Kick start with free mineral makeup samples

Free mineral makeup samples

If you’re keen to try mineral makeup but have no idea where to start, why not take advantage of the free samplers or inexpensive samples?  Some of these are available at no shipping cost or even if they charge, are fairly nominal.


Everyday Minerals Free Sample Makeup Kit
Get 3 free foundations, 1 free blush & face color + 1 free concealer.  Pay a small international shipping charge. 

Signature Mineral Makeup Sampler
Your choice of any 6 colors free.  Pay a small international shipping/handing charge.

Joppa Minerals 6pc Sampler
Get 2 foundations, 1 finishing powder, 2 blush/bronzer + 1 concealer for US$0.01. (almost free!)  Pay for nominal international shipping charges.


Lumiere Cosmetics Mineral Makeup Sample Starter Kit
Get 4 foundations, 1 blush, 1 finishing powder at US$9.  Get US$5 coupon for next order & free international shipping.

Pure Anada Individual Samples
Get foundation, blush, bronzer, finishing powder, eye shadows, and liners at US$1 each only. Minimum of US$9 must be made to enjoy the free shipping. Type coupon couple SAMPLE.


Alima Pure Mineral Makeup Samples 
Samples at US$1.50.  Pay international shipping charges of US$11.

Euphoria Mineral Powder Makeup Set (based in Singapore)
Get 7 all purpose mineral powders at S$13.30.  Does not state the cost of local shipping but it should be nominal.  International shipping is available.

Kohfusion Sample Kit (based in Singapore)
Get 3 foundations, 1 finishing powder, 1 eyeshadow + 1 spatula for S$10.  Pay S$2 for local shipping. International shipping is available.

Mad Minerals Makeup Sample Sets
Get their 5pc sample for US$8.  Pay US$3 for international shipping.

Silk Naturals Samples
Samples at US$1.25 or lesser.  International shipping cost seems reasonable, starting from US$4.25.

Because I’m based in Singapore, so my focus is on the availability of free or affordable international shipping. If you’re based in US where most of these sites operate, then shipping shouldn’t be much of a concern for you.

In addition, do note that out of the list, I have only placed order with Everyday Minerals and Lumiere.  The others were information obtained through the forums and some via the Mineral Makeup Blog.  Although I’ve verified the information, but please go through the website in case anything has been missed out here before placing your order.

And feel free to add to the list via the comments, but please, only about free or affordable mineral makeup samples.

Happy sampling!


  1. Florence says:

    HI,I like this section, so well info! Btw, which one u think is more worth it? Whether is it the mineral make up or the shipping.I had ordered from everyday minerals but haven come, & LA minerals which is free shipping. I am making another sample from pure anada.What do u think of joppa & signature minerals? Care to share?

    Florence: Glad you find the list useful. I haven’t tried these so can’t comment much. But one thing I would check the ingredients. I read that Pure Anada was fantastic in terms of coverage and immediately wanted to order. But when I saw the ingredients, I hesitated cos I’ve had issues with some of them before. Joppa’s ingredients also seem long for me. For Signature, the ingredients look okay enough for me to order. Not sure about the coverage though.

    But that’s me cos I’ve had breakouts before. Some of the ingredients in MMU surprisingly broke me out so I’m now more careful. Having said that, it doesn’t mean everyone will react the same.

  2. rinaz says:


    I ordered a couple of Pure Luxe Mineral cosmetics and am waiting to receive my package soon ?

    I am attracted to it because of the very affordable make up with most of them just at US$1 with a very affordable shipping fee.

    Cant wait to try them out ?

    Thank you for the list!

    rinaz: Thanks for the highlight. I check it out and indeed, they look interesting. Shipping is reasonable. So those interested can also check it out here:

  3. Dorphine says:

    I came across Indulgent Cosmetics ( I think it’s new ‘coz they don’t have much stuff yet. Anyone tried before? I like some of their colours.

    Dorphine: Nope, never tried.

  4. Florence says:

    Hi, really appreciated your fast prompt reply & it’s help me in choosing mineral makeup.I hope it’s really works well on me. As for the ingredients, I only know I try to avoid bismuth oxychloride & talc, the rest I am also not sure if I will have breakout or not. Let my sample comes then I will review to you.Thanks!

    Florence: Sure…look forward to your review!

  5. Tine says:

    Great list on MMU samples. So far, I’ve only tried the ones by Signature Minerals, EDM, Silk Naturals, Joppa and Lumiere. I still go back to EDM any day ?

    Tine: Yeah, I noticed that you’re a great fan of them. But you sure have tried many. Perhaps you can let Florence know what’s worth ordering.

  6. Tine says:

    Oh and I tagged you btw on my blog ?

  7. Florence says:

    Hi Tine, how do u find find the minerals that u try, care to share?

  8. Aud says: has very affordable samples and a low international shipping cost as well ? Am awaiting my order from them now. Paid about US$5 (including tax) for a travel brush set and about 12 assorted samples. Their samples are going for 25ct for the month of July. Cheers!

    Aud: Oh, that’s great! Another one to the list! Thanks!

  9. Asianmommy says:

    Cool! I love Everyday Minerals.

    AM: Yeah, EDM has a lot of fans! I quite like them too.

  10. Florence says:

    HI, coastal scents is having sales in their brushes, anyone try? And is cheap but I found out that the shipping is abt USD$8+

    Florence: Sounds interesting. Will check it out later. US$8 for shipping is not too bad actually. Some are charging a lot more even for small packages.

  11. Florence says:

    chk it out the coastal scent brushes then u let me know.

