What do you do with old beauty products?


I am curious ladies. What do you do with beauty products you have not used up but have no wish to continue using them? You know, products that were purchased on impulse, or products you feel no longer suits your needs. In many cases, these are also products abandoned because we’re faced with new loves!

Because of my current interest in natural and organic products, I have stopped using quite a number of products. Although I try to force myself to finish them up, it is not always possible. It’s a case of the head is willing but the heart isn’t! However, I don’t want to waste them and so I find I’ve been slathering all sorts of stuff on my hands. Serums, lotions, creams, what have you. But in some cases where suitable, I pass the items to my husband or to my domestic helper.

So I’m keen to find out what others do. Do you try to use up the product? Do you give or swap your products with someone? Or do you keep it until it expires?


  1. Tine says:

    I give mine away to friends who don’t mind half-used products. It’s not dirty, the items are either half-used, or even barely used, and they love it. They don’t have to spend the money to try out stuff which they wanna try out, and I get to de-clutter. Win win situation ?

    Tine: I have a Benefit High Beam which I used once or twice. I don’t know who to give since it’s a brush that dips into the product.

  2. Nikki says:

    if a product I bought doesn’t work for me, I usually give it to someone who uses the product and works for them, give it to my mom as well especially for lotions, coz her skin isn’t picky! ? unlike me, I have a lot of allergies ?

    Nikki: When I was staying with my mum, I would give my makeup to her. But now, she doesn’t use much. The only thing she likes is perfume! I give shampoos to my mum-in-law though.

  3. prettybeautiful says:

    yeah same as nikki, i usually pass the products to my mom, eg the bodyshop vitamin c skin boost. lol. or my sisters too, they usually don’t buy as much as i do, so, they always finish the stuff for me ?

    prettybeautiful: I don’t have sisters… ? sometimes I try to hint to friends and see if they’re keen but I’ve not given anything used to a friend cos I think they mind.

  4. GabrielLe says:

    For those creams, lotions or moisturizers that I’ve no intention of using them any longer, I’ll use them to moisturise my feet. =)Otherwise, I’d give my products away to someone.
    As for foundations etc, I’d just wait for the expiry dates or just damp it away!

    GabrielLe: I tried too but I got lazy trying to bend down! Heehee…

  5. imp says:

    if they’re moisturizers, they go onto my neck and my feet. otherwise, they’ll go to the recycle bin. i rarely do that though. i buy very little beauty products. :p

    imp: Yup, my neck too! Little beauty products but more fashion & accessories! ?

  6. nicole says:

    I agreed on all of above comment mentioned, coz I was doing so. ? I’ll usually consider to give to my friend in early 20 who recently developed interest in makeup and skincare, if she is not happy with the product, I’m sure she could find someone to give away. Makeup item like pwd fdn is ok, coz I only use few times, and I discard the sponge for hygiene issue. Or, list down those item to benefit your readers whose doesn’t mind??

    nicole: I did consider that I don’t think I will. It would probably be better to put up in a forum.

  7. YL says:

    i swap them on makeupalley! ?

    YL: I read about that! Sounds like fun!

  8. Ms. Blacklace says:

    I use them on my body until it expires then i throw it away.

    If I cannot use it on my body either, I give it to my mom. She doesn’t care nor mind. Lol..

    Ms Blacklace: Yes, that’s what I resort to mostly but usually I get lazy and just use on my neck and hands. Haha…mums are a good source to pass our items too huh?

  9. Kimberly says:

    I usually give mine to girlfriends or whatever, I was just thinking though it would be nice to donate some to women who are less fortunate.

    Kimberly: That’s a nice thought. You know sometimes when I’m on the street and I check out the women walking by, I am tempted to tell them they need sunscreen.

  10. elleve says:

    if you don’t have anyone around you to give away to, there’s SgFreeCycle! some people might appreciate them, if they’re thinking of buying but wanted a sampling first?

    elleve: Oh, that’s interesting! I checked it out and it looks like they’ll be open to beauty items since it’s an online community. It’s a good suggestion…an alternative to what Kimberly has suggested. At least, no waste.

  11. Dee says:

    I believe we definitely buy makeup or skincare by impulse and if my skin really can’t take it or no satisfaction then I will sanitized then sell to those who need it. There was once I gave up on a makeup base but after few weeks of abandoned it I started to reuse it again and it works wonders. Totally unbelievable.

    So skin does play a part in achieving the best results we want it to be. Drinking plenty of water, fruits, enough sleeping hours and pampering your face is very important as well.

    Anyway, your site is one of my favourites! =)

    Dee: Ah…I do that too! Bringing out products again and trying out. This morning I tried my Benefit High Beam again. Maybe it’ll work! ?

    Thanks for your encouraging comments!

  12. astrorainfall @ beauty box says:

    Hmm, this is a tough one. I tend to throw them away. Or if I feel really guilty about it, I would squeeze a lot more than usual to use them up more quickly.

    I sold used perfume on yahoo auctions before and I think most women are fine with second-hand perfume because it’s still quite hygenic to pass it on, unlike makeup.

    Will try makeup alley in future.

    astrorainfall: Perfumes are good to pass on. I have no problem with that cos my mum loves them. I have problems with items like lip balms which I tend to hoard and never use and never think of giving away. It’s actually possible since we can cut away the part we’ve used…but I always keep them till they turn bad! ?

  13. Mag says:

    Skincare and bath and body stuff, I give away. Makeup, I swap/sell or give away! ?

    Mag: That’s nice! It helps when you have lots of friends!

  14. SimpleMe says:

    I have the same problem! I always buy loads of beauty products because the promises seem to good to be true! I recently got a huge sasa haul, but I still have a lot of products from previous hauls that I only used once or twice (or never been used!) Now my paypal account has no money and I won’t put money on it. Because if I do, I will continue to buy products. I am now forcing myself to use everything (it might take years for me to use everything) but I always make an exception for must-try products or products that everyone is raving about like the Ly-Na pearl face cream, neutrogena on the spot treatment, too faced shadow insurance.

    SimpleMe: I know what you mean. It’s addictive and we end up with loads we don’t need. Luckily I don’t use so much makeup so I save on that front. Otherwise, can you imagine the eyeshadows and blushes and what nots?

  15. cowsandlemonade says:

    Interesting question, I have some of John Masters stuff that are more suitable for dry skin. Either I give to friends to try or put on ebay.

    cowandlemonade: If it’s new, I would try to sell it.

  16. Alicia says:

    For toners and serums, I use them on my body before applying body moisturiser.
    For facial moisturiser, I will mix it with body moisturiser to increase the lubrication-ability, and thus converting/creating a whole new bottle of body moisturiser.
    For eye creams/gels, I will use them on my neck.
    Hope this helps… btw, I enjoy reading your articles. May I ask if you could review more skincare products and cosmetics that are selling at Sasa please? They have many strangly wonderful products I think..

    Alicia: Thanks for your comments and am happy to know you’ve enjoyed my articles. I will try to review more products if I can. The thing is I used to buy stuff from Sasa Like Suisse Programme, La Colline, etc but this year, I started switching to natural products so I don’t go there so often now.

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