What’s in my makeup bag?

What's in my makeup bag?

Tine of Beautyholics Anonymous wanted to know what’s in my makeup bag. Well, I have lots of junk in there.  Let’s see…3 lipsticks, 4 lip glosses and 5 lip balms which I rotate, depending on what my hands get hold of when I dig in the bag.  The rest are my dry shampoo, a facial spritz, Mavapen, a pill case, a solid perfume and 2 hand creams. And I have a ZA Groovy Smoovy that I hardly use!

Since I have so many items, I thought I’ll upload a 3 minute video to show them. This is my first attempt at video editing so please excuse the fumbling and the quality.

I have that many stuff because I have a large makeup bag which in turn is in a large tote I carry to work.  And I’m too lazy to remove the stuff.  If I change to a smaller bag, I may not even use a makeup bag and just carry a lip gloss, facial spray, Mavapen and a hand cream.

So what’s in your makeup bag?

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  1. Tine says:

    Thank for doing the tag. Brilliant way of putting it as a video! And wow, that is a LOT of stuff in your bag! Dry shampoo as well? A lot of lippies too :p

    I’ve been thinking of putting up a video for quite some time now. Maybe I should; at least it’s a good learning curve on video editing, eh? ?

    Tine: Yeah, it’s kind of fun doing this. But I wish the quality is better. Will like to attempt more videos in future.

  2. Aga says:

    My makeup bag’s really small, the width and height of my hand. I put my cosmetics into old, clean contacts lens cases. I carry two, and one has Vaseline & scoops of various lip colors. The other lens case holds moisturizer, and either sunscreen or pomade (depending on the season). I also have trial-size perfume, tiny mirror, and oil-blotting sheets. On the clip on the front of it, I may attach a lip pencil.

    Aga: Sunscreen too? Whoa, that’s great. I should think about carrying my sunscreen stick around!

  3. nicole says:

    A lip balm with SPF, small bottle of sunblock, small tube of hand cream, oil blotting paper and a pressed powder to touch up. In fact, I only use lip balm frequently, the rest on stand by mode. ?

    nicole: Another one with sunblock! I must try to consider this inclusion. I no longer carry powder when I used more mineral makeup. But ZA Groovy Smoovy is supposed to help me touch up a bit, get rid of those oilies. And I used to carry blotting paper but for a few years now, I only use tissue paper.

  4. prettybeautiful says:

    wow frownies rose water spray as well! do u use frownies?

    prettybeautiful: Yes, I tried it but it did nothing for me. ?

  5. prettybeautiful says:

    frownies appear to be such a hit product in taiwan, endorsed by celebrities. i tried that once also, but i find it a little bit uncomfortable sticking it on the corner of my eyes

    prettybeautiful: I tried sticking near the corners of my eyes but found it impossible. Uncomfortable like what you said. Even difficult to stick around the corners of my mouth. But heck, I didn’t find it useful. And if I’m not wrong, even if you get results from using it, you need to keep at it. I do believe that it helps to train the muscles but I just find it ridiculous waking up with stickers on my face every morning. Hahaha…

  6. hhh says:

    what is dry shampoo and what is it used for?

  7. sesame says:

    It’s to keep the hair clean when you can’t shampoo your hair as per normal. I use it to keep grease off my hair.

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