Everyday Minerals Itahake Brush for excesses

As a noob in makeup, why in the world do I need an Itahake brush? Well, I don’t need it but that’s not stopping me from wanting this. Why? Because it’s so special looking! Just look at the bamboo handle with the natural finish! Okay, for those who don’t know, this is the new classic Japanese makeup brush from Everyday Minerals. It is described as 100% cruelty free, made with super soft synthetic fibers, and is the perfect brush for all face, base, contouring, and décolleté applications.

Useful for applying base and finishing powder
I had no idea what I’ll use this for when I ordered it but thought I can play around and see what turns up. But after experimenting, I find that this isn’t a suitable brush to apply foundation powder as the application will turn up quite sheer. However, I find it rather useful for applying base and finishing powder as the application is light and not heavy. And because it is flat with rounded edges, it’s suitable for contouring and also is able to reach those groove around the nose and eye area effectively. I read that this brush might be suitable for cheek makeup and liquid foundation. I can’t comment much on that as I haven’t tried using the brush with those products and have no plans to.

Used by Geishas
But I’m quite curious as to how well it works with wet or creamy foundation because I understand that the Itahake brush is supposed to be used by geishas as a bento beauty tool to apply their trademark white makeup. However, my question is, won’t it cause some amount of streaking as the brush, while flat, is rather broad. Maybe it works like a wall painting brush huh? Well, if someone has tried using the brush with liquid foundation, perhaps you can share your experience.

Replacing my Kabuki brush
And oh yeah, it’s a coincidence that I’m currently using a white base – very Geisha-like! Well, I ran out of my Purple Sponge from LA Minerals and I’m using this only because it’s in my stash. I like my face looking a little fairer and it works well with my foundation powder as the latter seems to darken my skin tone slightly when used alone. I was using my Momo Minerals Kabuki brush to apply the base and that worked well. But since I now have the Itahake Brush from Everyday Minerals, I’ve been using this in place, trying to imagine myself as a Geisha wannabe each time I brush my face with it.

Price and promotion
The usual price of the Everyday Minerals Itahake Brush is US$15 but there’s a promotion at US$12 currently. I’m slowly but surely building up a collection of the Everyday Minerals’ brushes and also ordered three other brushes along with this; the Long Handled Kabuki, the Eye Kabuki Brush and the Angled Brow & Liner Brush to add to my EM Flat Top Brush. The Long Handled Kabuki is very similar to the Momo Minerals one that I currently own and I’m liking it as much. The Eye Kabuki Brush is very good for blending eye shadows or application of concealers so it’s brilliant too. But the Angled Brow & Liner Brush is very meh though; too thin and doesn’t apply my brow color too evenly.

Do I really need it?
The natural finish is interesting looking for the Itahake Brush but I’m a bit uncomfortable when I wash the brush as I’m so used to those with a metal protector between the fibers and the handle. And okay, it is not necessary to purchase the Itahake Brush just to apply my base and finishing powder if you ask me. But well, a girl can have her excesses! Like I said, I don’t need it but I want it and now, I’m having fun with it.


  1. pf1123 says:

    I suppose this can be good for applying highlighter on the cheekbones, forehead and along the nose bridge.

  2. Hazel says:

    hi Sesame, may i know what that white base is?
    Is it like a primer? and how has it work for u thus far?

  3. sesame says:

    Yes, good for those areas.

  4. sesame says:

    It’s the Polar Bear from LA Splash. It’s a base color not a primer. It’s okay cos it helps to lighten my foundation color. But I prefer the Purple Sponge, which is a purple base color to even out skin tone. I need to replenish on the stock.

    I reviewed some of their products here:

    Now, they’re available at certain Guardian outlets.

  5. everbluec says:

    I’ve ordered the Itahake brush too.. still waiting for it to arrive!

    I ordered it cos of the design and simply just wanting it! hehehee

  6. Dee says:

    I think that brush gives a really opaque application so you don’t get much streaks. It looks like such a lovely highlighting brush though! I haven’t purchased from EDM for so long, I think I might give it a look!

  7. sesame says:

    Aha…you’re also tempted by the design! It’s so interesting. Hope to read your review in time. ?

