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If you like Korean skincare and makeup products, or you like using BB cream, then this shop feature on is definitely going to interest you. The company offers some of these popular Korean skincare and beauty products but the chief reason why I’m covering them is because the company is the exclusive distributor for Ecobeau Specialist Skincare – a natural series from Korea that is said to be made from botanical extract and contains no alcohol, no preservatives and no parabens. While I haven’t tried the range as yet, but I thought the products deserve some highlight here. Plus, TheOrangeCo is generously giving away some of the products to three lucky Viva Woman readers. Keen to know more? Read till the end to find out!

Good variety of different products at affordable prices carries eight different brands and product lines ranging from dermatological labels, anti-aging series to whitening regime – all direct from Korea. I was told that their best sellers are from Ecobeau, Dr Jart, Deoproce, and Coenzyme Q10. When asked what’s their unique selling point, the company mentioned “specialist skincare at affordable prices, formulated for the most sensitive skin”. And as for their competitive edge, the company indicated that it is their great variety of products offered at a lower price of between 30 and 75 percent cheaper than those on the retail shelves. It also looks like the company puts in extra effort to maintain a good customer service so as to keep their customers happy and returning for more.

Ecobeau botanical range
Ecobeau is a natural line formulated by Professor Choi from Kwangwoon University (Korea) and co-developed with University of Toledo (Ohio) specially for Asian skin types. The products containing herbal and botanical extracts are also said to be suitable for sensitive and acne prone skin. In Korea, the series is primarily offered through specialist skin centers and spas. Apparently, had to turn down several invitations to offer the range in department stores as they would like to keep their prices affordable by selling them online. I understand that the Ecobeau Loess Cleanser and Loess Nutrtive Mask are their top sellers. The BB creams under Ecobeau are also rather popular as they’re naturally formulated and do not contain silicones; maybe that’s something I will try as I haven’t used any commercially available BB cream till now.

Giveaway for local readers
So, as promised earlier, three lucky Singapore readers will be getting a gift! is giving away three sets of travel kit worth S$30 each containing the following items:
– 1x Ecobeau Loess Cleanser (30ml)
– 1x Ecobeau BB Cream Plus (New! Sebum Control) (5ml)
– 1x Ecobeau Nutritive Loess Mask (10ml)

To enter in this giveaway, just answer the following two questions in the comments section:
1. Name one of the latest product introduced by Ecobeau.
2. Tell us why are you best person to receive the gift.

Other guidelines to note are – each Singapore-based reader is allowed one entry only; please provide a valid email address and the item is not redeemable for cash. The giveaway will be opened till 12 midnight SST on 25 July 10 and winners will be selected by and notified via email.  So enter right away!


  1. Christine says:

    Sorry where do i send the contest to which email address?

  2. youngorgeous says:

    1. Name one of the latest product introduced by Ecobeau

    Ecobeau Loess Cleanser

    2. Tell us why are you best person to receive the gift

    I am tired of reading ‘hype-up’ reviews on products that claim to be natural; free of chemicals and mineral oils and alcohol and yet when you go through the ingredient list, there are definitely chemicals that we should avoid at all cost in the products.

    I’m a fuss free and short of time type of person in the morning and the EcoBeau products seems to be the perfect ‘apply and ready to go’ kinda range!

  3. youngorgeous says:

    I reckon you just post your answer in the comment box =)

  4. sesame says:

    Yes, just write your answer in the comments section here.

  5. Irene says:

    10 years of arduous teaching,
    1 pampering travel kit for a much-needed getaway!

  6. Irene says:

    And the product: Ecobeau Whitening Dark Spot Serum


  7. MC says:

    1) Ecobeau BB Cream Plus (Sebum Control)
    2) I love natural skincare products and believe that nature has the best gifts to nurture our whole being, if we learn to treasure these gifts. And Koreans really know their stuff when it comes to skincare!

  8. Altessa says:

    1. EcoBeau Nutritive Loess Msk

    2. I’m really glad to see EcoBeau on the market, and that more brands are coming out with natural skincare that is both affordable and accessible. I hope this trend will continue! As consumers we should NOT stand for cosmetic companies who pump our skincare with artificial chemicals that do harm to our skin in the long run. Therefore I would really love to try out EcoBeau’s products and support them!

  9. heather says:

    1) Ecobeau BB Cream Plus (New! Sebum Control)

    2) I’m a fan of natural skincare products and I believe Ecobeau has what it takes to make my skin radiant and beautiful!

