Marie-Veronique Organics Creme de Jour


Because I wanted to enjoy the free domestic shipping, I ordered the Marie-Veronique Organics Creme de Jour with SPF30 recently too.  Since I really like the Marie-Veronique Organics Creme de Soleil, I figure out that their Creme de Jour isn’t going to be too far off given that their formulations seem quite similar.  In addition, Creme de Jour is the best selling item at Marie-Veronique plus it is ranked six on the current list of safe sunscreens at Environmental Working Group.

Contain 20% non-micronized zinc oxide
Both Creme de Jour and Creme de Soleil use 20% non-micronized zinc oxide as the main sunscreen ingredients and to a large extent, share similar ingredients such as jojoba, red raspberry seed, and sea buckthorn oils in a green tea base.  However, Marie-Veronique Organics Creme de Jour is positioned as a vegetarian sunscreen and does not contain emu oil as in the Creme de Soleil formulation.

Ingredient listing
Green tea*, non-micronized zinc oxide, calendula-infused jojoba, apricot kernel, sunflower & meadow foam seed oils, Vitamin E, MVO botanical anti-oxidant complex, flax seed oil, Aloe vera gel*, rosemary oleoresin, potassium sorbate, red palm oil*, allantonin, mica, xantham gum, non-GMO lecithin, sea buckthorn & red raspberry seed* oil, honeysuckle & essential oils of carrot seed & cistus.  *ORGANIC


More whitecast and a tad drier
In terms of smell, Marie-Veronique Creme de Jour is almost similar to Creme de Soleil but comes across as slightly sweeter with more almond scent.  In terms of texture, both are light, non creamy and non greasy; perfect for use on the entire face over your moisturizer or oil and under your makeup. However, I noticed that Marie-Veronique Creme de Jour seems to leave a slightly heavier whitecast compared to Creme de Soleil even when I use the same amount. In addition, my combination mature skin feels a tad tighter and drier with Creme de Jour by the middle of the day.


Available in tinted version
Marie-Veronique Organics Creme de Jour comes in a brown glass bottle and I have to be extremely careful when pouring so as not to have wastage.   The 50ml bottle is cheaper by US$10 at US$34.99, when compared to Creme de Soleil. It also has a tinted version for those who are worried about the whitecast.   You can check out the product at the Marie-Veronique website.   Those outside of US may want to check the product at Puresha.

My preference between Creme de Jour and Creme de Soleil
So between the two, my preference is for Creme de Soleil because it seems more suited for my skin condition although the difference between the two product is small.  In fact,  Marie-Veronique Organics has sent me a couple of samples and I’ll be giving these away in my June VivaBella giveaway.  So do stay tuned!


  1. fwy says:

    Spore just discovered the 1st flu case. Please take care everyone!

  2. Leon says:

    This product is amazing, its probably the best sunscreen I have ever used. It does feel a little dry after 2-3 hours but I use my moisturizer or carrier oil beneath it, my hubby uses it alone and its doing a great job on his oily skin too.

  3. sesame says:

    Just hope it’ll be an isolated case!

  4. sesame says:

    You like it too? But do you see a whitecast upon application? This one appears heavier than de Soleil.

  5. Leon says:

    Yes dear but the white cast is negligible, its much less than other sunscreen products.

  6. sesame says:

    Ya, you’re right. It’s not too bad compared to other products.

  7. Mi Soel says:

    Hi Viva Woman,

    I understand that it is important to wear sunscreen in order to protect the skin from sunburn and aging.

    Yet, do you have to wear sunscreen before or after applying make-up in order to protect your skin?

  8. sesame says:

    Before. It is not feasible to wear after wearing makeup.

  9. Angie says:

    Hi, Sesame I wonder if you or any of your readers have tried Soleo sunscreen? I was looking at the EWG website. And it indicates that marie veronique sunscreen has a hydroquinone as an impurity. I’d had a lot of trouble with hydroquinone, so I’m trying to avoid anything with the smallest trace of it.

  10. sesame says:

    Hi Angie: Your comments gave me a fright. I don’t see hydroquinone in their list. I went to the EWG website and couldn’t see it. Not sure if I have missed it. My understanding is that apart from the zinc oxide, they use all natural ingredients.

    As for Soleo sunscreen, no, I haven’t tried it. But I have tested the texture and it comes across as rather greasy. Seems a tad similar to Badger sunscreen. Not something I would use on my face for sure cos I have combination skin type.

  11. Angie says:

    Sesame, sorry. It was not my intention to raise concerns. But since my skin has a very bad reaction to hydroquinone. I’m really paranoid about anything with hydroquinone.
    here is the link
    if you scroll down, you’ll find the list of ingredients: lecithin, zinc oxide, tocopherol (vit. E) <- this is the ingredient with hydroquinone contamination concerns. What it means? I’m not really sure.

