Lenovo What’s Your Idea of Fun Giveaway Series 1

Isn’t this red Lenovo U160 Ideapad just too beautiful? The red reminds me of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer – all bright and shiny – especially when lights are shone on it! Well, this thin and light mini notebook with an 11.6” LED HD widescreen display measures 290 x 22.5 x 190 mm and is absolutely slim enough to fit into your handbag! It won’t be retailing in Singapore but guess what? ONE OF YOU IS GOING TO RECEIVE THIS AS A GIFT THIS CHRISTMAS! Do I hear shouts of YAY already?

Joint collaboration with Lenovo
This is a joint collaboration between Lenovo and Viva Woman as part of Lenovo’s “What’s Your Idea of Fun” campaign. As the title of this entry indicates, this is a series and that means, there is more than one prize! Some of the prizes are exclusively designed for Viva Woman readers and the grand prize to the series is this beautiful, red hot looking Lenovo U160. In fact, the notebook is already with me. *BIG GRIN with teeth and lines around the eyes showing* If you want this beautiful Lenovo U160 for keeps, then you need to follow this giveaway series REAL CLOSE.

Lenovo “What’s Your Idea Of Fun” campaign
This is a global campaign designed by Lenovo to make computing all fun and enjoyable. In fact, you can learn more about Lenovo’s line of computers and laptops on the What’s Your Idea of Fun website. Today, I’m giving away 20 bag hangers just for Viva Woman readers! Read the guidelines to enter the giveaway below but for a start, you may like to LIKE both the Lenovo and Viva Woman Facebook pages because this is going to give you more chances to win the Lenovo U160 later! I will also be dropping hints regarding the final giveaway on my Facebook page. So start clicking on the Like Buttons below now!

Viva Woman and Lenovo Bag Hangers Giveaway
For this week, 20 of you are going to receive one bag hanger you see here. Since we’ve had a blast with my fairy tale posts, I thought it’ll be fun to carry on with that theme for this series of giveaways. So to enter in this giveaway, just tell me in the comments section:

Who is your favorite fairy tale character and how do you think he or she should have fun this X’mas?

Guidelines to note – this is open to Singapore readers only and each Singapore-based reader is allowed one entry only. Please provide your name and valid email address. The giveaway will be opened till 12 midnight SST on 9 December and winners will be selected and notified via email. Results will be posted on my Facebook page.

Enter now for more chances later
Because this giveaway is a series and that means, all participants in today’s giveaway will receive additional chances to win the grand prize of Lenovo U160 Ideapad. *wink* Just make sure you enter using the same name and email address for all the series!


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  1. pf1123 says:

    Who is your favorite fairy tale character and how do you think he or she should have fun this X’mas?

    I think my favorite this season is Rapunzel. Hahahaha…..she should have fun by letting her hair down!!! lol.

    Alright, this is cheesy. I know. ?

  2. Audris says:

    My favourite character is The Little Mermaid.

    She can have a great Xmas by having several of her dreams come true. At a ball with music and dance with her Prince, surrounded by a moat of seawater, where her family can partake in the festivities too.

  3. wing yun says:

    Who is your favorite fairy tale character and how do you think he or she should have fun this X’mas?

    My favorite fairy tale character is Snow White. She should have fun by ditching her Prince and partying with less chaste men #k8SjZc9Dxk_#k8SjZc9Dxk

  4. Rachel says:

    My Fav fairy tale character is “Peter Pan”.

    “Peter Pan” and his fairies flying along Orchard Road enjoying the Christmas light up. And as they flies, they would sprinkle thier fairy dust, it would be a wonderful experience.

  5. Shu Wei says:

    My favourite character is Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

    Belle loves reading, so she would be heading down to our National Library to borrow loads of books so that she can spend her Christmas holiday having lots of imaginative fun while reading!

  6. JT says:

    Snow white and perhaps she could head down to Orchard with her Seven Dwarfs for an overall makeover and make her the most stunning belle at the X’mas party!

  7. Brownies says:

    My favourite character is Jasmine from Aladdin. She should steal out of the palace and travel around the world on the magic carpet for her X’mas

  8. Kwan Sau Chun says:

    My favourite character is little red ridding hood.

