Mary Kay to be launched in Singapore

Mary Kay Lipsticks

I’ve got a number of exciting posts this week! A guest post is coming up tomorrow from a regular reader and a collaborative promotion with a big name is coming up sometime middle of the week too. So stay tuned at Viva Woman! But first, I just learnt that Mary Kay, one of the largest direct sellers of skin care and cosmetics in the world, is launching their range of more than 190 products in Singapore this month.

Direct selling by independent beauty consultants
I’m attending their media event next week to find out more but judging from the media releases, it looks like the products will still be sold very much the way they are sold in the US – by independent beauty consultants. In fact, they are organizing a business opportunity event this Thursday on 5 Mar from 7.00pm – 9.30pm at Ritz Carlton Hotel. Guests speakers include Mona Butters, National Sales Director of Mary Kay USA and General Manager of Mary Kay South East Asia, Mike Strong. Admission is free and limited only to 200 members of the public. If anyone reading this is interested to sign up, just call 65-62266888.

Popular products reviewed at Makeupalley
However, I hope that the company will also make their products available at some stores because I know some women aren’t that keen to purchase from direct representatives. And it’ll be a shame because I ran a quick check at Makeupalley and found that Mary Kay has a number of products that are rather popular and well reviewed by the gals such as their makeup remover, eye shadows, Micro-dermabrasion, Satin Hands, Satin Lips Mask and Balm which received average ratings of over 4 out of 5.

Perhaps those who have tried using their products can share your experience and your favorites?


  1. pf1123 says:

    Yeah…I won’t be keen to shop with a direct sales rep.

    I prefer to test out products at a store. Where I will not be under pressure to buy.

    pf: Yeah, exactly my thoughts. I’m very afraid to buy from people whose priority is to make money.

  2. Twinkle says:

    The colours of the lipsticks are soo pretty! I saw an ad of a model wearing Mary Kay makeup in the O magazine by Oprah Winfrey and it was classic at the same time not over the top!

    Twinkle: Yes, the colors are very rich!

  3. Vanessa says:

    Hi, Sesame. I totally understand your concerns about pressure-filled direct consultant sales. Who wants to have someone put make-up on them and tell them it looks/works just to sell a product? Not me either! However, as a new Mary Kay consultant who will be in Singapore for a few months this summer, I can promise no hard selling. That’s not what we’re about. In fact, I can bring samples for you to try w/o any pressure to buy, just a chance for you and your friends to try the product. E-mail me, if interested.

    Vanessa: I believe there are good beauty consultants who truly sell on the basis of product benefits and how it can help the customer without being pushy. However, I’ve seen it even with friends who join in such sales and after awhile, they seem to be more interested in telling me what is good for me and what I should be using. I don’t like that. I’ve even adverse to store assistants telling me the same thing sometimes.

    Seriously, I’m not so sure if direct selling can work well here cos we have so many choices and like pf1123 said, the pressure is internal too cos we feel bad about rejecting.

  4. pf1123 says:

    Vanessa, you will bring the samples for potential customers…thats the reason.

    There might not be hard selling but people might buy something just because they don’t want you to make a wasted trip. The pressure comes from within themselves.

  5. Florence says:

    I am not keen with direct sales also,from my experience, they will pester you until u cannot take it.And when u eventually brought the items, they just don’t care abt u coz they had already close your deal!This is only whatI had gone though, doesn’t mean anything ?

    Florence: Ya, the problem is the black sheeps create the negative impressions and as a result, the entire group is being stereotyped.

  6. Florence says:

    Ya sesame, I totally agree with you, black sheep!

  7. Dee says:

    I agree! The lip colours are pretty! Will love to try them at the stores too rather than direct sales rep.

    I feel some sales are kinda pushy…

  8. akiki says:

     mary kay is actually the very first cosmetics brand i used. i was just entering uni and a friend of my mum ask if i wanna learn make up & then, i step into their office.
    however, i do not really like their products as the quality was not that good compare to some drugstore brands. but their lipsticks were not bad, just depends on what you want.
    i’d only used their productsonceand now, i prefer to shop myself.that’s more fun!!

    Akiki: Ah interesting. Their lipsticks seem rather popular. But I guess they could gain more market share if they’ve placed themselves at the stores.

  9. Jo says:

    Well, i am personally very fond of Mary Kay products because i have been using them for quite a number of years back, and i am really excited they are back in Singapore. True enough, i agree that i do not really like to buy from direct sales as they might only be keen about the money, but there isnt any choice because they do not have a storefront. I heard that there is actualy a spree coming up online and i was thinking maybe i would buy there because i get to browse thru the products myself and don’t get pushed around by the direct sales people. An dif there is any questions i could actualy refer to that person who is holding the spree. Does anyone have any idea when is the spree coming up?

    Jo: No, I haven’t come across any sprees on them. I think it’s hard to buy these online cos they’re represented by beauty consultants.

  10. Elizabeth says:

    I love Mary kay product very much! I I’ve been using it for 10yrs. It’s products cure my pimples face problem. I would say Mary Kay product is suitable for Singapore weather. I ever tried facial products from various popular brands on the market but it doesnt help at all. Instead it worsen my condition.

    As I am combination skin, i am using formula 2 (creamy) & 3 (deep) cleanser at the same time, formula 1 (for my dry part)& 2 (for my T-zone) freshner & Clarifying mask twice a week.

    Apart from using Mary Kay product as my daily routine, i visited my facial consultant for facial who is direct sales rep for Mary Kay and other facial products such as Payot, Omare etc.

    She is a nice lady with great skill & knowledge in facial. She had a diploma in skin care. She doesnt push you to buy product. After facial, your face will not be red at all.

    If you are interested to try out the facial, you may contact Nancy at 96200658 to make an appointment. Her beauty salon is located at Arthur Road, Katong Park Towers. With easy access of Bus 14 and 166 from Orchard and City hall.

  11. Kmn says:

    I get to know one spree and you gals may contact me if interested to purchase MaryKay product without having that kind of “pressure”
    I myself don’t like that kind of feeling too..

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