Hair Magic Sheet to hold your hair in place

Hair Magic Sheet

How do you manage your hair from falling all over your face when you’re washing your face or putting on your makeup?

Eons ago, I used to use a shower cap. Subsequently I resorted to using a hair band or a hair clip . However, with any of these, I need to be careful to ensure that they don’t ruin the shape of my hair because they often do with the marks they leave behind.   So when I saw this Hair Magic Sheet for Foretop, I thought I’ll give it a try.

According to the description found on the package, it states that unlike hair clips or hair band, Hair Magic Sheet for Foretop does not leave traces on hair as it fixes hair firmly for face cleansing or makeup.

So does it?

Hair Magic Sheet

Yes! It holds my hair with the tiny hooks or bristles found on one side of the sheet; much like those velcro fabric hook-and-loop fasteners. It’s very soft and easy to fix the hair and sure enough, does not leave a trace unlike conventional hair clips or hair bands.

Hair Magic Sheet

Though he doesn’t look pleased here, he was having fun!

I bought The Hair Magic Sheet for Foretop pack at S$4.95 from Watsons. Each pack comes with 2 sheets, good enough for my short hair though I wonder if it’s sufficient for those with longer hair. It’s pink so it would make quite a statement if I forget to remove them and wear them out on the street! But it’s also something to play with and I had a bit of fun plastering it on my son’s hair!

If you’re looking for a solution to hold your hair in place while you’re cleansing your face or putting on your makeup, try this.


  1. shin says:

    ahhh just like the one featured on tw Queen. I’ve been wanting to try it out but never got myself to… would it cause frizzing btw? ?

    shin: No, it doesn’t.

  2. Nikki says:

    I’ve seen these around!!!! Thanks for posting about this

    Nikki: You’re welcome! ?

  3. Evy says:

    Hmm… I wonder if I can buy this online. Btw love the expression on your son’s face ?

    Evy: You can get it from some ebay buyers. Just google for hair magic sheet. Thanks for your comments on my son – he was being cheeky. ?

  4. SimpleMe says:

    Looks pretty cool!! I usually put clips all over the place keeping my hair from falling.

    SimpleMe: I use a clip for my fringe during makeup but have to resort to a hair band when washing.

  5. Leon says:

    Hey Sesame, your son’s very cute:) Looks like he’s been forced to have that on,lol!

    Leon: Ya I know it looks like that…hee…I think he didn’t like me taking his photos with it on.

  6. eMz says:

    i used to wear a headband to put on makeup, but it ruins the shape of my fringe. tsk. wonder if i could get these in the philippines? hehe

    eMz: Yeah, headband totally ruins the shape!

  7. elleve says:

    heh but are they quite reusable?

    Elleve: Yes they are. I believe they’re even washable though I haven’t tried doing so.

  8. Florence says:

    I saw this when I went back to Japan last yr.It was selling every where like hot cakes but I also don’t know why I didn’t buy this in the end :)Maybe this yr I go back I will buy ?

    Florence: So popular in Japan? I didn’t know…

  9. Mag says:

    I wrote about it here:

    I have the Watsons ones too and will make a comparison soon. They’re essentially the same, minus one or two features. There’s even a China-brand one available at neighbourhood beauty stores!

    Your son’s grimace is cute~! ?

    Mag: I haven’t been lingering long enough at Sasa these days to notice the Dariya ones. But they sound similar!

  10. MsLips says:

    I’ve seen this at Watsons. Since you have given it the thumbs up, I’ll give it a try ?

    MsLips: It’s definitely better than using hair band or head band. But I wonder if it’s enough to hold longer hair…I guess the fringe and the sides should be fine.

  11. Soos says:

    Cute son!

    It’s easiest to grab a velcro roller – looks like they have similar properties – which also give my bangs “lift”!

    Soos: Thanks! ? I remember those rollers! But this is softer than the velcro roller and won’t give your bangs the life though…

  12. Gabrielle says:

    I’ve got the same thing from MiniBits recently too & the price is $4.95 as well. But somehow, it doesn’t stay on my fringe tight enuff as my hair’s thick i suppose! =)

    Gabrielle: Oh it’s not so great for thick hair? Mine is thin so it works well. I wonder if the other brand from Sasa will work better for thicker hair?

  13. Tara says:

    I have been looking for this for some time. Saw it on some taiwan programme and been looking for it. haha. thanks!

    Tara: Hey, you’re welcome! ?

  14. extra says:

    Hello!! well.. i also have the product instock with me now.. selling it at $3 each=) will b posting it on labour day… if u r interested can order it in advance=)


  15. extra says:

    opsss typo.. its at 4 dollars=x

  16. Mag says:

    Someone stole your photo here:

    She copied my text as well. I’ve asked her to remove the text but you’d need to tell her to remove your photo. SIGH.

    Mag: Hey, thanks for letting me know! I had a look and yes, my picture is there. I’ll probably write her a note soon…

  17. Heather says:

    I have been using similar version, bought in JB City Square, for 3 months. they really work and do not leave marks on my hair. I have long hair, so i use 2 pieces.

  18. sesame says:

    Oh I like these very much – easy to use and no marks!

  19. Talita says:

    what a great article

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