Review: Canmake Concealer Foundation UV

Canmake Concealer Foundation UV

I was slightly hesistant when I was contacted to do a review of the Canmake Concealer Foundation UV.  Honestly, I was skeptical about the quality because of the way the brand is being positioned.  My shallow alter ego actually thought it can’t be any good since the product is well, so affordable.  But after reading the product description and considering that I had good experience with the Canmake Eye Lash Essence, I agreed to give this a go.   And my verdict?

At S$26.90, this is a value for money foundation powder that performs as well as my Paul and Joe Dual Powder Foundation.  Maybe even better because of its concealing abilities.

Canmake Concealer Foundation UV is a color foundation based on the concealer concept. If I were to base it purely on this product positioning, than I would say it’s slightly disappointing because it doesn’t conceal my blemishes fully. However, I use this as a foundation powder and I have to say, it’s great!

Canmmake Concealer Foundation UV

I was truly surprised how well the fine powder clinged on to my skin.  In fact, it clinged on so well that my pores were very revealing on first application.  But after working the powder puff, the finishing was a lot better.  I can imagine that my skin would have looked flawless had I put on some makeup base or primer.

In terms of concealing abilities, I have to say, the claims that all flaws would be hidden isn’t true.  I suppose I can do it but the end result would be horrendously cakey.  However, I am happy with its concealing abilities as a foundation powder.  My face did look a lot more even as a whole just using this alone without any makeup base or concealer.  I used very little of this under my eyes even though it is said that this can conceal dark circles because I have quite a few lines and they are not the most flattering with too much foundation powder.

What I really like about the Canmake Concealer Foundation UV is that it gave my face quite a natural finishing.  No caking up, streaking or smudging even by the end of the day.  Apparently, Canmake Concealer Foundation UV also comes with amino acid-based emollient agents so those are supposed to lock moisture into my skin and protect it from dryness.  And because the foundation comes with sebum-absorbing powder, I thought it gave my face quite a nice dewy glow when my T-zone started to secrete oil by the middle of the day. 

Staying power
I did notice some powder stain when I had to use a tissue paper to pat my T-zone but still, my makeup didn’t wear off.  So I guess it’s the hyper-lasting polymer which helped to form that long-lasting protective layer on my skin.

Besides the amino acid-based emollient agents and hyper-lasting polymer, this foundation powder contains ingredients like mica, dimethicone, silica, synethetic flourphlogopite, ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, phenyl trimethicone and talc.  There’s a whole list of other ingredients which I’m not putting down but like my Paul and Joel Dual Powder Foundation, Canmake Concealer Foundation UV has SPF25 with titanium dioxide and possibly zinc oxide too. 

While the product isn’t packaged prettily, but I thought the reflective metalic cover was quite interesting.  Simple and neat!  Only thing is that it attracts finger prints and constant wiping is necessary to keep it shiny and nice.

The product is S$26.90 and another plus point is that refill is available for this foundation.

Canmake Concealer Foundation UV comes in four shades:
– 01: Light beighe for a bright complexion with minimized yellowness.
– 02: Light ochre for a yellowish, natural complexion.
– 03: Natural ochre for a yellowish, healthy complexion.
– 04: Pink ochre for a pinkish, bright complexion.

I was very happy that the 03 natural ochre that I picked fit my fair skin tone so well.

On the whole, I find Canmake Concealer Foundation UV a good product.  Truly value for money!  If you have large pores, I would recommend you using a makeup base or primer before using this.  But otherwise, you should find this powder gives you quite an even coverage.  

Anyway if you’re not sure, you can always email your name and mailing address to and get a FREE Canmake Concealer Foundation UV.  The promotion is for those in Singapore and ends 1st August 2008.  Details are available at the Canmake website.


  1. Cyndi says:

    Canmake’s stuffs surprisingly are pretty good! Heard many good reviews of their product although I personally only use its lash essence before. =)

    Cyndi: Yes, I was surprised too.

  2. Ena says:

    I don’t like this product at all. I bought mine when it launched and regret it ever since.

    i like it when i applied it and it foes on smoothly. then after, by the time i reach school or shopping, it melts totally, and completely ruins my face. ? hate it hate it T.T

    I don’t think it should be worth that price too. Ever Fasio’s or Maybelline produce better foundations ?

    Right now I am trying all the mineral foundations #k8SjZc9Dxk_#k8SjZc9Dxk Tried some ages ago, but guessed the hype is back. Tee Hee Hee.

    I love your site <3 My first day here and its yummy already!!

    Ena: Oh dear, sorry to learn it did not work well for you. Out of curiosity, what’s your skin type? I suppose like other products, it really depends…

    Hey glad to learn you like it here. Come back often k? ?

  3. jeanne says:

    Hi, Actually i am looking for a place in Los Angeles that carries Canmake products. I am interested in Canmake products but no where to be found in LA. Especially Canmake Make Me Happy fragrance is my fav but cant find it!! HELP~!

    jeanne: Oh dear…I have no idea since I’m not from the States… Maybe you can try posing the questions on some makeup forums to ask. Eg. Makeupalley?

  4. Dee says:

    I tried it recently (got shade #2) and I kinda like the whole texture on my face. Is quite thick to cover my large pores but the shade is quite light for me so patches were visible. Btw, I use face brush on my bare face without any primers or so just to see the result.

    Not bad for it’s price! No breakouts or any redness but the only thing is that my face got shiny 4-5 hours after using it. Anyway can you do a review on the concealers? =)

    Dee: I haven’t tried the concealers. Not sure if I will get it.

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