How I deal with my hormonal chin acne

chin acne

Gosh. I have two big red zits on my chin now! I absolutely detest it but it seems there’s nothing I can do to prevent them from popping because these chin pimples are part of my PMS. They even have a name! Hormonal chin pimples or homonal chin acne!

I’ve learnt from my beautician some years ago that spots on the chin frequently appear around the time of a woman’s period and are an indication of hormonal fluctuations and imbalance.  According to the American Academy of Dermatology, women often face acne flare-ups due to the sudden surge of male hormone androgens in the serum level during premenstrual stage and pregnancy period and these adult-acne flare-ups usually occur most often on the lower face, chin, and jaw line.

Androgens are hormones that stimulate oil producing sebaceous glands to exude excess body oil or sebum through hair follicles. Therefore surplus body oil instead of reaching the skin surface clogs up skin pores along with piles of dead skin cells, thereby swelling up the hair follicles and giving rise to acne breakouts.

I don’t know about others but for me, the best way to get rid of these hormonal chin acne is to squeeze them out completely.  I actually don’t use any medical or anti-bacterial cream on them but rather, I will keep the area clean by washing thoroughly, cleaning up with a toner and then leaving it to dry before I apply a serum or moisturizer containing Vitamin C like the John Masters Vitamin C Serum.  By doing this, my red zit usually disappears in about three days. 

I’ve also tried applying Rose Hip Oil to my pimples and that has also helped me.  I know some ladies vouch for Jojoba Oil to get rid of their pimples or acne naturally too.   Apparently, studies have shown that Jojoba Oil can actually help to unblock the pores and also they can prevent further clogging later on too.  

At the end of the day, adult acne caused by hormone changes isn’t something we can prevent easily and treatments can vary by individuals.  However, I do know that not having sufficient sleep and being unduly stressed can aggravate the skin condition.  In addition, if you’re proned to such hormonal acne, do take care of your diet and try to avoid too much refined carbohydrates, sugar and caffeine.  Yes, cut down on those chocolates girls!


  1. DesgnerElla says:

    I had bad teenage acne, and I still get acne during “that time of the month” and right after facial waxings.

    I myself tend to have oily skin, so I actually focus on not overwashing (like too often) because that stimulates oil production. Since I stopped overwashing (and shhhh I actually “underwash” but it works) my acne has improved greatly and I rarely have oily skin anymore! (I do have more dead surface skin because of less washing, which I take care of regularly with a scrub from

    I do also take a fairly mild (imho since there are no bad side effects, unlike that one said to cause suicide attempts!!) acne medication. This helps equally as much, and I definitely still need it, at 26.

    Come to think of it, I think I get PMS acne around my nose. I think when it’s centered on a part of the face like this, we should focus on changing our pillowcases often and especially during “that time of the month”. Hope that tip is helpful to you!

    DE: Hey, this is a great tip. And you have a good point about the pillowcases!

  2. Rachel says:

    Arrgghh..NO chocolates??!

    Rachel: Well, you may want to avoid takeing too much of it during that time of the month especially if you’re proned to getting zits.

  3. Sharifa says:

    OMG, my skin was so clear as a teen. Then I turned 23 and it was like I had to make up for all the breakouts I had missed. I mean, WTF?!

    Sharifa: Oh dear…sounds like it’s the hormones that has changed your skin condition. Did you try to consult with a derma who can prescribe you the correct stuff to use?

  4. Kym says:

    I like to use soap.

    These pimples are stubborn, so you have to increase your battalion.

    Kym: Soap maybe good to keep the area dry as oil is a breeding ground for more pimples. I find squeezing gets mine heal faster as opposed to those who say don’t touch them.

  5. Bukola says:

    I know I’m late to this topic, but for a lot of women (myself included), squeezing zits can lead to hyperpigmentation. I swear to me, that is almost as horrible as the zits.

