Natural skin care with carrier oils

carrier oil for skin care

I have mixed feelings about using carrier oil for skincare. While I loved my Rosehip Seed Oil while it lasted, it is not something I want to use that often. I’m not sure why my initial excitement wore off. Perhaps it is due to the ambivalence after I found out that it caused the growth of a milia seed on my eye or because I couldn’t mix it with my other skin care products since it’s a fairly rich oil. So while I am still open to experimenting with carrier oils, I think I need to change my usage and expectations of them.

Cold pressed carrier oils are the best
Carrier oils are used as a carrier for aromatherapy essential oil applications, as a base in homemade cosmetics, as well as as stand alone skin care applications. They are pressed from the fatty portions of seeds, nuts, kernels and do not evaporate or impart their aroma as strongly as essential oils. However, compared to the latter, carrier oils have a greasy texture and can go rancid over time, depending on how they have been processed. The ones that have been extracted through expeller or cold pressed methods are the best.

High antioxidants with healing properties
The good thing about carrier oils are that they contain antioxidants and essential fatty acids beneficial to our skin. Some of them even possess healing properties and this is why you find a lot of people like to use them to treat their specific skin conditions. Personally, I find carrier oils are great in lightening new scars for me.

Camellia Oil & Kukui Nut Oil
The latest carrier oils I have been testing out are the Camellia Oil and Kukui Nut Oil from Yours Essentially. I actually wanted to try Camellia Oil because I’ve read about how it is able to diminish fine lines and pitted acne scarring, lighten freckles and reduce the appearance of pores. However, over the past month or so that I’ve tried, I’ve only used on my eye area. Although the texture is light and not as greasy, I was hesistant about applying it around my entire eye for fear of having more milia seeds. So the oil was only applied on the outer corner of my eyes in the hope of erasing some of the fine lines there.

camellia oil

My verdict of Camellia Oil to help fine lines
It did diminish some fine lines, but not to the extent that I was expecting. I suppose if I persist in using it, the results might be more significant but heck, I’m impatient! I later found out that while some girls raved about how the Camellia Oil has helped diminished their pitted scars, it took them as long as a year! And I know I won’t want to wait that long to see results.

Kukui Nut Oil a customer favorite
As for Kukui Nut Oil, I haven’t really experimented except for days when I’m too lazy and use it on my face in place of sunscreen when I’m at home. I understand from Jess of Yours Essentially that this is a popular carrier oil with her customers and I can see why. The texture is even lighter than Camellia Oil, is non-greasy and penetrates into the skin almost instantly hence making it wonderful as a moisturizer.

Oil Cleansing Method with carrier oils
I recently learnt from Leon of Beauty Secrets Revealed that her face has been radiant from using the OCM method with Extra Virgin Oil, Evening Primose Oil and Castor Oil and I’m keen to try. While I’ve tried cleansing my face with oil before, it doesn’t count as OCM since I actually double cleansed with a foam cleanser. Perhaps this is a better way for me to use carrier oils such as Jojoba Oil to my advantage since I’m impatient with the application method.

Sea Buckthorn Oil to get rid of wrinkles
Having said that however, I am not discontinuing with the application of carrier oils. In fact, I’m currently using Sea Buckthorn Oil which Leon had recommended in her Glowing Diva Forum. According to her experience, this oil can make our wrinkles less visible in a month! I’ve just started using it last week and will report back in a month’s time. But this oil doesn’t smell very wonderful to me though.

Where to purchase affordable carrier oils
If you’re interested to try carrier oils and to find out if they can benefit your skin condition, there’s no need to purchase those from the high-end brands. Instead, try buying samples from online stores such as Yours Essentially and Whoopeekiddies as they’re 100% organic and much cheaper (check out the Glowing Diva Forum for a list of reliable DIY ingredient suppliers too). In addition, you can even have them to provide you a custom blend to suit your skin condition. Just ask!


  1. Florence says:

    I have been using the OCM for abt 1 mth+,very good, make my blackheads gone & skin is radiant.I brought the cleansing oil from aubrey nicole.If you can search cheaper then AN, do let me know.Thanks

    Florence: Wow, you also have good things to say about OCM. I must try! Where did you get your Aubrey Nicole? Online? I plan to get the Jojoba Oil…not sure if it’s cheaper…cost is about S$6 for 1oz.

