Can you live without your hairstylist?


I just had a new hairdo about two weeks ago. My hairstylist gave me something different from my usual; something edgy he said. It was rather short but it’s growing to look a lot nicer now so I’m happy. He thinks the haircut will last me well into another two to three months before I see him again.

On average, I see my hairstylist about six to seven times a year, depending on how my hair has grown or any new requirements I may need. And while I may go to someone else to color my hair, but I would never go to another hairstylist for my haircut because even though I am no celebrity who goes to David Gan, I am VERY particular about who touches my head and cuts my hair.

I have known my hairstylist Hensley since I was a teen working as a temp in Peter & Guys hairstyling training school. But it wasn’t until some years later that I went to him for my first haircut and have since been faithfully following him to the various salons he has worked in.

A friend who dispenses the right advice
Being friends means Hensley knows me well enough not to give me some offbeat haircut. He always gives me a trendy cut that flatters my face shape, and something manageable which I can style effortlessly. He is able to work more volume into my limp hair and is ever ready to dispense the right advice when it comes to my hair needs. I will always remember the time he threw a tantrum because I had asked him for a perm. “Look, I’m your friend. So I’m telling you a perm is not suitable for you. If you insist on it, be prepared for the consequences.” He was really upset then. Anyway, I did do the perm against his wishes and subsequently lived to regret it.

Maybe that’s why a lot of celebrities are buddies with their hairstylists. For example, when Jennifer Aniston split from her husband, Brad Pitt, she reportedly ran straight to Chris McMillan, her hairstylist, to cry on his shoulder.

Well I wouldn’t exactly go to Hensley if I was emotionally upset but I will definitely go to him if I want to feel positive about myself via a nice haircut or a highlight. Come to think about it, Hensley is almost someone I cannot live without. He may not be my confidante or best friend but he definitely has the power to make me look and feel good.

A friend who is older and have other ambitions as well
So recently I started wondering; who would cut my hair if Hensley retires? I mean the guy is older than me and he has told me that he doesn’t want to be cutting hair forever. He maybe thinking about starting a business I’m not sure. But he’s bound to stop doing this one day even when I still need him and what do I do then?

We spoke at length about this and he told me that there shouldn’t be a problem since there are some many hairstylists in the market. Sure, there are but how many can I count to make me look and feel good? Before Hensley, I was seeing Jeric See from Reds for sometime but I never had a comfortable relationship with that guy where my hair was concerned. In fact, it got hairy at the end and that’s why I switched and I’ve been hopping from salons to salons until I met Hensley.

Am I alone feeling this way ladies? Do you have a regular hairstylist that you visit and do you ever worry if he or she moves or goes away one day? Tell me!


  1. Casey says:

    Kekeke.. this article struck a chord with me ! I’m “faithful” to my hairstylist too – I just so hate it when a haircut or hair color by someone new is “off”. It’s not like bad makeup skills where I can wash it all off and have it re-done immediately if I don’t like.

    Casey: Ya, I know what you mean. Like I don’t have a big problem with different therapist working on my face but not for hair.

  2. Nikki says:

    I was faithful to my hairstylist Korean guy Tony, he cuts and styles my hair for long but he’s the one who left me! *sniffs*, he left the country recently so I have to find a new stylist!

    Nikki: I’m sure it was sad ? but I hope you’ll find a good one soon.

  3. pf1123 says:

    My hairdresser does rebonding and cutting my hair for 10 years already. And I don’t let anybody else touch my hair!!

    Goodness, I don’t even dare to think about the time when she quits.

    But she did my hair in the same manner for a couple years already but 3 haircuts ago (about 10 months or so, I cut my hair only once or twice a year), she gave me a new cut. However, she was not able to replicate it subsequently. Which makes me think of going to somebody new. But I’m relly quite afraid to venture out to the “unknown”.

    pf: Sometimes it’s also about the chemistry and comfort. He/She may not provide the best cut but they can make us feel good. Going for a new one can be scary. I used to salon hop so much in the past that I found it tiring and frustrating too.

  4. Fr0nd says:

    I’ve been going to my stylist for close to 15 years now… last year he left the country and I was stuck. Tried a recommended salon and ended up depressed for 3 weeks over a ‘auntish’ style. Was so happy when my stylist ‘visited’ and cut my hair.

    He’s back next week for another visit and I will be seeing him. Wouldn’t dream of going to anyone else seriously. Too frightened I’d be upset again.

    So yes, I am seriously loyal to ‘my’ stylist and hate the thought of having to find another.

    Fr0nd: Oh yes, scary is the word. It’s also frustrating. At least yours is back for a visit so you still get to have your hair cut by him.

  5. Florence says:

    I have been following my stylist for many many yrs.I can’t say can’t live without her, she can really handel my hair,regarless what kind of pattern or color,she can do it well & she knows I am quite fussy abt her, she only can touch my whole head,she even tell her assistant, don’t touch THIS HEAD!keke.In fact I have been to other salon before,but I really don’t like, not up to my style so in the end still go back to my stylist.Btw seasame,I just brought lots of Lavera stuff today at raffles shopping centre, the phyto organics.Cannot resist,in the end brought the rose body spa 3, skincare products 3,2 hair treatment 2 pkts ($1 per pkt,normal price is $6)It’s a STEAL! And 1 men after shaving balm…Total cost only $51!!!!!!Still got some free stuff ?