  8. sesame says:

    I’ll be keen to read your review if you do get it cos you’ll probably be able to find more ways to use this better.

  9. Hazel says:

    woo, thanks for the info ?

  10. Jyoan says:

    How about blusher?

    The Benefit Sugarbomb blush brush looks like that too!

  11. sesame says:

    I suppose it should work…er…I hardly apply blusher so I haven’t tried with it.

  12. chenyze says:

    heh i’m not into makeup but totally into the geisha thing! i think my first book was Memoirs of a Geisha (way before the movie hype) and i spent many years thinking that i wanted to go apprentice in Japan and learn to be graceful! d=

  13. sesame says:

    You did? That’s an interesting aspiration! I’ve always wanted to meet a Geisha.

  14. chenyze says:

    haha okay i gave up on that dream cuz i heard maikos all start balding early cuz of the hairdo! but i really really want to go for the whole getup once!

  15. sesame says:

    May your wish come true! ?

  16. Anonymous Bosch says:

    Actually, mostly maikos (trainee geikos/geishas) use the brush since they’re the ones who use the most makeup. And you’re right; the brush is used like a paintbrush for walls, though they smooth it over with a giant sponge to even it out afterwards. ?

    I haven’t tried this particular brush with a liquid or cream formulation, but have with a real Itahake brush and it works better than a classic filbert foundation brush, but I still prefer to stipple the foundation on. ? With a little practice, the finish with this sort of brush is quite exquisite though.

  17. AtelierGal says:

    I saw such a brush being used in Memoirs of a Geisha in a pivotal scene. I’m quite skeptic of the squarish design as I’m used to swirling my brushes, which makes this one tricky to handle.

    Haha, I was tempted to get that Yellow powder from LASplash earlier today. It’s good for reducing redness, and the cost is a fraction of a similar product from Benefit.

  18. sesame says:

    It’s a bit broad but otherwise does well. I remember Jyoan said the Benefit blush brush was like that and so I tried it on my cheeks.

    I think the LA Splash ones are better in terms of ingredients too. Give it a shot. You may like it.

  19. Raelynn says:

    I was looking at a youtube video on how geishas apply their foundation.. and to my surprise, they use itahake brushes to apply the foundation! the difference though, is that the foundation that geisha uses is water based, they dilute the white pigment in water, then use the itahake brush to apply, then use a sponge to spread and blend along the way, creating a semi-opaque finish.

    inspired by this video, i have been using the itahake brush to apply my rmk cream foundation. the good thing is that it gives a really light, even and refined finish, significantly better than using regular liquid foundation brushes where i usually get this thick, streaky and pasty finish when using with rmk cream. the bad thing is that it uses quite a bit of product because the itahake brush is quite wide, and because the finish is light, you may find it necessary to follow up with concealers on blemishes and undereyes depending on the coverage.

  20. sesame says:

    I think I’ve seen that video but I didn’t really take a close look on the finishing. I don’t use the brush for foundation now but was using it for awhile to apply blush. Now that I’ve decided not to use blush, I wonder what I should do with it. Maybe I’ll try it on some foundation that I don’t mind more wastage with cos based on what you’ve described, it might be good for compact powder where I don’t want the finishing too thick.

  21. Raelynn says:

    The finishing that is obtained that of in the video is slightly different as mentioned previously, the pigments are diluted in water, spread using itahake, then there’s this specific sponge used to absorb excess water and to blend the white pigments.. from what i saw, the traditional makeup was actually quite translucent in nature if you consider only the first layer.

    i agree that you can perhaps try it on some foundation that you don’t mind wastage. not so sure about using it on compact powder though.. perhaps you can give it a go and update us on how it works for you when using different foundation textures =)

  22. sesame says:

    Okay, I’ll give it a try. Need to take it for a wash first. ?

  23. consuelo lamas says:

    Hi Maja, looking to buy Japanese brushes I’ve found you and I love your blog especially Itahake brushes. Here one sells Nars is quite expensive and completely different (non-artisanal), so I wanted to know if you can give me the website where you bought the brushes look a little and make my order. I hope to send to Spain. a greeting

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