    Bukola: Yes it does…which is what happened to some of my old ones…but with proper care like using of oils like rosehip, it can help to diminish as soon as a new one is formed. I find it hard not to squeeze.

  6. Angela says:

    Hey there guys,
    Now, what i stoped doing is squeezing
    zits on my chin. Best product for it i found is ABC cream made by Ovante. I am not promoting any one but this staff realy works and it is all natural. Squeeng zits is a possibility but don’t forget that it will leave a mark or a scar so don’t squeeze it. Try the ABC cream.

    Angela: It’s especially bad squeezing on the cheeks! But my pimples don’t heal when I leave them alone either. ?

  7. kristin says:

    Try NIZORAL it is an anti dandruf shampoo with antiandrogen ingredients. I have tried every pill, proactiv, vitamins, acne free diet, fasts, cleanses. This worked for me in 3 days. Do your own research. it is amazing and it costs under 20 bucks at any drug store.

  8. Nicole says:

    I want to cry whenever i see my chin in the mirror. Somewhere mid of last year, i’ve started to realise bumps and pimples keep popping at my chin and it always at the chin area only. Initally i thought it was due to new pdts used on my face. It took me very long to realise it might be hormones changes. Now i got so many scars. The irritating part is, i had tried my best not to touch them, but scars are still left behind. Oh noo.. im at a lost now. It so upsetting that i cant do anything about it but to endure the scars. SOB!

  9. karen says:

    You use Nizoral on your face or for your hair?


  10. Kay says:

    This is so frustrating, thanks for sharing what you have learned. For 6 months now I have had a near continual break out on my chin & jaw line. It go so bad I put a topical anti-bacterial on open wounds. I have very dry skin and never use soap, only warm water and a good lotion. But WTH?? I went through 3 months of counseling & massage to help with the stress, a solid 8 months of rough dealing with my oldest son (only 7 years old) and now I get to visit the doctor to check on my stupid chin…. Even when I’m mid-cycle or having a good stretch of behavior with my kids (a few weeks usually) I cannot get rid of this…

  11. Lily says:

    You mentioned a scrub that you use from Etsy, do you have the website address so I might check it out?


  12. rebecca says:

    I have really clear skin over the holidays and for the first weeks back at school, as soon as it gets to the 2nd half term i break out really badly on my chin ?
    they wont budge or cover with makeup very well and they make me feel like utter rubbish… and i dont have spots anywhere else either ?
    its just im so pale, that the redness really shows and it makes me really depressed…

  13. sesame says:

    Did you change your diet vastly when you went back to school? Your diet might have also affected your hormones…plus you are probably more stressed than before due to the school load.

  14. rebecca says:

    i eat less when i am back at school, so instead of a decent breakfast and a 500-calorie lunch, i tend to just have a biscuit or a sandwich…
    my dinner is usually the same though

    is there any way to get rid of stress spots? other than obviously not being stressed

  15. sesame says:

    Try taking probiotics which can help to aid your digestive problems. When we have digestive problems, it will create hormonal issues in the long term too.

  16. Michelle says:

    I’m 30 years old and have suffered these big lumpy outbreaks for years. It’s usually a week or two before my period and have heard that it’s a hormonal thing that happens during ovulation. Sometimes I can go for months without one then have a breakout of 3 or for in one go. They’re massive and really depress me and I actually have a couple at the moment. I’ve squeezed these ones and they’re even worse and have picked at one so bad that it weeped and bled for ages after. I’m sock to deeath of them and sometimes think that a good old harsh chemical peel might be the answer!!

