Good hair days: tips from Total Beauty

I may write more articles about skin care but I’m actually most particular about my hair. I am always striving to have good-hair-days; hair that stays in place and won’t fall flat on my head. I believe some of you are like me. If you are, you might want to take this quiz over at Total Beauty with answers to keep you on the good-hair-day track for good. The quiz promotes some hair products from Pantene, but if you ignore that pitch, you can still learn something new about your hair.

Take quiz

Oh, and I think my hair has a life of its own; its got eyes and ears that are spying on me. Sounds bizarre? Well, I swear my hair always look really nice when I’ve made the appointment to visit my hairstylist; it’ll be on its best behavior with the right volume and nothing will stick out despite looking like a broomstick days before. Some inexplicable neurons? I seriously wonder!


  1. Vinay says:

    My wife has the same hair style what you spoke about. Guess many have it.

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