6 ways to use mineral water in your beauty regime

mineral water for beauty

Mineral water is said to be better for our skin because its high silica content strengthens the spongy cells in between collagen and elastin fibres, plumbs the skin and slows the formation of wrinkles. Which is why some women only drink such bottled water and even used them to wash themselves. And for the rich and famous, they can always indulge in the invigorating benefits of the natural mineral water springs and treatments that are available at upscale spas.

So what does that leave those of us who like to enjoy the beauty benefits of mineral water but haven’t got down to installing a filtered shower tap, can’t afford to wash ourselves with Evian and Volvic daily, much less soak ourselves silly in mineral water?

Well, there are always ways to get round and here, let me share some simple but effective tips to incorporate mineral water sparingly into your daily beauty regime. That is, beside drinking it.


Use it between cleansing and moisturizing
Instead of washing and rinising your face with mineral water, a more economical method is to soak your cotton wool in the water and give your face a once over thorough wipe after cleansing. In fact, if you’re doing a special treatment for your face such as using a mask, then using mineral water afterwards can help to seal in the benefits better. Apply your favorite moisturizer afterwards while your skin is still damp.

Use it with your toner
If you tone your face with a cotton wool pad, you can optimize your toner by first wetting your pad with mineral water. This way, you don’t need to pour so much toner into your pad as an already wet cotton wool pad or ball won’t need to soak up too much toner. Just remember to squeeze out the excess mineral water before using as usual.

Use it in your homemade beauty recipes
Many homemade recipes include water. Instead of using tap water, always use mineral water because of the obvious benefits.

Use it in your makeup
Some women like to apply their foundation or eyeshadow wet. Instead of tap water, apply using mineral water which has more benefits for the skin. And you don’t need a lot of it.

Use it as a facial spray
You can pour your mineral water into a bottle with an atomizer and use it throughout the day to spritz on your face. It works to set your makeup as well as hydrate your skin. Of course a less troublesome approach is to just use those readily available facial spray or mist with spring or mineral water benefits.

Use it as a hair spray
Some ladies swear that washing their hair with mineral water makes a great difference. If your hair looks kind of dull, spritz your hair lightly with mineral water and blow dry again to revive products already in the hair to revitalize your hairstyle.

In place of the mineral water, you can use the facial spray or mist for all the tips above but of course a bottle of mineral water costs lesser. And if you want to know why mineral water is better than tap water, just read one of my previous entries why normal tap water is bad for our skin. Oh, and one more thing. Choose mineral water from the reputable brands like Evian and Volvic. I read that models love Fiji mineral water but I haven’t seen this around where I am.


  1. l says:

    hey they sell fiji at many places (isetan supermarket, jasons etc)! its my preferred brand of mineral water. it really tastes different, very refreshing and ‘pure’ tasting.

    I: They do? Haha…just goes to show how blind I get. Thanks for telling me…I must try it next time especially now that I learnt it’s very refreshing. ?

  2. Lydia says:

    i just read your post about tap water. didn’t realize that it’s so harmful. *eek* i’ve been soaking myself in tap water daily! thanks for your advice on using mineral water. i need to get some bottles soon!

    Lydia: To be fair, the water in Singapore isn’t so bad for now. But it isn’t the best of course. So if you have a choice, use filtered water as it is better for both health and beauty.

  3. elleve says:

    hmm but with the recent hubub about bottled water not really that clean, i’m a bit wary about mineral water as well!

    elleve: The better known brands were not named as those that were contaminated…so I believe they’re alright.

  4. akiki says:

    hey, i would say that these are nice tips!!!!
    never thought of this besides drinking the water… ?

    akiki: ?

  5. Tine says:

    I’ve never thought of using mineral water in my skincare and makeup routine. I like the second tip you mentioned though, about using it with toner. I shall grab a bottle from the vending machine tomorrow and give it a go. Just hope my husband don’t think it’s tap water in an Evian bottle and drink everything ?

    Tine: Hohoho…my boy actually drank the mineral water I was using! Luckily, I only used a bit and it’s clean.

  6. Raj says:

    I visited my family in Pune, England in January. I noticed that my hair was so different. My hair was alive and vibrant. My hair never looked or felt better. I felt like I was young again. I asked a few people about this and their answer was… The city water here has minerals in it. When I get back to Florida I am going research a little mire about and work something out for myself so I can wash my hair with it daily.

  7. sesame says:

    Yes, it seems that the water in different countries/cities do affect our skin and hair. Well, would be keen to know what you’re working for yourself. ?

  8. julienne mark says:

    it’s true that we have to use mineral water on our face though the disadvantage is it will add our budget. several years ago, i got alot of pipmples on my forehead, which is very unusual to me. i never get pimples and if i do, i get one or two then gone. i know our water was dirty so what i did, after bathing in morning, my final rinse was one small bottle of mineral water splashed on my face. in the evening, another bottle of mineral water for final rinse. then after two days my pimples were slowly vanishing. i think i have to start the same again. i am now in another country where asian skin makes skin very dry, rough and will get pimples if very lucky (hahahah) because the water here is very salty. i want to use evian water. is this effective? thanks.

  9. sesame says:

    I think it will help to prevent dryness but not sure about getting rids of pimples cos your pimples could be due to other reasons?

  10. عروستى says:

    it’s true that we have to use mineral water on our face though the disadvantage is it

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  13. fakera says:

    thans vivawoman.
    nw i want to using minerial water.

  14. Afton Jackson says:

    I appreciate the alternative ways that bottled water can be useful. My wife can use this in her beauty regimen, her hair is curly and I notice that it gets dull and fuzzy. We can use some help from a private label bottled water company to help her moisturize her curly hair.

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