  10. Zache says:

    1. Ecobeau bb cream plus

    2. As i have really sensitive skin and oil skin. It’s limits me to the products I am able to use in the general market.It’s really hard to find a suitable product for me. Some organic products even breaks me out. But i have gotten a small sachet of ecobeau cleanser , and it felt amazing on my skin. No irritation and leaves a clean feeling without removing natural oils.

  11. chenyze says:

    1. Ecobeau BB Cream Plus

    2. I’m really in need of a new affordable and truly natural product line! so many other brands claim to be natural and it’s quite a let down when you actually read through the ingredients list. plus their commitment towards delivering specialist-quality skincare for sensitive skin (ME!) at affordable prices (shunning marked up prices at departmental stores) is just way cool!

  12. Nicole says:

    1. Ecobeau BB Cream Plus (New! Sebum Control)

    2. Recently the condition of my face changes drastically (im now easily prone to clog pores and pimples which i dont have these problems in the past at all) and that limits my choice of skincare. I have been searching high and low for skincare that has no harsh chemcial ingredients. I believe EcoBeau series will be suitable for me because: There are Natural Ingredients, No Alcohol, No Preservatives, No Parabens.

  13. kaiping says:

    1. EcoBeau BB Cream Plus (New! Sebum Control)

    2. I have been searching for a new skincare range that suits my sensitive and acne-prone skin. Since EcoBeau products are naturally formulated, I don’t need to worry about having allergic reactions to preservatives and parabens that are found in most skincare products.

    EcoBeau products meet my needs exactly! Being gentle enough to cleanse my sensitive skin yet I can use the acne-range to clear up my acne due to allergic reactions. I am really interested to give EcoBeau a try!

  14. Tarandip says:

    1) Ecobeau BB Cream Plus
    2) Being a young student, I have only just realised the horrors of chemicals in our everyday cleansers,toners,serums.
    So much so that I am aiming to save money and invest on good ORGANIC skin care items. I definitely want to start going organic now as I feel its best to start when one is young. I do hope to try this range and fall in love with it!

  15. florence says:

    1.EcoBeau BB Cream Plus (New,Sebum Control)

    2. I always used organic & natural skin care products, but never use natural BB cream before & is curoius how it can make my skin looks better with all those good ingredients ?

  16. yay says:

    Why is only for SG readers? =(

  17. kiwi says:

    1. Ecobeau BB Cream Plus (New Improved!)

    2. I’ve not been daring to put any make up on my face (BB cream included) after I’ve gotten eczema on my face. Now even though I need some make up to conceal my dark eye circles etc etc, I cannot do it without being apprehensive of what the make up product would do to my face!

    So of course, as Ecobeau is an all natural skincare product, I would like to try it. (As I believe that natural skincare products wouldn’t be so irritating to the skin as chemical products, so it stands a better chance of me not being allergic to it.) If I don’t have any allergic reactions to any of the ingredients, then I would be able to conceal my flaws on my face!

  18. sesame says:

    Sorry…cos the shipping can be quite costly. But I’m planning another VivaBella giveaway soon so there’ll be something there. ?

  19. Renz says:

    1. Name one of the latest product introduced by Ecobeau.

    Ecobeau BB cream PLUS

    2. Tell us why are you best person to receive the gift.

    When I was pregnant, one of my concerns was to use natural skincare products, as lotions/creams we put on our skin will be absorb into our body. And I wish to reduce as much chemicals that enters. However as during pregnancy, our hormones tend to go crazy, causing my skin to act up.

    Hence its pretty hard to balance with not using any over the counter products and using them. I’m planning for another one, and would like to start taking care of my body and my skin at the same time asap. Thus I’m hoping to try out this range of products which is priced reasonably (most natural skincare products are pretty expensive)

  20. Jacy says:

    1.Ecobeau BB Cream Plus (New! Sebum Control)
    2.I’m still schooling now and at the same time battling with woes of puberty- ACNE! I’ve been on a hunt for skincare products that is suitable for my combi skintype since foreverrrrr. Alas, my ‘investments’ have to come out of my own allowance ROAR.

    I’m not going to pretend that I’m not begging (HAHA) but i really wanna give Ecobeauty a try and see if it can combat my acne, lighten any scars, give me a glowy complexion and allow me to regain self-esteem and confidence! LOL is that too much to ask for? Really AHMAZING since it comes in travel size so i get to have a trial before deciding if i should pay for retail sized pdts.

    SHOUTOUT HERE: Please pickkk MEE ?

    Cheers <3

  21. izzy says:

    Ecobeau BB Cream Plus

    I’ve always been on the lookout for products specially formulated for Asian skin. I understand that our skin is very prone so hyperpigmentation through scars, pimples, sun exposure so I’ve always been searching for the perfect products. I know that Shiseido is for Asian skin but heard it doesn’t work as well with Canadian weather. Hopefully Ecobeau does!

