DIY Beauty: mood lifting lavender tea foot soak

lavender tea foot soak

For those who like to pamper your feet, you can try some variations of DIY foot soak in the comfort of your home.  Earlier in the year, I shared an Epsom foot soak & scrub recipe and this time, I’m going to share another foot soak recipe using lavender tea leaves. 

Great for soothing tired feet and lifting spirits
This foot soak is fabulous in soothing tired feet and also lifting your spirits because of the lovely lavender scent.  In fact, if you’re one who like to steam your face sometimes, you can first use the lavender tea leaves to make a homemade tea leaves facial steam and then recycle the contents for your foot soak.  Double the benefits!

Add Epsom salt for tired feet
There is nothing much in terms of the recipe except that you need to find a tub large enough to contain your feet.  Steep the lavender tea leaves in boiling hot water first and then add into your tub before mixing with some cool water prior to soaking your feet.  You may like to add some Epsom salt if your feet is very tired from long hours of standing or walking but otherwise, the lavender tea leaves foot soak is nice enough.  There is no need to add other essential oils if you put in enough tea leaves.

Options to use other tea leaves
Okay, using the tea leaves is somewhat extravagant but I don’t do this often.  I don’t like drinking lavender tea but I received the pot of tea leaves as a door gift.  Instead of letting it go to waste, I might as well just put it to some good use.   Besides lavender, you can add other types of tea leaves according to your fancy.  In fact, you can even keep a couple of tea bags which you’ve used to steep your cup of tea for this purpose.  There is also the option of using Chinese tea leaves.

Well, just get creative and have fun!


  1. prettybeautiful says:

    did i see rose buds in them too? ?
    i just look at my feet..the heels are dry ? i completely have neglected them.

  2. Peapot says:

    Hi Sesame,

    Ya me too! The heels are always forgotten.

    I m just too lazy to soak my feet but your idea sounds fun and I may just try them when I revising for my exams..Ha…I don’t like lavender tea leaves too. Felt like drinking soap or something.

  3. Blovet Beauty says:

    that looks so good and relaxing!! i want that too!!

  4. sesame says:

    Yes, I added for photo effects! Hehe…it’ll actually make a nice soak too but I don’t have that many and I do drink tea from it.

  5. sesame says:

    Ya, it’s funny we use our feet so much but it’s the least taken care of. I guess the excuse is, it’s right at the bottom. :p

  6. sesame says:

    Try it if you get the chance. Foot soak is very soothing and this one is nice cos of the lavender fragrance.

  7. Robin says:

    This is a wonderful DIY recipe that I will definitely try. I am on my feet for many hours each day and until recently, I was torturing my feet in uncomfortable shoes. I had to soak my feet too but I just used some peppermint oil. I love the idea of using the lavender tea leaves, but I you can also use lavender oil too. I am getting more into DIY beauty as I just tried my own deodorant recipe, which I wrote about on my blog (still tweaking it though!) Thanks for the recipe!

  8. sesame says:

    Yes, peppermint is nice. It should make our feet feel more refreshing. Hey, I want to check out your deodorant recipe…I’ll go in and check later. I’ve been using baking soda with tea tree essential oil and geranium essential oil mixed with water and it works very well. However, I want to make a deodorant stick as it’s too time consuming to make it daily.

  9. Amy says:

    Erm so u jus add the lavender tea leaves in a tub of water.. that’s all?

  10. sesame says:

    Yes, just steep the lavender tea leaves first and then add in cool water so that your feet will feel more comfortable.

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