  17. Ally Maxton says:

    Thanks to all you ladies who have bravely blogged your experience.
    It really does help other women to read about what you had and may still be going through.
    I never had problems with acne. My skin always smooth and firm. Then at age 28 I had my first child. It has gone down hill!! It is an ongoing pimple fest inbetween my eyebrows at the top of my nose, on my chin and at where my smile lines are! There is actually a texture change. My skin “feels” mushy. The pimples hard to pop ( yes always been a popper, used to be quick easy (even used a pin needle tip so I wouldn’t have to squeeze so hard) and always dabbed peroxide just on the open pimple head. The scars where very few. ). Now if popped it’s an ozing puss, blood and clear serum mix that becomes an unending open sore!
    Like for a whole week! I try and wash often. And I have gone on birthcontrol. ( but could that make it worse? ).
    Out bodies go through so much, us women are warriors!

  18. sesame says:

    Sounds like cystic acne to me. Usually, that’s a sign of internal imbalance causing the problem. Could be hormonal or could be due to your digestive system. If the latter, I recommend you take a probiotic supplement.

  19. M Arnold says:

    I have Rosacea body oil or sebum through hair follicles and large painful chin bumps. I also have Gerd and a bad stomach.
    Please try burts bees tomato face bar soap. I just started it a week ago. Yes It helps so much with the sebum oils. My face is looking so much younger,softer,clearer. I’m 32 now look like I’m in my early 20’s. It gets all the oils off your skin and helps clear your face up fast. I have tried every cleanser out there. I finally found the right help.

  20. sesame says:

    Oh…sounds interesting. I wonder if we can get Burt’s Bees soap here…they don’t bring in all their products I believe.

  21. sesame says:

    You can try check out this store (click through) but do note that as with all online purchases, you have to exercise your own discretion. This site will not take responsibility for any shopping mishap.

  22. Mitzy says:

    You can buy it at a Health Food Store. I found it at Nature’s Pantry. It’s a health store.

  23. vahid says:

    send pic

  24. lady says:

    to hide blemishes i think that vichy’s dermablend foundation is thinking of buying it after searching on net..if you have used it try to tell us about your experience..thank you

  25. sesame says:

    I don’t use Vichy’s products…maybe you can check out makeupalley and see if the girls there are saying anything about this product.

  26. TommyGNL says:

    I’m a male in my mid 30s, I had blotchy skin, enlarged pores, acne around my face. =)
    I sometimes have no acne, but lately it seems the breakouts have gotten worse and they are getting more frequent. I just wanted a clear face!

    After a month of washing with the Shielo Anti-Aging Scrub every night, my pores have gotten smaller and my overall skin appearance has improved. I would say, my skin appears less dull. I’m happy that my over all skin appearance has improved … and I know that as I keep using his, it will get even better.

  27. Heather says:

    I have never had a zit in my life… I’m 35 and in the past month I have had 5 jaw line zits.. As soon as one goes the next day one appears..

  28. sesame says:

    It is probably hormonal if it was not due to anything new you’ve been trying.

  29. Joy says:

    What brand of rosehip oil do u use? Can I get it in singapore?


  30. sesame says:

    You can get Renew…it’s not bad for the price and it’s available at Watsons. Another one is Trilogy. Think Akin has one too.

  31. amy says:

    I says on wiki that there is no link between sugar and oily foods with acne. However it does say that a high carbohydrate diets have been known to cause it.X

  32. sesame says:

    Well, based on my experience, there is a link. If you have acne and you suspect it’s due to your diet, try to cut down those foodstuff.

  33. Renee says:

    What would the probiotic supplement do ?? I have been having the same issue on my chin. Never had a problem before. I’m 29 years old and have had these big under the skin pimples for 4 months. I need help.

  34. tori says:

    you have cystic acne that is directly contributed to your hormones. if you’ve just had a child then the progesterone that was high in your body and now a sudden drop in your levels has created a imbalance, likely a testosterone dominance. thats not to say that you have High testosterone, just that it is more dominant that your oestrogen and progesterone levels. Pregnant women release tons of progesterone. this is why when you go on the pill your skin clears up, as it has high level of synthetic progesterone. unfortunately i have been stuck in this cycle for a long time.. and the answer for me is a hormone cream with progesterone in it. its not synthetic as its plant derived from yams, i would highly recommend visiting a natropath that specialises in hormone imbalance, as every doctor i’ve spoken to has tried to give me the pill. which is a short term answer to the problem and provides synthetic hormones instead of balancing them naturally. our bodies do not need pills to attain health and balance! get the progesterone cream! and they also say to cut down on starch foods as it triggers the insulin spikes that cause hormonal acne.