  6. Florence says:

    I cannot live without my stylist,been following her many yrs.Been to other salon to try, but in the end gets upset ,coz not nice .I cannot imagine, if she ‘s not here anymore, I don know where to find another stylist that can suit me.Btw I just brought lots of Lavera stuff from raffles shopping centre,phyto organics.Cannot resist the GOOD SALES, in the end brought 3 rose body spa,3 face products,1 men after shaving balm(normal price is $25)2 pkts of hair treatment($1 each,normal price $6)& some free stuff …..All price is $7 each..Total cost I paid is $51 :)I really think is a STEAL.Btw the sales assistant told me tomorrow is last day.

    Florence: Hey sorry you had to re-typed your comments. It was held in the queue. The Phyto Organics $7 deal is really good! Are you going back for more? Hee… I got the BodySPA from them too. Like you said, cannot resist.

    You are also loyal to your hairstylist! I think unlike other personal service, hairstylist seems to be the one that really hard to replace. Mine told me how one of his customers had to migrate and she cried during her last hair cut with him!

  7. Florence says:

    How come I can’t see my comments?

  8. raelynn says:

    my hairdresser at lucky plaza has been doing my hair since secondary school. my first perm, my numerous hair cuts, my first highlights.

    when my hair was long w/o a fringe, she insisted on cutting one and i cried after that because i felt it was so short and wrong and threw tantrums at home which led to my mom (another regular), calling to ask her what happened why i was crying after a haircut. but a week later after the fringe grew out a little, i was relieved that she cut because everyone was saying it looked really good on me. i went back to apologise for the high-strung performance even before the compliments though. i always left my hair decisions to her from then on, the colours, the style, no questions asked, just need to tell her whether i want to keep it short or i intend to leave it long.

    indeed, i too worry about what is gng to happen to my hair after she retires. she’s afterall almost my mother’s age, about mid 40s to 50.

    Raelynn: That’s an interesting story you have with your hairstylist! You must really trust her to leave everything to her. Actually I’m not always happy with my cut initially. Sometimes hair may need a week or two to get used to or maybe they look better slightly longer. My hairstylist told me sometimes he doesn’t want to look at his hair on the first 3 days of a haircut! Haha…

  9. Wen says:

    this particular entry has struck a chord! i went to a hairstylist faithfully for the past 3 years and even brought most of my close friends to him. now all of us are pretty faithful followers. my hairstylist mumbles alot, so not many can understand him. but i can, maybe cuz i’m used to it. and because i’ve brought most of my friends to him, he always chats with them abt me!

    hairstyling is all about the personal touch isn’t it? i tried venturing out once, but the cut wasn’t to my liking and i ran back to my hairstylist (and he knew i cut elsewhere prior to the visit)!

    and he’s so personal that he plays my fave singer each time i visit the salon. 2 thumbs up! ?

    Wen: Wow, yours is really good. Even knows how to pull your heartstring! I left mine for about a year or two too…was unhappy cos he was always booked when I wanted him. But still, I went back to him again cos I like the way he handles my hair.

  10. Florence says:

    Hi seasame,I might be going for more today…….keke

    Florence: Wahahaha… you’re not going to buy up all the Lavera stock are you? ?

  11. pf1123 says:

    No lah, I wouldn’t be loyal if she doesn’t do a good job. My hair is quite tough to handle coz its terribly thick. Too much layer and I would look like a lion. Too little layer and I would complain that its hot as hell. So, I go to her purely because she knows how to handle my hair.

    I have no emotional attachment to my hair stylist. hehehe…

    pf: I remember you mentioned you have thick hair… and maybe your hair has attachment to her. Haha… But ya, I understand what you say. The skills must be there and he/she must be able to meet our requirements. But I find that they don’t always give perfect cut every time. Well, at least not mine. Yet, I still prefer him than venturing out.

  12. Ms Lips says:

    I have been shopping around for a hairdresser I am comfortable with for the past 10 years and still haven’t found one that could compare to my previous stylist. I used to have my hair cut by a particular hairstylist for 15 years. Then due to a family feud, I stopped going there and now I can’t locate him anymore. I think he’s probably migrated to another country ? I would like to be loyal to one hairstylist. Just that I haven’t found one I’m comfortable with yet!

    Ms Lips: It’s kind of hard when you have someone as the benchmark. Also, comfort is quite subjective. I’m not sure if I would have been as comfortable as I am had I not known Hensley prior to him cutting my hair. But I hope you’ll find a hairstylist you like soon!

  13. Florence says:

    I hope I can buy up all the Lavera stk, but I can’t….no $$$.keke.
    Anyway I really went there again in the afternoon & brought $42 worth of stuff again.:)

    Florence: Wow superb! The other day I was nearby and I avoided the shop deliberately so that I won’t stock up more. Hee… $7 really very good deal to resist but must control myself. ?

