body Shop I got as a gift and apply the powder with an angle eyebrow brush obtained from Sasa. And it takes me about a minute to shape my eyebrows and the powder stays on the entire day without fading off.

Eyebrow pencil is great for overplucked eyebrows
Drawing fine lines between the brow hairs with an eyebrow pencil is too much of a hassle for me. Maybe I need more practice but I definitely find that my strokes are less consistent and I have to spend time blending the pencil lines to get the natural look. Anyway, I think the pencil is great for those who may have overplucked their eyebrows.

Use both to get a more polish set of eyebrows
I know of some gals who actually use both the eyebrow pencil and eyebrow powder to achieve a polish looking set of shaped eyebrows. They use the eyebrow pencil to outine and fill in the space between the brow hairs and then blend using the eyebrow powder with the brush. I’m not sure if this might yield an “overdrawn” eyebrow, but I suppose it works well for those with particularly sparse eyebrow.

Two-in-one powder eyebrow pencil
Anyway, instead of going through the trouble by using both, you can also get one of those powder eyebrow pencil with an ultra-soft tip with creamy powder-like texture that glides on your eyebrow easily and allows you to blend with its special blending tip.

So what do you use? An eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder?


  1. nicole says:

    I use eyebrow pencil. Nowaday the quality of eyebrow pencil has greatly improved that give very natural effect. I get my eyebrow fix within a minute bacause I just use it to darken my eyebrow. Never tried eyebrow powder but would like to try it in future ?

    nicole: Interesting. I should give the new versions of eyebrow pencils a try soon…

  2. Rachel says:

    I prefer powders as they are more natural looking and it’s easier to apply. If you’re not careful with the pencils, it could look very drawn-on and not at all natural.

    Well, that’s my experience with pencils anyway. And obviously, i’m not very good at it ?

    Rachel: I’m like you! I can’t handle pencils so well too. I guess we’ll become better if we practice. ?

  3. Alina says:

    OMG, I never heard about eyebrow powder before… Perhaps it is not popular where I live?.. I have always used eyebrow pencil and also I’ve heard you can have something like an ultra-fine depilation on the area around your eyebrows so the contour always stays neat and even.

    Alina: No eyebrow powder? I guess it’s not common where you are then…you can actually use brown or black eyeshadows too.

  4. clover says:

    One of the best beauty tricks: I use a graphite pencil! I am Asian with light skin and black eyebrow hairs so the usual brown shades in brow powders or pencils don’t look very natural. The graphite gives the perfect shade and it stays put even in the water as long as you don’t rub it. You can use softer pencils for darker color but I like a 4B. try 2B-6B but stay away from anything H becuase it is too hard.

    clover: Graphite pencil? Those for drawing? Wow, that’s really interesting! And it stays on well? Hmm…I need to try it when I get a chance. Never thought of this before.

  5. gracie says:

    Hi I’ve read your blog for some time already, though it’s the first time I’m commenting. I love your blog for all the informative breakdown of ingredients in our skincare. Keep it up!

    Anyway, I usually use a eye brow pencil with a light touch as a base and finish with a brow powder. Reason being I sweat alot, my brows will be wiped out when I wipe off sweat hence a combination of both have better staying power!

    gracie: Thanks! I’m glad you found the info here useful. So you’re one of those that uses both! I think this works for those with oilier skin as powders or pencils alone maybe rubbed off easily. This combination certainly makes for better saying power.

  6. Jackie says:

    My eyebrows are a huge deal to me. Years ago I used a pencil, well it was retractable – from Milani. My eye brows were drawn on because I didn’t know any better but let’s not go there. haha. Those days are gone for GOOD. But now I use eyshadow.

    I use omega eyeshadow from MAC but I’ve lost it a couple times and I HAVE to have eyebrows (if i don’t shade them in, their basically invisible) so I tried out my Milani Eyebrow thing in Dark Brown. I’m not too sure what it’s called but I know that it’s double ended and the other end has the mascara wand (w/o the mascara, of course). I tried to lightly shade it in and use the wand end to blend and it does the job for me! It’s a bit tough not to draw harsh lines but I do have some tiny bald spots on my eyebrows (that only I would notice) that do need to be shaded in a bit darker. I always use the brow gel to hold my brows in place because my eyebrow hairs are very fine and light and my bangs cover it so I use the brow gel to keep it in place. I found that it’s easier not to overdraw when using pencil when I use some of the brow gel first and again after I finish blending it. My eyebrows are so important to me.

    Jackie: I know exactly what you mean! I forgot to draw my eyebrows a few times when I was in a hurry and you can guess how my day went. ? It’s mighty important for me too! Actually the one I used from Body Shop can double up as eyeshadow too. I think they’re the same. More important is we can get the shade we want.

  7. makeupmag says:

    I like the Shu Hard Pencils – feather-like strokes give very natural looking brows. These only work on a surface that has already been prepped; drawing on bare skin will give you practically nothing. I am intrigued by an earlier comment re: graphite pencils. Are those suitable for skinwear, I wonder!

    makeupmag: When you say prepped, you mean with some face powder on or something? I’m intrigued by the graphite pencil too!

  8. Tammy M says:

    I use powder, I absolutely cannot get the hang of using a pencil! I use Studio 35 brow powder from Walgreens, or Anastasia of Beverly Hills brown powder…I find powder looks more natural.

    Tammy M: Yeah HiFi, another eyebrow powder user! ?

  9. DivaShop says:

    I wasn’t sure at first, but after trying both a few times I think I like powder better. It’s easier to apply & looks more natural.

    DivaShop: Yeah, I have the same sentiments!

  10. NKB says:

    Who makes the product you describe as “one of those powder eyebrow pencil with an ultra-soft tip with creamy powder-like texture that glides on your eyebrow easily and allows you to blend with its special blending tip.”

    NKB: One of the ones I know is Dior Powder Eyebrow Pencil.

  11. Priscilla says:

    Been tempted to try out powder for a very long time. Any affordable recommendation?

  12. sesame says:

    I use the one from LA splash now. It cost around S$18 I think. I used to use the one from Body Shop which was from an eye maker palette.

  13. Ms Yuki says:

    Eyebrow powder are rather expensive. So i just used brown eyeshadow. Gives the same results i wanted. =)

  14. lamide says:

    nice blog.informative comments.I’ll definitely try out these tips.

  15. Nicolett says:

    is there a Walgreen? as a beauty adviser in the beauty dept there in only 2 shades in the Malian line

  16. Megan says:

    I use Sephora brand eyebrow powder. It comes with a travel size mascara wand, tweezers, and brush. The wax they have is AMAZING! I personally don’t like the look of pencils, even with the powder pencils it just looks like to much! I’m amateur at applying a pencil so that’s probably why I have the “surprised” look when I do try. Sephora brand has two colors which is perfect because I don’t like the darker shade at the top of my eyebrows. It makes them perfect everytime!

  17. chris says:

    I definitely prefer an eyebrow pencil to powder as i can be more accurate with my eyebrow shaping. i cant say i have had a large amount of experience with powder but from what i have had ill stick the with pencil :). Thanks for the eyebrow shaping tips ?

  18. Dreamy Priyanka says:

    This is the best article I have read so far. Short and simple. I loved the way you explain how to use eyebrow pencil. I have over plucked eyebrows right now and this is gonna help me anyway.

  19. myglammpro says:

    this blog is sufficient to know what I looking for. thanks

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