  12. sesame says:

    Hey Angie: Don’t worry…it’s good you raised that cos I hadn’t a clue too. I’ll run a check with Marie-Veroniques directly about this and see if anything turns up. If yes, I’ll post a comment here again. I have done some initial search and this is what has turned up on Tocopheryl Acetate: “There is much evidence that it’s toxic on skin and other organs. The biggest concern is that it can be contaminated in the manufacturing process by hydroquinone, a highly toxic and carcinogenic chemical.” So I think it depends on how it is processed.

  13. Herbalista says:

    I came across your delightful site while looking for reviews of Marie Veronique products. I always use drugstore sunscreens, so MV stuff is over triple the price I have ever paid for a s.s.
    Very few reviews were available except yours…but yours have been superb–detailed and well-written with everything I need to know.

    I ordered tinted Creme du Jour today and will let you know how I like it.

    You’ve done a great service to beauty lovers! Keep up the excellent work.

  14. Herbalista says:

    I thought Tocopheral Acetate was another name for Vitamin E…?

  15. sesame says:

    Yes…but it’s a synthetic source if I’m not wrong.

  16. sesame says:

    Thanks for your comments! I’m glad you found the review useful. I hope you’ll like the sunscreen when you get it. I love it! But the non-tinted one does leave a whitecast for me…though it’s quite slight.

  17. gaylei says:

    hi sesame,

    thanks for your review! i’m still looking for the perfect ss!

    have you done any research on the safety of iron oxides? i like the idea of non-nano zinc only sunscreens, but i’m sure they would leave a white cast on my skin. the alternative would be to use zinc only ss with iron oxides, but i’ve heard mixed thoughts on that ingredient. any thoughts?

  18. sesame says:

    I did try to find out about iron oxides in the past. I remember nothing damaging turned up so I never had an issue with it. My makeup contains that ingredient too.

  19. MISSCHANDLER says:

    I read the reviews and i would love to purchase the product – but i live in australia and it dosen’t seem like they ship here.Can anyone give me some advice? the sun here is sooo hot i really need it ! lol!
    thxx =)

  20. sesame says:

    It’s a bit tricky – did you try the Puresha website I pointed out. It might ship to Australia.

  21. MISSCHANDLER says:


    I found the website! thanks.
    i was wondering have you tried the megan gale invisable zinc? apparently it’s all natural and dosen’t leave any white residue on the skin. Although i haven’t tried it!

  22. MISSCHANDLER says:

    I had just bought some creme de jour, i have teenage skin so hope it goes well!

    P.S I would love to know if you will do any reviews on sun tan lotions next! there’s one called chocolate sun that comes in different shades(100% natural)


  23. sesame says:

    Sorry, I don’t review sun tan lotions because I don’t use them. I avoid the sun at all cost if I can!

  24. sesame says:

    Nope, not tried that one. Will try to check it out. Thanks for highlighting to me!

  25. sesame says:

    Hey Angie: I checked with Marie-Veronique about their vitamin E and here’s what they said:

    “We use natural (mixed tocopherols) Vitamin E, not Vitamin E acetate (which is a synthetic), about which there is some concern regarding contamination as mentioned on EWG. No such contamination concerns exist with natural Vitamin E.

  26. Angie says:

    Sesame, thanks for checking about the hydroquinone contaminattion with MV. I feel better about MV sunblock now.
    Sesame, you may be able to help me with this. I have a question about sunblocks with zinc oxide (or zinc oxide and titanium oxide). As far as I know, they are considered physical sunblocks. I wonder if we need to re-apply sunblocks with zinc oxide often. I keep reading contradictory information. Thanks a lot!

  27. sesame says:

    You’re welcome Angie!

    For sunblocks with zinc oxide, you still need to re-apply them often if you’re under the sun for a prolonged period of time.

  28. Angie says:

    Thanks Sesame! I guess if I’m indoors I don’t need to re-aply a sunblock, right?
    Correctly if i’m wrong (sitll learning about sun protection). The main reason for reapplying sunblock/sunscreen when one is outdoors on a sunny day is because the UVB rays break down the ingredients such zinc oxide, titanium, etc.

  29. sesame says:

    Even if you’re indoors, there will be exposure to UV rays cos of the windows, etc so better to wear a moisturizer with SPF15.

  30. Kathleen Burgess says:

    I’ve used Marie Veronique Creme de Jour Tinted several times. It seems to protect from the sun but has a couple of drawbacks. I reapply sunscreen while hiking and will not take a heavy glass bottle hiking (breakage and weight). It’s also very hard to remove — I have to scrub my face at least a couple of times before using my usual facial cleanser. Is this typical for zinc oxide based sunscreens?

  31. sesame says:

    Yes, if you apply a lot, chances are, you need to cleanse twice or more because zinc oxide tends to stay on the top of our skin to provide physical protection. I suggest the next time you might want to try removing with an oil cleanser or makeup remover first, then cleanse. That way, you won’t have to scrub your face too hard.

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