Drink milk to stay slim and trim?

Milk slimming

I was planning to post something else today but changed my mind when I received this in my email inbox from Leon of Beauty Secrets Revealed:

By the way, I would like to thank you for recommending milk for PMS, you won’t believe how quickly I am losing my belly fat, I guess its because of milk. The only new thing I added to my diet in the past one month is milk so I am pretty sure its milk.

Leon was referring to my entry on the beauty benefits of drinking fresh milk with regards to reducing the symptoms associated with PMS.

Calcium in milk can help us trim down?
I was pretty excited reading Leon’s comments because I vaguely recalled reading something about the calcium in milk being able to help our body break down and burn fat. A BBC article I found dated 1999 stated that researchers at Purdue University in Indiana found that young, normal weight women who had 1,000mg of calcium every day – the amount of calcium found in about 1½ pints of semi-skimmed milk – lost about 6lb over two years.

A bit unthinkable since milk is always thought to promote growth, and thus fats!

Hence it is no wonder that on the other side, we have experts who dispute this claim. One is Dr. Amy Joy Lanou of the department of health and wellness at the University of North Carolina in Asheville who refutes that low-fat dairy products or calcium can help people lose weight, saying that such claims are untrue as featured in a Reuters news.

Drinking milk suppress our appetite and contribute to slimming?
Personally, I haven’t noticed that drinking fresh milk, even the low-fat ones have helped me lose any weight. My weight loss was evident only when I started eating more fruits, in particular pineapples.

But I am more inclined to believe a new Australian research from the School of Medicine and Pharmacology at the University of Western Australia that suggest that drinking milk can help to suppress our appetite which then contribute to the slimming effects. (source) I mean, that does make sense doesn’t it?

So what do you think? Does drinking milk promote weight loss and do you have any positive experience with that too? If you do, I’ll certainly be keen to hear of your experience!


  1. ParisB says:

    This is interesting. However, I seem to have developed slight lactose intolerancy so no milk for me.

    ParisB: Ah, that’s quite a common problem. A good excuse not to drink milk. Hee…

  2. Nikki says:

    I actually do not drink milk regularly because of my ulcer…but this is definitely interesting, I’ve always thought of milk as the “fattening agent” hehehe ?

    Nikki: Yeah, that’s what I thought too…

  3. cowsandlemonade says:

    Since I was little, my doctors have always said to avoid milk after the age of 18, and if you have to drink milk, let it be skim, as a teenager I was always on skim. Now of course the new thing they say is to drink soy milk, but I don’t know. For those lactose intolerant, milk is not the best option but soy milk, I’m worried, about the ‘estrogen’ stuff that is in it, even my son’s pediatrician said not to give to soy milk to my sons because of the ‘estrogen’ levels found in soy milk. She even went further to say not to give only skim milk after the age of 2, to not give whole milk or 2 % because of the fat levels and sugar levels. A bit perplexing.

    cowsandlemonade: That’s rather strange…I remember the pediatrician telling me that milk do not work well on Asian tummies and that my son would probably drink less of it when he’s 6 and older. Well…we’ll see.

  4. Wai Yen says:

    Just curious: Is it any milk?
    cos we have a range from full cream, low fat, skim, etc….

    Just any type?

    Wai Yen: The article mentioned semi-skimmed milk. I believe this also means non-fat milk will work.

  5. prettybeautiful says:


    i drink low-fat milk everyday! and i am also loaded with fresh fruits..yet…. bah!!!

    prettybeautiful: Haha…it just doesn’t work on you huh?

  6. akiki says:

    i like to drink milk. i believe that it makes skin smoot and fair. besides, it contains a lot of protein!
    never heard of slimming with milk….. it’s weird~~ haha

    akiki: Yeah, I know…it’s strange especially cos we always associate milk with growing.

  7. Trisha says:

    Mmm, I love milk. Even if it didn’t have all of these benefits, I’d still drink it like crazy.

    Doesn’t hurt to lose some weight, though. ?

    Trisha: That’s great. Some pple can’t tolerate milk and some don’t like the taste. You’re lucky! I can only drink it about 3 times a week.

  8. Emily says:

    I would have to say I don’t believe it, considering the purpose of milk is to get a calf to grow from baby to enormous in less than 2 years. It’s formulated for maximum weight gain, if anything.

  9. Jyoan says:

    Milk is definitely the thing to go to when you are hungry but don’t want to eat. But it is wrong to fully replace all chewable food with pure drinking of milk, of course. I drink milk when I feel hungry after 8pm, as I don’t want to take supper. I have never read anything about it being an apetite suppresant. But I know it’s tried and tested “food” amongst the keep fit friends I have. The other alternative to apetite suppresant would be egg white (no yolk). But it’s tad troublesome to be cooking eggs for supper, compared to drinking milk.

  10. Jyoan says:

    Actually, there was a study many years ago about dairy diet bringing about weight loss. It is said to really works. And I have friends who consume yoghurt everyday who swear by the weight loss.

  11. sesame says:

    Yogurt for weight loss too? That’s interesting!

  12. cc says:

    I drink skim milk along with a regular healthy diet and my stomach has never been leaner it works like a charm just stick to 2 or 3 cups it has to be SKIM if you dont believe me read the Abs diet book Calcium helps burn fat bottom line…dont listen to other ppl try it yourself then be the judge or else you’ll never know ?

  13. rose says:

    milk good for your skin

  14. Sanjana Priya says:

    haha, yer. In fact, 90% of Asians are lactose intolerant. ?

  15. sesame says:

    90%! Wow, that’s pretty high… I wonder if it’s also due to our eating habits since our diets are different.

  16. dennis says:

    lactose intolerance is genetic. So, it is about a different set of eating habits but over the last several thousand to hundred thousand years.

    Europeans domesticated milk producing cattle early on and gradually lactose tolerant.

    Like South and East Asians many Native Americans are also Lactose intolerant, but I think you may find many central Asians to also be lactose tolerant.

  17. sesame says:

    I believe so…some of the people I know are perfectly fine with milk because they take it from young and so did their parents and grandparents.

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