Do you like to attend beauty workshops?

Glow Workshop by Watsons

It’s Labour Day and I hope you are all well rested and feeling relaxed.  Today, I want to find out if you ladies like to attend beauty or health related workshops.  I don’t attend too many of such events because of time constraints but I do love to attend whenever I can because there is usually something new to learn.  

Like last Saturday, at the first Glow workshop organized by Watsons, there were quite a few useful and relevant takeaways even though the topics covered were not entirely new.  We even got to do a Flexercise which is supposed to help us strengthen our bones.

Aim to look 5 years younger
For example, I not only learnt about the difference between multivitamins and multiminerals during the talk on Healthy Living from A to Z by Dr Alvin Wong of SKN Medi Aesthetics; I also learnt that a realistic aim to look younger is 5 years!    I also found out at the talk by Dr Calvin Chan of Calvin Chan Aesthetic & Laser Clinic on Myth and Facts of Skin Whitening that it might be useful to consume a product like Heliocare for sun protection especially since we can’t be re-applying our sunscreen throughout the day.

Live workshop allows for questions and clarifications
While some of these information can be obtained from reading and research, but I realized that I can register the information better by having someone tell it to me.  In addition, I can ask questions and clarify some doubts with the speakers during a workshop but I can’t possibly do that with a book.

Platform to find out new products and trends
Product and makeup demonstrations on the other hand are less interesting for me unless they are conducted in an entertaining manner.  But it’s usually a good way to learn about new products and trends in the market.   This was how I found out Vichy Bi-White products and the Spring/Summer 2009 Makeup Trend from ZA.  I thought the hands-on session from ZA was quite useful to test out their new Wide Eyes Mascara!

Preference for skin care over makeup workshops
My preference is to attend workshops related to skin care or wellness; that’s why I never register for those makeup workshops held at department stores.  Even though the fees are usually redeemable for products, I find it quite a waste as I will hardly buy that much makeup.  The story might be different if the workshop is conducted on a one-to-one basis or with a friend because I’ll feel less inhibited when it comes to testing out the products on my face.

So what about you?  Have you attended any workshops this year?  And if you enjoy attending such events, what are your favorites?  The talks, the demos, the interactions, the food or maybe the goodie bag?


  1. jac says:

    hee ask me along in the future ..

    Jac: Haha…sure! ?

  2. Nikki says:

    I haven’t really attended any workshop but I’d love too! It’s always nice to learn something new!!! Oh come to think of it, I did! Once at the P&J workshop ?

    Nikki: But you do attend some of the makeup demos right? So those count too! ?

  3. pf1123 says:

    I don’t because of time constraints.

    And also, I don’t know whether the information fed to me is independent enough or not. Whether they’re trying to sway me to buy their products.

    pf: Most of the time there is a marketing slant so it’s up to us to balance it up I guess…

  4. vonvon says:

    I LOVE attending beauty workshops especially makeup workshops ?

    It’s fun and you get some nice freebies sometimes…oh, well, i attended one last week, which was quite a bit of a letdown.

    So far, I’ve attended 3 this year, looking forward to more, and planning to organise one myself for my readers with one of the more popular makeup brands.

    Vonvon: Oh that’s nice. Unfortunately I’m not in M’sia…or I would like to attend.

  5. Connie says:

    I do enjoy workshops! But it depends on how in depth it is. If I know I’ll learn many new things, I won’t mind paying. but many of those paid workshops are too basic. I prefer makeup workshops because of the hands on experience!

    Connie: I know what you mean. I haven’t come across anyone that is indepth but I don’t aim to learn a lot; just one or two new pointers that I can take away.

  6. Nicole says:

    I have never attend one before. Whenever i saw such workshop, i will feel interested to go. But because it will be me going alone, at the last min i will change my mind. No motivation to go and im pretty shy to go alone.. haha

    Nicole: Ah yes, it would be nice to go with some friends. I went to the Glow one alone though…

  7. Joyce says:

    i like to attend health and beauty workshops too. overall i felt the glow workshop was too basic. i attended a skincare whitening seminar organised by channel newsasia a few weeks back and the information provided was more in-depth, thats why i was bored at the glow workshop. but then again, i like to read up on such things, so i’m glad you learnt some new things. i wasn’t too keen on the eye makeup demo as well, but thats cos i was disappointed with the colour payoff of the eyeshadows and the mascara. the good thing was that i got to chat with the 2 ladies seated next to me, so it’s all good.

    Joyce: I’ve never attended a workshop that provides indepth knowledge. So usually I don’t expect much. But I learnt a few new things at the workshop and they make good blogging topics! ?

  8. peapot says:

    I never attend one too. I m also keen in makeup application workshop. But like your other readers, I m also too shy to attend alone. Ha…in the end I stick to “nui ren wo zui da” shows for inspiration.

    Peapot: Ya, it’s a bit strange to try makeup alone in a workshop…

  9. Yosita says:

    I’ve never attended eventhough I’ve always wanted to. But to be honest, now that I’ve found True Beauty, thanks to you, I no longer think I need to. Just came back from my second facial today and I’m so happy with the improvement. Happy weekend, Sesame!

    Yosita: That’s great! We can learn quite a lot just talking to Susan too. But I like to attend cos I want to hear more to find more blogging topics too. ?

  10. Lydia says:

    I’ve never attended beauty workshops because I get the impression that they just want to sell their stuff to you. haha~

    I know it’s quite off-topic but please have a look here:

    I recently bought cotton buds that look like these. They’re quite handy. Sorry, that the text is in German…

    Lydia: Oh these I have not seen before! Looks strange…but I believe they must be useful. Thanks for sending me the link.

  11. Tine says:

    I attended a Chanel workshop early this year, and even though the first half of the workshop was more product-pushing (I expected this, so it’s not that bad), and second half was fun as we had a lot of one-to-one time with the makeup artists.

    Tine: I read about that workshop. It was good!

  12. Fiza Khan says:

    i want to attend beauty workshop. please guide and inform me. Thank You

  13. Fiza Khan says:

    please inform about your beauty workshop.

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