Viva Challenge: tone up your butt and thighs

Okay ladies, I need a lot of motivation here and maybe some community spirit is going to get me going. I need to tone up my buttocks, which are way too flabby! I had meant to do the frog squats but never really got round to it. They’re the easiest but yeah, blame it on my lazy arse. Anyway, I found this touch and go squatting exercise using a chair and I thought it looks easier.

But those who have tried squatting exercises know they aren’t the easiest. It takes some persistence. Another seemingly easier exercise to firm up the butt and tone up the thighs is to swing one of your legs up from the back towards your buttocks while standing. Do about 20 and repeat the same for the other leg. I saw this demo by Dee Hsu on one of her programs and it looked really easy but again, I could never moved my butt to do it.

So would you take up this challenge to help inspire me? I really need some positive encouragements to get squatting.

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  1. Jyoan says:

    It gets really easy by the day! =) The thing about squats is that you have to go down to 90 degrees, and without someone to look at me, I used my computer chair and table as gauge initially. Now I do it in front of a mirror without aid, because I still feel the need to check posture. Keep at it for 2 weeks, exercises normally yield a bit of results by then. Then you will be motivated to go for 1 month etc. =)

  2. sesame says:

    I tried going down all the way like the 2nd set she did in the video but boy, it’s tiring! I agree with your about exercises – must keep at it. It took me awhile to rebound for 1/2 hour daily. Geez…I hope I can get started on this one and keep at it! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. pf1123 says:

    What works for me is to sign up a gym membership. Hahaha…spend money and definately will wanna go to make it worth while. ?

  4. OR says:

    I quit my job and have been staying at home a lot lately. And yes, I have put on some weight….. I am going to try this exercise and get back into my jeans!

  5. christina chan says:

    going to start my own exercise regime for toning butt and thighs too, too loose and saggy. lets motivate each other!
    which country r u from?

  6. Hazel says:

    Hi Sesame,

    I make it a point to do at least 3 sets of 30 squats daily. For me, it does not have to be done at one go. I try to do 1 set, when i’m waiting for my laptop to start up, waiting for the water to boil or during commercials. This method is by no means considered a form of exercise, but it does tone up the thighs and bum :p works like a maintenance thing.

    Check out another form of exercise – Tabata when u’re online. It may look easy, but it’s a really mean workout.

    Tabata bottom to bottom squat

    I lost a lot of my pregnancy weight doing squats, crunches, star jumps using the Tabata method. Maybe u can incorporate into your viva challenge.

    I’ll be thinking of you when i do my squats!!

  7. Hazel says:

    on second thoughts, i think u mentioned that u’re slim enough… so a full tabata workout may not be ideal. (“,)

  8. Soos says:

    I do a few squats while waiting for my husband for our nightly neighborhood walk.

  9. Alison says:

    Squats are great for toning your upper legs! You will gain muscle, while losing fat. Who doesn’t want that? And I just love to feel the burn in my thighs, but I guess that’s just me ?

  10. yay says:

    i go to gym just to exercise… i recently notice on my thigh i somehow get stretch mark… yike! i’m thinking because of exercise.. it just starting to develop…

  11. sesame says:

    That worked for me initially but not after awhile so I was happy that the membership expired.

  12. sesame says:

    It’ll be nice to get a good fit!

  13. sesame says:

    I’m from Singapore. ?

  14. sesame says:

    I like the idea of doing while waiting! I must get started on this one first before I can check out anything else. If Tabata is challenging, I’ll most probably not want to do it.

  15. sesame says:

    That’s great…I like the idea of optimizing time!

  16. sesame says:

    I get more of an aching feeling…can’t say I love them.

  17. sesame says:

    Stretch marks? That might happen if the thighs have expanded and then contract.

  18. Dee says:

    Ohh, I need to start getting fit too! I gained muscle while playing soccer in school, but now that I’m out, I’ve gotten lazy. I need to firm everything up! Good luck Sesame!

  19. N. says:

    I’m so so lazy. But I need to loose weight and I guess I better start squatting!
    You can do it ?

  20. stiffedneck says:

    I just started doing yoga, and some of the poses are so challenging. I decided to try yoga because I need some form of excersize, yet I’m too lazy to work out. And I’m glad I did. Some day it’s more about relaxation and breathing, some day it’s more about strengthening and balance. So maybe I guess you can look up for some poses on youtube that’re easy enough to do?

  21. sesame says:

    Thanks Dee! I want to get started on this tomorrow! ?

  22. sesame says:

    Yes, I think so. I’m very inspired after reading all your comments. I love that other ladies are already doing these squats and benefiting from them. I want to model after them! ?

  23. Jyoan says:

    How was it yesterday?

  24. sesame says:

    You mean the squats? I didn’t do them yesterday. Going to start on them this weekend.

  25. Marianne says:

    You can do it girl…and just think about the Huge satisfaction you’re going to have admiring your nice buttocks and legs afterwards :-). I do them as part of my exercise routine. You may want ot check they have all kinds of great exercise tapes. Also if 30 min is too tiring, start with 10min and then progress as you get more comfortable with it. Good luck :).

  26. chenyze says:

    uh climb stairs instead?

  27. Mika chan says:

    This post is right on time for me! I’ve just started exercising to get back into shape, and I need simple things I can do here and there while I’m at work. Thank you!

  28. sesame says:

    Thanks Marianne! I will check out the site your mentioned. I’m all hyped up to start this exercise routine from tomorrow! ?

  29. sesame says:

    That helps the thigh for sure but will it tone the butt?

  30. sesame says:

    Great…hope we’ll persist in this routine!

  31. Argie says:

    Squats are comfortable rather than other workouts. It is less muscle aches! Thanks for your blog. It help me to add some routines in my list. I’m working it out to lose some weight.
    Argie last post is: stretch marks on thighs

  32. Sesame says:

    Oh I find squats tedious too. ? But glad some of these info are helping you with your routines. ?

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