Cotton swabs to wipe out makeup mistakes


Before I share this tip on using cotton swabs that I picked up from Taiwanese celebrity stylist Kevin, I’ll like to thank everyone of you who left me a comment in my last entry. My apologies for not being to answer to everyone individually but I like all of you to know that I appreciate all your kind words, encouraging comments and goodwill . I feel a lot better knowing that all of you share similar thoughts that beauty knows no boundaries and reaffirm what I thought earlier – age is irrelevant and imperfections are acceptable.   I am not a beauty guru or expert but I feel happy sharing all my findings and excitement when it comes to the topic on beauty.  So blog on I shall!


Erase smudges from mascara
Anyway, during the makeup demonstration last week by Taiwanese celebrity stylist Kevin, he showed us how to use a cotton swab or cotton bud to erase mistakes made during our makeup.   The model whom he put on the makeup had some smudges coming from her mascara.  What he did was to continue putting on the makeup for her, and then when he was done, he used a cotton swab to gently roll on the area of the smudge.  That rolling action lifted the stain and the smudge was erased completely.  The trick according to him was to wait for the mascara to dry up as it would become powdery, making it easy for the cotton swab to do the job.

I guess some of you who are adept in makeup probably already know this tip.  However, judging from the response from the compere and some members from the floor, it looks like many were hearing this tip for the first time.

Remove excess or blotchy foundation from the face
Although I hardly use mascara, but I found the cotton swab great for wiping out thick and spotty foundation too.  I just have to roll the bud on the area where I dabbed too much foundation and within seconds, the powder will be lifted up and I can touch up properly again.  Before learning about this tip, I kept using a tissue paper to wipe and the patch always got worst. 

So a cotton swab or bud is great for correcting makeup mistakes whether it is from foundation, eye shadow or mascara.   It’s definitely a makeup necessity and it might be a good idea to bring a few with you at all times!


  1. Nutritionist Wife says:

    I love cotton wrap when removing of eye makeup.

    It is very useful when it comes to removing the makeup near the corner of the eyes..

    I bought an extra big cotton wrap from Hongkong watson. Cool!

    Nutritionist Wife: Oh ya, good to remove makeup from the corner cos the cotton wool or pad can’t really remove all sometimes…

  2. Connie says:

    cotton buds are god-sent when it comes to removing mascara smudges. thanks for the foundation tip! Cottons buds make good eyeshadow crease color applicator too ?

    Connie: Ah now I remember using them to apply makeup many years ago!

  3. Ms. Blacklace says:

    And here I was in the past, wasting money on an eraser pencil, when the job could be nicely done with a cotton bud!!!

    Ms Blacklace: I also didn’t realized the usefulness of the cotton bud till I saw him using it. Such a simple tool, but really useful!

  4. pf1123 says:

    I used to do this too with my mascara. But then I realised I used waterproof mascara which cling my skin.

    In the end, I just scratched the dried mascara off with my fingers. ?

    pf: I guess it’s just tiny specks of the mascara so perhaps easier to use fingers…

  5. prettybeautiful says:

    i also use this to erase my tiny eyeliner mistake! ?

    Prettybeautiful: Ah…another good use!

  6. Joyce says:

    i use cotton buds which have remover in the hollow tube to remove mascara smudges, the only thing is that its slightly oily so i’ll have to try the trick with a dry cotton bud soon

    Joyce: I saw him using the dry one and it was easily done. But he said must wait for the smudge to dry up.

  7. Lydia says:

    I use cotton buds to correct my eyeliner and it works great! I also tried to remove waterproof mascara but it didn’t work unless I use some oily make up remover…

    There are “special” cotton buds just for make up purpose with a slightly different shape.

    Lydia: I didn’t know about special cotton buds! Must keep a look out for these.

  8. peapot says:

    I didn’t even know you have to roll it, I always use sweeping motion. I learn something new again from you. Ha…btw i m late but just want to let you know there will always be people who will make such comments. Something like that also happen to other bloggers. Don’t be bothered about it.

    Peapot: I saw him rolling back and forth and it was easy. Tried it with my blotchy foundation and it turned out good too. For the comments, I do get some negative one sometimes but this one just got on my nerve. But I’m okay now… ?

  9. Nicole says:

    Oh my, i didn’t even thought of using cotton bud to remove blotchy foundation, which is a very common boo boo i made when i put on my foundation. I had always make a mess when using finger or tissue paper to lessen it. Oh, there are also cotton buds meant for comestic use, you can find then at watson or guardian. They come in weird shape i have nv see b4 though…

    Nicole: Oh I see…I must check them out the next time I visit the stores. Thanks for sharing!

  10. pf1123 says:

    I think Lydia could be talking about those pointy ones.

    When I was in Seoul, I saw that they have those which are round headed at one end and a pointy one at the other end.

    pf: Now that you describe it, I think I recall having seen them…

  11. Vonvon says:

    Yep, i used to wipe off mistakes with tissue paper too. and now after trying with cotton swabs, i notice the difference and yup, it’s cotton swabs for me now.

    Vonvon: Oh great it’s working for you! ?

  12. Tine says:

    Oh these are life savers! I can’t imagine putting makeup on without these on standby.

    Tine: Now that I’m testing out some liquid eyeliners, I’m so glad for these!

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