  12. Florence says:

    Btw I forget to ask u, when apply the minerals foundation, do we need to apply on the neck? I just afraid will have 2 different color. pls advice,thanks

    Florence: typically no. That’s why it’s important to get a shade to works for you so that when you apply the powder foundation onto the neck along the jaw line, it blends well and there’s no separation of color or visible line between the face and the neck.

  13. flym says:

    I’m considering either EDM or Lumiere. Can anyone help with regards to which gives better coverage and wear? Do you use Vpost when you purchase them?

    Flym: I’ve tried both and I say they’re about the same in terms of coverage. With EDM, I find I don’t need to use a lot of it. But I have a few readers who commented to me that they experienced some amount of oxidization with EDM and hence, their foundation look darker. One even say hers looked orangey. I’m not sure why this is so.

  14. Jamila says:

    Thanks so much for this post! There are so many mmu companies that it’s hard to find a place to start.

    Jamila: You’re welcome!

  15. lina says:

    hey,i would like to order free samples from everyday minerals.Have anyone ordered it before?If so,can you tell me what’s the overall amount you have to pay?And,whats the mode of payment?I’m a virgin to these international purchases.
    thanks alot!

    lina: You can use credit card or paypal. Check at the website. Depending on which country you’re located, you pay about US$5 – 6 for shipping (but maybe the price has been revised cos my order was early in the year) and wait for about 2 weeks to get the stuff.

  16. lina says:

    thanks for the fast reply.I’m a singaporean.If you could tell me exactly how much you’ve paid for EDM samples plus the shipping to singapore,it would be great.And ya,i don’t happen to have any credit card or paypal,is there any other way for the payment?

    lina: The EDM samples are free. You get 5 of them in small sifter jars. You only pay for the shipping, like I mentioned, about US$5 – 6 when I last ordered though the price may have gone up. So all in all, you won’t have to pay more than US$10 for sure. One way to make payment is through paypal. Or another way is to get someone else with credit card to order and pay that person. I don’t believe there are other alternatives.

  17. Heather says:

    Can anyone offer some feedback of the mineral makeup obtained so far?Everyday mineral seems promising.I am quite a skeptic with my sensitive skin but since mineral makeup seems to be less pore clogging. I thought,”why not?”

    Heather: Everday Minerals is popular cos of the great variety. I’ve had success using their intensive formula. True that mineral makeup is less pore clogging but some contains ingredients that can cause breakout and different brands have different ingredients and formulations. I have written some of the ingredients. Look under my category on Mineral Makeup.

  18. jo says:

    I’m a virgin mineral user and just ordered some sample. Will like to find out, can I mix with other commericals brands’ beauty products and makeup? Will there be side effect when using mineral products such as powder or foundation? Thanks for the help and info.

  19. Jess says:

    Cory Cosmetics samples are only 45 cents and shipping is cheap (4.95 for under $10). None of their foundations work for me but I’ll buy a load of eyeshadow samples (1/8 tsp baggies) and since minerals are so concentrated and you don’t need to use as much as regular eyeshadow they last me a good while (few months to over a year depending on how often I use a colour)

    Jess: Thanks for the info! I love mineral eyeshadows! Agree that the sample packs do last a long time…

  20. Jeslin says:

    I can’t use shimmering power or power contains shimmer. It will cause me to have breakout, may I know what is the brand of compact power you will recommend? Thank you.

    Jeslin: Hmm…the Japanese brands are quite good in terms of quality and coverage. I use Paul and Joe. RMK is quite good I heard.

  21. Jane says:

    Bareminerals is currently having a promotion too. It’s 29.99 only for 100+ worht products

    Jane: Thanks for the heads up!

  22. Lilly says:

    Thank you for this list! It’s great to find all this info in one place.

    There is another brand I just ordered a smaple of (4.95 shipping in US), it’s called Raw and the website is

  23. yesi04 says:

    imma gnna order some samples from varies website but i dnt knw where i can buy jar so i wont have to keep the makeup in the bags..can i buy them at walmart..or any in California

  24. SMP says:

    I have wanted to try mineral makeup – thanks for all the great links. Just be careful to read the fine print before ordering…I noticed some of them were signing me up for a free trial and would bill me the full amount if the samples weren’t returned. I have had problems with free trials not really being free in the past. Thanks!

  25. Dani says:

    Hi. You have a very informative post. Im just curious if you happen to know any Korea or Japan based MMU companies? I heard that their MMUS are quiet good too. Thanks!

  26. sesame says:

    I’ve come across one distributed by a Korean here under La Soie. Not exactly MMU but it’s a silk powder that sounds like MMU.

  27. Fath says:

    Hi there.. I came across ur website and then was intrigued with the list of mineral makeup. Ordered mine but unfortunately I typed the wrong email and have not received any confirmation email from EDM.I need advice to which I want to know if my order is confirmed or will they bill me and send me the item without me confirming the payment.

  28. sesame says:

    Why don’t you send an email direct to EDM directly since you ordered from them?

  29. Jess says:

    Cory Cosmetics samples are 45 cents. I buy a ton of their eyeshadow samples and they last for FOREVER. I still have samples from a few years ago. The only problem is that I am getting bored with their colours and am looking for some more super cheap samples.

  30. norehda sold says:


    I am wondering whether u give samples for dinner n dance. I wil b organising a dinner n dance in aug n am looking for samples to fill a goodie bag. Would u b interested to let 120 teachers try your products? I hope to hear a favourable reply from u. Thank you.

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