  35. Dru says:

    Interesting! The only thing that helped my adult acne to some degree was birth control. I stopped the pill sometime last year and didnt have much breakouts for the past 5 months, but now they are back ? I am now back on the pill as I have an important event coming up in 2 months and cannot afford to look like this!! I am very interested in trying naturopathy. I asked my dermatologist regarding hormonal imbalance, he brushed it off as I have regular periods. Obviously something is off somewhere. I am a vegetarian and dont pig out on cola, chocolates, fried foods, coffee and such. I try to eat as healthy as possible and take green tea, omega 3 supplements, brazil nuts, soy milk, fruits, etc, wash my face with effaclar – roche posay. I do use make up though as I really cannot show up at work looking like this!! I wish these doctors could tell me what is wrong so I could fix it rather than giving me temporary solutions or telling me to not stress so much over it!
    Can one take these naturopathy treatments during pregnancy?

  36. Amere says:

    Vichy’s has a ton of horrible ingredients like pegs and dimecone and parabens that are linked to cancer. I refused to use any makeup that has items listed on the “dirty dozen cosmetics” list. I’d rather have adult acne over cancer.

  37. Lori says:

    Glominerals makeup is the best for complete coverage of problem skin. I am 42 and have been breaking out on my chin and cheecks. The texture of my skin is changing and is very dry. I have a zillion little tiny tiny white heads all over my chin with cystic acne too. And at the bottom of my chin and around jaw line I have what looks like swollen black heads. I believe it could be hormonal but I do have acid reflux too. I exfoliate really good when washing and I can at least look ok when I go to work because of the Glominerals makeup. You can get it for 20% off at a website called The Powder Room. I am going to breakdown and go see my primary care physican and see if they can figure out why this is going on. I am too old to be going through this!

  38. Sesame says:

    It’s probably an internal issue…using intestinal problems or hormonal issues will cause such problems. You might want to try a detox and try taking something like probiotics. Also, check your diet that it shouldn’t contain too much diary and sugar.

  39. Amanda says:

    I realize this is years later & you may not get this but I’m helpless and figured id ask! Did you find anything to cure/help your hormonal acne? Im going through the same thing right now, just turned 22 and after no acne ever my face is just awful ?

  40. Sesame says:

    I cleared out diary in my diet and started taking probiotics. It helped me clear out my acne issues.

  41. K. MaiLinda says:

    So grateful to have read this! I’m in my mid 40s, no acne history (not even as a teen) and I’m now taking D3 / calcium / and other vitamins (dr. orders) and three months later, I have acne ALL over my lower chin – AGH!!!!

    I will start an acne treatment otc and see if that helps. I’m glad to know this is a conditin others have also. Makes me less scared.

  42. Alex H says:

    I am 25 YO and am struggleing with many the same issues.
    I have had the Implanon for 6 Years (with a replacement after 3 years) which means the progesterone coming from implant is wearing off . I worry that my hormones are returning to normal and this is my ‘natural’ skin – i will try non hormonal contraception for a few months and i hope to see how my natural hormone balalnce settles and skin improves .
    my face is also covered in raised lumps which stated on my cheek and has spread to my whole face – its very sensitive an itchy have no idea if that is related or just another annoying thing i have to deal with.
    these are some causes of mouth / chin based acne that i have heard are common :

    Polycystic ovaries, Toothpaste reaction, oil-based Makeup Reaction, Build-up of Sebum in pores, Hormonal Imbalance, food relalted, stress , fungal/bacterial build up .

    Hopefully we all get to the bottom of our acne problems!

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