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bodyshop mineral makeup

Have you checked out the new Nature’s Minerals Make-Up from The Body Shop? I took a look at the range over the weekend and was fairly impressed with its look and feel. The ingredients also seem quite safe for me but I stopped short of getting it when I was told by the SA that the foundation powder would oxidize and I should choose one shade lighter. In addition, I thought that 5g of foundation powder at S$42.90 was quite expensive.

Practical and unique packaging
But what I like about the range though is the packaging. Unlike the usual mineral makeup sift container, Nature’s Minerals Foundation comes in a pot with a mesh which creates less mess. The SPF25 foundation comes in five natural-looking shades and contains the following ingredients:

Kaolin clay A clay mineral that helps to bind the make-up to the skin for long lasting coverage.
Mediterranean clay An absorbent mineral that helps to bind the make-up to the skin for long-lasting coverage.
Titanium dioxide & iron oxide Provides a natural-looking colour palette and protects the skin from the sun.
Mica A transparent mineral mined from the earth in thin sheets to give powder sparkle and shine.
Illite A clay with potassium ions and a high level of calcium carbonate to purify and detoxify.
Kaolin clay

High density Nature’s Minerals Foundation Brush
If there is one thing I recommend buying from the range, then it has to be the synthetic foundation brush. It feels almost the same as my Lumiere Kabuki Synthetic Brush, only more expensive at S$33.90. But if you’re a Love Your Body Member, you’ll get 50% off while others can also enjoy a 30% discount with any purchase of the Nature’s Minerals Make-Up range. Available is also the Nature’s Minerals Blusher Brush at S$29.90 and the Nature’s Minerals Eyeshadow Brush at S$22.90.

Nature’s Minerals Cheek Color & Eye Color
In addition to the mineral foundation, Nature’s Minerals also include three fabulous cheek colours and five sensational pearlescent eye shades. The cheek colors are S$26.90 for 2g while the eye colors are S$22.90 for 1g. I didn’t really check out the eye colors closely so I am unable to comment about the shades.

My thoughts on the Nature’s Minerals Make-Up line
Even though the packaging looks great and the product feels fine, but being someone who has ordered cheaper mineral makeup online before, I just can’t bring myself to pay the price of the new Nature’s Minerals Makeup Range. The selection is also limited compared to what we’re used to from the other more established mineral makeup range. So my guess is that this might appeal to those with spare cash, and want to try mineral makeup for the first time but prefer instant gratification.


  1. flym says:

    Yes, I agree too that the foundation is expensive. I bought the kabuki face powder brush at 50% off but had to buy a mineral eye shadow. I’ve yet to road test the eye shadow. Very happy with the brush though.

    flym: You got the brush? That’s great! I was thinking of getting it but stopped short cos I got the impression at the shop that I have to buy the foundation powder in order to be entitled to the discount. But the website says something else. Maybe I’ll check it out again.

  2. Shannon says:

    I’m hesitating whether to get it as well. Been using mineral foundation from TLC for a while and stop using it recently when I kept experiencing breakouts, had to find out if it’s due to the BB creams/ mineral foundation.
    With so many off-the-shelves mineral foundations in the market now, would you be able to do a comparison among them? Relvon one also looks promising… ?

    Shannon: I would love to do a comparison but I haven’t tried enough…

  3. prettybeautiful says:

    i think TBS mineral powder is exp O_o now im sticking to my BB till it finishes.

    prettybeautiful: Or until you find a good reason for it. ?

  4. Ena says:

    Ya IT IS VERY expensive! LOL. I am ordering a haul of Everyday minerals. I gave up on Loreal True Match because it was sort of sticky for me. SO much cheaper from everyday minerals too…

    I bought the Kabuki brush from Bodyshop though!

    And OMG I SO SO SO LOVE IT. it’s so soft and smooth. Picks up well and glides like crazy! Coverage could be built up stunningly!

    But I don’t think I will be getting the bodyshop’s minerals. It is Very expensive and EDM and joppa minerals have almost the same minerals as them but isn’t priced that heavily.

    I am back to visit ya again #k8SjZc9Dxk_#k8SjZc9Dxk Love the site so muchies.

    Ena: Oh you lucky girl! I’m also thinking of ordering stuff from everyday minerals again. Heard that their dusting powder is fantastic and want to try that. And agree, the brush from TBS is worth buying…althought I also think it’s pretty ex if you were to buy it on its own.

  5. fwy says:

    I wanted to try the mineral eyeshadow from the body shop too. Maybe I’ll wait for their post-christmas sales?

  6. Heather says:

    I an using Body Shop mineral range now. Have to say that the texture is fantastically fine and the colour is very natural. I Love it.Use a good BB cream underneath and top on TBS mineral range for a natural look. Its velvety and light. By mid day, spray on some face mist, not only does it freshen my makeup but also gives a dewy look.

    In terms of pricing, it is higher than revlon, maybelline but TBS offers quality effect that premium brands like Laura Mercier, Giorgio Armani and NARS.

    Heather: I still can’t bring myself to buy TBS mineral makeup. There are lots of cheaper and good quality mineral makeup available too…although you can mostly order them online only.

  7. jillian says:

    Just stumbled across this site and wanted to say THANKS for listing the ingredients! They’re one of the purest on the market right now.
    Ladies, stay away from brands like L’Oreal and Revlon who break the golden rule of mineral makeup by introducing talc in their ingredients. the point of min makeup is to not rely on talc as a filler!
    even bare minerals, now available at sephora, contains bismuth which is not ok for sensitive skin.
    i use the body shop range and it has the least irritants in it that i’ve seen in a commercial brand. i agree it could have more choice in shades, and coverage could be a tad better. but otherwise, it’s a winner.

    Jillian: It sounds good overall just a tad expensive for my pocket…

  8. Nora says:

    I haven’t try any minerals products before. Would like to try.
    I have an oily face, will it be ok to use minerals make-up.
    I would like to try the Body Shop minerals make-up.

    Nora: It really depends on the formulation. I wrote something about mineral foundation possibly causing our skin to secrete more oil here It’s quite hard to tell except through trial and error. So the best is to get samples first before going in for the full size. TBS unfortunately does not provide samples.

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