DIY Beauty: stress relief homemade recipes


I’ve been too busy to experiment with more new DIY recipes this week but have come across some interesting ones I read at that I’ll like to try. These are a series of recipes meant to help relieve our stress and they include:
– Relaxing Foot Soak
– Cleopatra Milk Bath
– Papaya Face Mask
– Honey Hair Pack
– Lavender Spritzer
– Super Muscle Soothing Soak

The foot soak is rather interesting and is a variation of the Epsom salt foot soak I’ve recommended. Not difficult to put together too as it involves using Epsom salt, tea bags and water.

See recipes.


  1. prettybeautiful says:

    i have never done any foot soak before, and my poor feet, i have never really care for them. other than scrubbing them when i do body scrub. hope they are not mad at me ? i have tried honey hair mask before, and i must say that i really dislike the mess and dripping honey =/

    Prettybeautiful: Hey, if you’ve some time, try foot soak one day. Very nice. ?

  2. Chi says:

    Very cool stuff. I wonder if there are any aromatherapy benefits to some of those recipes.

    Chi: If they’re using essential oils, I would say say.

  3. London Virgo says:

    For Milk Bath, my choice is Body Essentials’s Princess Rose Milk Bath, its made with milk extracts, almond il and honey. An awesome milk bath with moisturizer and great aroma!

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