  2. De says:

    I am currently using Rosehip, Squalene and Jojoba oils. I personally prefer Rosehip oil but the effects takes a very loooooong time too.

    Have you tried Jojoba oil, how is that compared to Kukui Nut Oil?

    Also, which Sea Buckthorn Oil did you purchase in the end? Is it the Berry CO2 extract?

    Thanks ?

    De: I like Rosehip Oil cos it really helped with my new scars but it’s so rich and it’s difficult to slap on other creams on top of it.

    I haven’t tried Jojoba Oil though. I read raves about it and plan to use it for cleansing. I think it might work for my combination skin.

    As for Sea Buckthorn Oil, I bought the Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil as the supplier only has that. It leaves a temporary yellowish stain though and I don’t like the smell. But I’ll stick to it for awhile and see if it’ll work for me. If you can, buy the Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil as that’s recommended by Leon. The Berry C02 Extract as I understand is very concentrated and should be added to exisiting creams or lotions. I have no idea how to use that one…

  3. Florence says:

    Ya, I ordered the balancing cleansing oil fron AN online,8oz is $18.95 & each time I use is only 1 pump, so it’s last me quite a long time.I just chk my invoice, in fact I have been using 2 mth already, there is still a lot left so I myself think is worth the price.If you were to get it, wait for their free shipping.Their shipping cost to sg is $7.50 which I don’t want to pay so I always wait for the free shipping ?

    Florence: Hey thanks for the lead. I’ll go check it up. Sounds like a good deal. *btw, I don’t know why your last 2 comments (including this one) ended up in my spam folder. Luckily, I took a quick glance at the list before deleting. Hope it won’t happen again…

  4. Florence says:

    Oh, no wonder I got send you msg but I just can’t see mine at ur web.

    Florence: Seems that it is okay now. Askimet in my system is very funny…

  5. Leon says:

    Hey Sesame, thank you so much for mentioning my blog and forum:) Carrier oils can do wonders if you choose the right kind of oil. Recently I am enjoying my Pomegranate Oil and I am also experimenting with my Ayurvedic Facial Oils. I just can’t get enough of Oils:)

    Leon: Hey, you’re welcome! ? I just started on OCM and trying out with the Kukui Nut Oil. It’s okay but I need to get used to the idea…planning to order Jojoba. Hope that’ll work for my combination skin.

  6. Leon says:

    Kukui Nut Oil is a wonderful oil. Jojoba’s also very good for combination and acne prone skin:)

    Leon: Yes, I heard it’s great that’s why the supplier sent a sample to me for testing.

  7. Amy says:

    Hi i have been readin up a lot of carrier oils in ur website. I m pretty interested to try them but i do not have any ideas to use them. Do u apply direct on ur face or mixed them in some lotion or what? What are the steps in applyin or using these oils?
    Please advise

    Amy: You can use them both ways. I’ve used them to cleanse my face, under the oil cleansing method and also to apply as a moisturizer. First, you need to establish which is suitable for your skin type and how you would like to use them. Are you in Singapore? Check out my current promotion where you get a free Jojoba Oil at Yours Essentially. You can find out more carrier oils at the site and check out which can suit your skin type. There are some suggestions of how to use them too.

  8. Jojo C says:

    You mentioned camellia oil helps with pitted scar!! I have one because I was picking on my pimple. I very much regret it now. Is it only camellia oil? Or any other carrier oils as well?

    I tried to search on the net, but can only found camellia tea oil with an Australia supplier, is this the same?


  9. sesame says:

    It might help but the results will vary with individuals. I’ve also heard that rosehip can help to some extent but it didn’t work for me. Maybe you can ask the Australian supplier and check if it’s the right one?

  10. purple says:

    Hi there, i heard about desert essence recently. Have anyone tried their jojoba oil?

  11. Sesame says:

    No, never tried.

  12. Athena says:

    Hi Purple: Desert Essence has a good brand of jojoba oil. It was the first jojoba oil I ever used and has good reviews, but you as long as you get it from a reputable supplier, I have found most brands that carry jojoba oil are similar so you don’t have to be limited to DE’s jojoba. I’ve been using Jojoba oil for eight years as a moisturizer.

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