    She can go around Singapore shopping malls taking pictures of all the beautiful christmas trees, not forgetting the tallest christmas tree in Resorts World.

    No worries of the big bad wolf, Singapore is a very safe place! ?

  9. fwy says:

    Jorinde and Joringel. They could throw a party for themselves and all the animals in the forest as the old witch can no longer bewitch anyone.

  10. derek yee says:

    My favourite character is mickey mouse.

    He can indulge in shopping and dining with Minnie during this X’mas.

  11. Soos says:

    OK, I can’t enter this contest, but I can tell ya I like this scenario, as I’m a librarian!

  12. Soos says:


  13. Soos says:


  14. Tin Tin says:

    My favourite character is Little Match Girl.

    She had a sad ending in the story, and could only dream of Christmas tree and feasts in the coldness. Poor thing! I hope that her fate could be reversed, and she could enjoy the warmth of Christmas,see the beautiful lightings, have a nice Christmas feats, and most importantly, be reunited with her Grandmother! =)

  15. Su says:

    My favourite character is Goldilocks.

    Since Goldilocks like to go for walks, she can explore all the shopping malls to dine with friends and buy nice clothes. When she is tired from all that shopping, she will find a chair to rest her legs. A chair that is not too big or small but just right.

    She can take her own sweet time as there are no bears in Singapore to run into.

  16. YM Chai says:

    My favourite fairy tale character will be Cinderalla. For this Xmas, she should not waste time waiting for the prince to let her try the glass slipper! Neither should she stay at home and do the housework! She should just go out for late night shopping (whocares about the twelve o’clock curfew) at Orchard Road to find a new and more beautiful slipper for this Xmas! Who knows, she might even meet a more handsome and richer prince there ? Hahaha ! Maybe …. Prince Harry ? Since Prince William is getting married : P

  17. kiwi says:

    Little Match Girl!

    She should sail over to Singapore so that it won’t be freezing cold for her, thus she doesn’t need to sell matches!

  18. Sharon says:

    Awww…I got so excited abt the amazing giveaway and its only for singapore readers :((

    Anyway best of luc to every1 who enters ?

  19. Lai Zheng Wei says:

    My favourite character is Aladdin.

    Imagine those sand that aladdin alway see become snow! Riding the magic carpet with princess jasmine and head to town to celebrate with everyone else! With Aladdin’s Genie help, every children will have their gifts granted. Seeing everyone happy will definately make aladdin and friends happier!

  20. Di says:

    My Favorite character is Ariel of The Little Mermaid.

    She can enjoy Christmas by having a Christams party Under the Sea with all the creatures there! ? And oh, of course, she can also have fun in her treasure trove! ?

  21. chenyze says:

    Jasmine from Aladdin because she’s one of the more feisty characters!

    She’s probably been just about everywhere above land, but she should totally consider a stay at the Poseidon Undersea Resort! The magic carpet can take a rest while she explores the underwater world in a Triton submarine that comes with her stay at the resort (=

  22. Shimin says:

    My favorite character is the little match girl!

    I hope I can help her out by fetching her to Singapore and let her join the Christmas party with my family ( I think she will wish that she’s got a nice, warming family), sharing christmas gifts with her and let her stay here so she won’t need to endure all the hardship anymore.

  23. tt says:

    my favorite character is Rapunzel!

    she should have fun this Xmas by getting a new hair cut and enjoying all our festive lights and shopping! Hanging out in a tower all day can be boring!

  24. Sueann says:

    My favourite character is the mermaid (Not Ariel from The Little Mermaid). She had a sad ending where she turned into bubbles.
    So I hoped she will be able to reunited with her family this christmas and have fun celebrating christmas either on land (if possible!) or under the sea! ?

  25. Miss Vinny says:


    Her hair must be really messy and full of split-ends and so on! I’d take her out to town and let her have a fun time: different type of eateries(Chinese, Malay, Indian, etc.) and also to a hair salon for a full treatment. =P Plus, I’d get her matching outfits to go with her hair and also, chocolates! ?

    Would give the prince an equivalent makeover too: riding on horseback and running around trying to find a tower, must be tiring.