  22. zzzmadison says:

    1. Ecobeau BB Cream Plus (New! Sebum Control)

    2. i’ve been wanting to switch to natural skincare ever since i became a reader of however, haven’t really tried out any as my skin is acne-prone and sensitive. Ecobeau sounds like a good one to start with!

  23. Grace says:

    1) EcoBeau BB Cream Plus (New Sebum Control)

    2) It’s so rare to not only find beauty products that specialize toward Asian skin, but that are also environmentally conscious. Thanks!

  24. Keidi says:

    1) Ecobeau BB Cream Plus (New! Sebum Control)

    2) I have always truly believed in taking care of our well-being holistically by eating right, being happy, and to combat aging by treating our skin with the purest and most natural ingredients and goodies. BB Creams have been so popular in recent years. Seeing a all-natural BB cream in the market is really rare. Having come across Ecobeau, which is 100% natural, preservative and alcohol free, this could be the point where I would look no more for that perfect BB cream!

  25. fwy says:

    1) Ecobeau BB Cream Plus (Sebum Control)

    2) I’ve been trying out some BB creams form Korean Brands for quite some time but could not find one that does not irritate my skin. I am also keen to try out Korean brand of skincare but am told that those commercial brands are trash & good ones are found in reputable clinics in Korea itself.

  26. zainab says:

    1-Eco beau loess cleanser
    2-I’m actually acne prone,I’m nt even sure if I ll be considered for the giveaway,cos I’m a Nigerian. I receive your mails everyday frm viva woman and I’m glad I subscribed. I ll really be grateful if I’m considered.Thanks!

  27. sesame says:

    Hi Zainab:

    Thanks for participating but sorry, but this giveaway is for Singapore readers only. Do keep a look out for another one I’m organizing soon. That’ll be open for all.

  28. Bling says:

    1) Ecobeau Loess Water Cleanser

    2) I have been battling with adult acne these 2 years and still trying to find a suitable skincare that will not irritate my acne prone but dehydrated skin. Reading Viva Woman helps me to understand the importance of scrutinising the ingredients in skincare products. Given that Ecobeau is a natural product that is free from synthetic preservatives, hope its natural ingredients will improve my skin condition.

  29. SL says:

    1) Ecobeau BB cream PLUS

    2) I am currently pregnant and am concern about using products that might have harmful chemicals that penetrate into my skin. I would be glad if i can try out Ecobeau’s products which is 100% natural, so that I can have GLOWING beautiful skin while GROWING a beautiful baby. ?

    Thank you.

  30. Tan Sin Cheow says:

    1. Ecobeau BB Cream Plus (New Improved)

    2. I have sensitive skin and big pore problem. BB Cream is one of the item always inside my bag. Looking forward to try this natural BBQ and share with my gals.

    Thank you.

  31. ZHENLING says:

    EcoBeau BB Cream Plus (New! Sebum Control)
    this sounds like it was made just for me! i have sensitive and acne prone skin!!

  32. Kate says:

    Hmmm, the Ecobeau BB cream contain oxybenzone? I thought ozybenzone is a photosensitizer?

  33. sesame says:

    It’s said to be and could be a concern. But the BB cream has titanium dioxide and zinc oxide too so perhaps those can prevent the photosensitizing. Most BB cream contain a whole lot of ingredients including chemical based ones…this is probably one of the few with a shorter list. I have been hesistant about using BB cream because of that reason but I may just test this one out.

  34. Eunice says:

    1. EcoBeau BB Cream Plus (New Sebum Control)
    2. I’ve been affected by acne for 6 years and my skin just gets redder, blotchy and more sensitive. I am switching to organic facial product and am looking for an effective (and pocket friendly) product range. I think I NEED ecobeau.

  35. Noresa says:

    I would like to try Ecobeau Nutritive Loess Mask. My job requires me to travel frequently. Due to the humidity in the airplane, my skin does not look radiant. Things get worse if I had to attend meeting after touchdown. I am not really a fan of korean skincare brands. But lately, I am amaze by the skincare of the korean actress in the movies. Hence, I hope to have a chance to ty your Ecobeau Nutritive Loess Mask

  36. Nurdyana Lim says:

    1. Name one of the latest product introduced by Ecobeau.

    – Ecobeau Loess Cleanser

    2. Tell us why are you best person to receive the gift.
    – There’s so many hype about natural & organic skincare but when you look carefully at the ingredients, I’m still doubtful about them. For Ecobeau, they seem to really use natural ingradients & I would really like to try it for my sensitive skin.


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