  14. Nicole says:

    I loved reading everybody’s posts about this subject, especially considering I am a hairstlyist. Seeing a new stylist is a scary thing, but there are many things you must remember if you must switch salons, god forbid it ever happens. Most important, find someone that connects with you. If you are going to a new salon for the first time, the stylist should require a consultation. YES, a consult, just for a haircut. It should take no less than five minutes. A hair history should be discussed, pictures should be looked at, your daily routine is a must know so you don’t leave with something you’ll never be able to duplicate. As stylists we know you have many options, so anyone that is worth your money should go the extra mile to keep you being faithful. If the previous things are not addressed before the scissors start cutting, the stylist has no talent, and really no interest in what they’re doing. In this case, my advice to you would be to run as far as you can in the opposite direction.

    Nicole: I think the comfort level is something that you can only experience for yourself. My hairstylist for example knows my temperament. On some days I see him, I’m very chatty but sometimes, I’m just pensive and when that happens, he won’t try too hard to make me talk. I guess it’s also about have good EQ!

  15. fwy says:

    I keep my hair long. I’ve not been to a hairstylist for the past 6 mths but my hair still looks okay.

    fwy: And your hair is straight? I remember a time when I had long hair and I think I didn’t have to visit the hair salon so often too.

  16. Tierra says:

    I’ve actually started cutting my own hair. That way I have no new hairstylist to get angry with! Haha.

    Found some great shears at Salon Hive and have been experiementing!!!

  17. Kathleen says:

    I have the most wonderful sylist.. I have been seeing her for about three years. When she went on maternity leave, I shopped around.. and in the end got BUTCHERED. I mean full on mushroom cut. She is pregnant again and I will absolutely refuew to get my hair done while she is off. I just don’t think I could deal with that trauma again.

    Kathleen: I know exactly what you mean. It’s scary. I can’t trust the others to give me a proper cut too!

  18. Dawn says:

    Same thoughts too =) I refused to try other stylists even my current stylist is promoted to director. A haircut by him cost me 60 bucks! But I’m unwilling to change. He gave me a lot of surprises after each haircuts. New fresh looks with good comments. =) Now my bf goes to him too haaa.

  19. sesame says:

    It’s really good to have a hairstylist who can give you a good cut! I don’t mind paying more…rather than agonising over a bad haircut for sure!

  20. blueenigma says:

    Horrific experience today as a result of an unprofessional and characteristically grumpy owner, Pascuala. Here is the scenario: There is a particular hairdresser who normally does my daughter’s hair. Today, when I realized the hairdresser was not at her station, I casually inquired. The owner, Pasquala, perceived my inquiry as an affront, and said I should not be asking about particular hairdressers. She added that ALL of her staff can blow dry hair, therefore, it didn’t matter where my daughter’s usual stylist was. I was APPALLED. Apparently, Pascuala felt that asking about a particular stylist makes the others seem inadequate. That certainly was not my intention. Since no one else has ever done my daughters hair, I have not formed an opinion about their work, nor was I alluding to their skills or abilities when I inquired about the usual stylist. It is simply that the usual stylist has always done a great job with my daughter, so it is natural that I would ask about her. Pascuala flat out refused to tell me when the stylist would be back, and ordered the hair washer to stop lathering my daughters’ hair! I had to insist that they finish what they started, and Pascuala told me to never come back! To top it off, she charged three more dollars than usual (SAME wash/set each time)! All of this because I simply inquired about the usual stylist. My question is this: Is it bad etiquette to request a regular Stylist,or should you be allowed to be bounced from one hairdresser to the next, each time?? This is the first experience I have had like this.

  21. sesame says:

    Oh dear…why was she so uptight? She’s in the service industry and she should have more EQ. No, what you asked was definitely valid and there is no reason she should have made you feel that way or done what she did. It’s appalling! I would try to lodge a complaint about her overcharge too. It’s not right!

  22. Irene Rexlee says:

    I do not have a hairstylist as so far I’m been having long straight hair ? Anyone recommeded hairstylist who is good?

  23. sesame says:

    Where are you based? I’m in Singapore so can only recommend you one that is based here.

  24. sue says:

    Hi! Do you mind letting me know where your stylist works, I wanna go to him for a cut!!! I’ve very fine absolutely limp but long hair and had a perm several months ago, done by a perm specialist not my usual stylist.. been stylist-hopping “experimenting” to see if there’s anyone who can give me a nice style without over-layering the top — because that’s what my usual stylist says he has to do in order to bring out some volome. I’m determined to find someone who can recommend a style that will allow me to keep my long curls but yet add some volume! I hope it’s not too much to ask of my hair…laugh…

  25. sesame says:

    Sure. His name is Hensley Chin and he’s at Cher Vous in Takashimaya. Call 6732-9388 to book an appointment with him.

  26. claire_cemolina says:

    I think males can make the best hair stylists! some female stylists can get distracted by conversation and not concentrate on what they’re doing! I have very very long hair and i’m so protective of it hahaha

  27. sesame says:

    Haha…I hadn’t thought about that.

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