Preview: UV Natural Sunscreen SPF30+

UV Natural Sunscreen SPF30+

Oooh…I’m feeling really excited about the UV Natural Sunscreen SPF30+ I’ve just received because I think this is the perfect sunscreen for myself! It took me a couple of weeks to search for this and I happened to stumble upon it thanks to a reader who had asked me about an organic toothpaste! I’m going to provide a detail review of this sunscreen about a month down the road but here’s a preview first, especially why I consider it my perfect sunscreen.

Mineral sunscreen with high zinc oxide content
First and foremost, this is a mineral sunscreen containing 24.8% zinc oxide! Isn’t that something? Based on my research, zinc oxide is the best sunscreen ingredient to provide both UVA and UVB protection and at this concentration, it is fantastic! However, you may want to take note that the zinc oxide used is micronized according to information from Cosmetic Safety Database. I know some people have issues with this but having been using sunscreens containing nano particles already, I can live with this. Moreover, the micronized zinc oxide used is coated and is said to be non-photoreactive and do not have the ability to penetrate into the bloodstream. Plus, this sunscreen is rated one of the best sunscreens at no. 12 with a low hazard of 1 according to Cosmetic Safety Database.

All-natural formulation with no preservatives used
Second, it is a natural formulation. Not organic but it’s good enough for me.  And here’s what it contains:

Active Ingredients: Zinc Oxide 24.8%
Inactive: Vitis vinifera (grape seed) oil, Caprylic/capric triglycerides, Silicia, Zinc Stearate, Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil, Camellia oleifera leaf extract (green tea), Vitis Vinifera (Grape Seed) Extract, Tocopherol, Iron Oxides.

This formulation is said to be suitable for all skin types including acne-proned skin and it also has desensitizing qualities for hypersensitive skin types. It is a silky non-perfumed sunscreen, and so far I’ve tried, it’s not very greasy for my combination skin. However, I have to test how it goes the entire day, especially after layering makeup over it.

Water resistant formula
Third, it is water resistant for up to two hours. Definitely sounds good for all forms of outdoor activities. I love the fact that I can use this for swimming!

Reasonable retail price and shipping cost
And finally, it is made in Australia and it cost a lot lesser to be shipped to Singapore. I ordered the 150g from Organic Beauty and it cost US$24.83 including shipping cost. A lot more affordable than the 100ml Keys Solar RX Sunscreen that I have now. If you’re residing in US, you can get this sunscreen starting from US$16.29 at Valley Naturals.

Okay, look out for my review on this product next month!


  1. ParisB says:

    This one looks interesting – will be watching out for your review.

    Paris: Yep, next month. ?

  2. chenyze says:

    sounds awesome! can’t wait! heh. can’t you shorten it to like 2 weeks instead? d=

    chenyze: I’ll see how it goes. I’m worried about reviewing skin care products too soon as sometimes, there could be changes like it becoming more greasy etc or I may have breakouts. But so far, it feels great, even with makeup!

  3. Leon says:

    Thanks for recommending ths Sesame, I just oredered one:)

    Leon: I hope it’ll suit you and you’ll like it. ?

  4. Maria says:

    I find this presentation really very touching.It seems that there is a lot of potential in this product.Thanks for recommending ths Sesame.

    Maria: You’re welcome. ?

  5. miyo says:

    i am anticiapating for your reviews ?

    meantime i am tempted to buy it awwww

    miyo: Haha…be a bit more patient with me. Reviewing in another 2 – 3 weeks…

  6. chenyze says:

    how is it now?

    Chenyze: I find it a bit drying as the hour progresses. I’m trying to experiment using a moisturizer underneath and see if that helps. Will keep you posted.

  7. valerie says:

    Hi there. sorry if this is a bit off topic, but I am so upset with the sunburnt I got from orientation camp. On the first day it was so rush I only managed to put on a bit of sunblock on my face, hands and legs but than as it turned out the second day was worse since we only had 4 hours of sleep.. I was so tired I didnt even put on sunblock… Now since I am prone to tans easily and worse sunburnt, my hands and face are red. do you know anything that could help me I am afraid once the burn goes away it becomes tan and I worked to hard on being fair T__T

    Elaine: Oh dear…okay, this is based on what I know, not what I’ve tried. Use Aloe Vera gel and apply on the affected area. If you can get the fresh ones cut from the plant, even better. It’s got soothing effects plus it can help with skin regeneration so your skin can recover faster. I read that tomato juice is good too. Also, don’t expose to the sun again and apply a sunscreen when you head out. Moisturize sufficiently too. And bathe in lukewarm water, not hot water.

  8. valerie says:

    thanks.. Now I shall really have to cover up when I go into the sun again.. No more camps for me.. Hais. If I tan this will be upsetting.. haha thanks so much (:

    Valerie: Yeah, if you’re working to be fairer, then you have to sacrifice sun time. Or you need to apply a lot of sunscreen, wear a hat and sunnies!

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