  26. Miss Vinny says:

    I think he’d need a good foot massage and some yummy sugar-free iced tea. ?

  27. Sandyoh says:

    Favorite fairy tale character is Sleeping Beauty. I hope she can stay awake for X’mas and have fun with her prince.

  28. jayie says:

    I like robin hood! hope he and Marian will have a merry merry Xmas together!!!

  29. April Rose Ann Kwong says:

    Who is your favorite fairy tale character and how do you think he or she should have fun this X’mas?

    My favorite fairy character would be Snow White, I think Snow White would had fun by hanging out with her 7 dwarfs friends and with his prince in his kingdom and enjoys the snow (since her name is Snow White). As a prince she will share her blessings to the needy around the world ?

  30. hippo says:

    Does Goldilocks count? I would like to celebrate this X’mas as Goldilocks and go through her experience of visiting the three bears’ home. I want to eat their porridge. :p

  31. Renz says:

    I feel like saying Fiona from Shrek..but then she isn’t a fairy tale character…lol.

    Mine is Jasmine from Aladdin, she should grab the flying carpet and fly to the north pole, help Santa distribute the presents to all the nice children and be back in time for Mrs Santa’s cookies and hot chocolate!

  32. Natalie Kismet says:

    Who is your favorite fairy tale character and how do you think he or she should have fun this X’mas?

    Stitch! Erm, he’s already having fun everyday! Surfing, suntan but maybe he should go Zouk out! LoL

  33. Danielle Sierra says:


    she should have fun this Xmas moving from her tower to shaw towers and shop at orchard road! There’s so many beautiful xmas trees!

  34. marcus nicholas says:

    Sebastian the crab from Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Instead of being a co star, he should have a xmas movie on his own and throw a xmas party masquerade ball for 12 days under the sea. Do something like the lead singer like Burlesque’s christina. His voice is good! Under the sea! Oh yay!

  35. Natalie Kismet says:

    Oh wait, Stitch doesnt count as a fairy tale character, does he? I would say it’s Cinderella. She should held a grand ball dance and dance til xmas with her prince without fear of losing her glass slippers or her evil step sisters and mum.

  36. chrisonance says:

    Jack and The Beanstalk. Jack should be given a break from climbing the beanstalk. Climb xmas trees for a change at vivo city and hang those beautiful decos and enjoy the view of Sentosa and the sea breeze at the top!

  37. Vivian Sia says:

    My Favorite character is Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

    Since she has become a princess on land, she should organise a party at Equarius Water Park, Resorts World at Sentosa for both her families and friends on land and under the sea!

  38. Zora says:

    My all time favourite is Cinderalla and perhaps she will have fun to shop her heart for more glass slippers!

  39. Margie says:

    My favorite fairy tale character is Sleeping Beauty…

    She should be part of the Twilight Movie, having slept for 100 years isn’t fun at all. Spending time with Edward Cullen would be fun!

    “The lion fell inlove with a princess”.

  40. Violet says:

    My favourite fairy tale character is Cinderella.

    She should party through Christmas night with her charming knight and ignore the 12am spell.

  41. Nurul says:

    My favourite character is the beast from Beauty and the Beast.

    Beast can remain a beast, and celebrate his beauty from within. This Xmas, he shall celebrate by spending quality time with his loved ones, pampering them in spa retreats. That should help his fur remain smooth and fluffy.

  42. Siew Koon says:

    My favourite fairy tale character is Snow White.

    She should celebrate Christmas by holding a party with the seven dwarves and the forest animals in the little cottage.

  43. karon says:

    My favourite character is little red ridding hood.

    She can wonder all around singapore . One city that street light always bright. she will never get lost or afraid of the big bad wolf again. She can experience Christmas not only just shopping ,also entertaining joyous celebrations for all the good things in life.

  44. Cindy says:

    My favorite fairy tale character is Cinderella. I would love for her to have fun by shopping for all the beautiful dresses, bags, shoes etc till the late hours and then party the night away in her Glass Slipper!

  45. Christina YY says:

    I love Ariel(The Little Mermaid)! She should have fun this Christmas by spending a romantic night cum dinner with her Prince at the Singapore Flyer!

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