Share: do you decant your beauty products?

I know most people probably decant their beauty products into smaller bottles or jars when they travel. But other than for traveling purposes, do you decant your skin care products into smaller containers for daily usage? I do that a lot with the DIY ingredients because I usually like to keep them as fresh as possible so I usually decant my hydrosols or aloe vera for example, into smaller bottles while the big jars stay into the fridge. I also like to decant some of the essential oils I get from Garden of Wisdom into smaller bottles for convenience.

Decanting from open jars
As for my creams, I usually leave them in the original bottles unless they come in an open jar. Open jars aren’t the best of packaging when it comes to preserving the quality of a product and so to retain as much of the potency of the product as possible, I’ll decant some of the product into a smaller jar for daily usage. It’s a bit of a chore really and so I usually avoid purchasing products in open jars unless they are just masks that I use once or twice a week.

Where to get small empty containers
For decanting purposes, I sometimes purchase emtpy bottles. You can get them easily such as at Watsons, Sasa and Muji. I also like to recycle those small sample bottles and in the past, I’ll take home the toiletries from the hotels as those come in sizes just are great for decanting purposes. My current favorites are these empty bottles that I receive as samples from Marie Veronique Organics, which I find them rather useful to decant my oils. I also like those small containers used by Everyday Minerals for their samples as those are great for decanting creams or even lotions.

So what about you? Are you in the habit of decanting your skin care products or even your makeup? What do you decant?


  1. Paris B says:

    Err… nope. I like my products in their original jars. Even when I travel ?

  2. sesame says:

    Not even for shampoos? I’ll decant shampoos cos they’re so big to lug around. I usually also just bring the original bottles unless they’re really too big. Not too bad for short trips.

  3. AtelierGal says:

    I don’t, because they will only take up more space. However I may want to transfer some of the SK-II FTE to an empty container to minimize the product exposure to air. I personally don’t mind the yeast smell but sometimes when my hormones might disagree on sensitive days ?

  4. sesame says:

    True true…they do take up space. But with the ingredients I purchase, I have to put them in the fridge or they’ll turn bad easily. So not too much of a choice. With commercial products, I prefer to use them as they are.

    Anyway, have been reading so much about SK-II stuff…they really sound good based on the reviews I’ve read.

  5. AtelierGal says:

    The facial experience was EVEN BETTER ?

  6. Sue says:

    the only thing I decant is my toner. I find that it last longer when I decant it to a spray bottle:D

  7. sesame says:

    Oh yes, especially if the toner is a big bottle. Beats the cumbersome feeling too.

  8. sesame says:

    Ah yes, read your rave in FB. ?

  9. els says:

    I just started using rosehip oil last week. bought it from watsons. may I know where in Singapore can I find other types of oils for the face? I read your post about grapeseed oil and I’m interested in trying that.

  10. mapple says:

    Hi sista, I like your idea. I think it is a way to keep our product stay fresh and minimize the contamination. Just wondering, do we have to put the original jar/bottle into refrigerator? Or should we keep it in room temperature?

  11. Soos says:

    No, I keep busy enough transferring food into smaller containers when we don’t eat it all. Our son’s moved away to go to school, but I still don’t know how to cook for just two!

    I am, however, looking at a huge bottle of Aveda Shampure that my husband bought. He must have really wanted that, plus he got me a gift card (sweet!) I don’t think I could lift it – it’s HUGE! I’d better look for a smaller container for him…

    Otherwise, I try to buy small sizes of things so they keep fresh. Plus, I do like to try different things.

  12. stella says:

    you’re so conscientious. i don’t, because i’m just way too lazy and there’s no incentive for me to do so…i mean, my skin’s not acting up or anything, so why fix anything if it’s not broke? :p

  13. sesame says:

    Grapeseed oil is not readily available here unfortunately. You still have to order online.

  14. sesame says:

    Most products can be kept outside under room temperature in a cool, dark corner. I only keep certain ingredients that do not contain preservatives in the fridge.

  15. sesame says:

    Normally shampoos are packed in big bottles…but I only decant them into smaller ones for traveling. Otherwise, they just stay in the big bottles. My husband on the other hand uses Head & Shoulders and that one comes in a huge size…so he decants some of it himself in a small bottle for the other bathroom.

  16. sesame says:

    Not very conscientious actually…just a need to for those products that do not come with preservatives so that the original bottle can stay in the fridge. Plus, I find it better to transfer to smaller ones for those in big glass bottles to minimize mishandling. Has got nothing to do with fixing anything. ?

  17. MissQ says:

    after following your blog for some time, i am more conscious about avoiding products which come in open jars. but sometimes i am just too tempted by the product, i will still go ahead and buy it. but i will not decant it coz i find it a chore to purchase new bottles and because i am a hygiene freak, it will be troublesome for me to clean the bottles before i use them. and after using the bottles, i cannot bear to throw them away but to clean them out is another chore for me. ? maybe i am just plain lazy…

    sometimes i will ask if it is possible for the merchant to transfer the open jar product into a pump bottle and the frequent replies i received were the product consistency is too thick to be squeezed out through a pump…

  18. EcoBeauty says:

    Hey Sesame, may I know where you got the little brown bottles? ? I only see clear ones at Watsons. Usually, the colored ones are almost as big as the original bottles!

  19. sesame says:

    They were used as product samples from MVO. I kept them because they’re useful.

  20. sesame says:

    If they can transfer for you, that’ll be great. It’s not too bad to transfer to a smaller container…plus I usually take a long time to use my products so I don’t need to refill that quickly.

  21. N. says:

    No, but Ive been thinking about doing that.

  22. Fi says:

    I do it for travel so I can have a lighter load. As for everyday use, I transfer my sweet almond oil to a smaller bottle with a dropper so it fits in my bag/pocket, I now use the oil for my hands, and it has been working brilliantly so far.

    One question though, how would you recommend cleaning the bottles for re-use afterwards? I just a little worried about residues from the previous products interacting/contaminating with what I’d be putting in it next.

  23. sesame says:

    I usually squeeze some of my facial gel into the small bottles, give them a good shake and then leave them to soak overnight. This is easier for those containing non oily or creamy stuff. Sometimes with those that contained oil or cream, I have to wash and soak a few times. Another way is to use a Q-tip or a cotton pad (if can fit) and sort of clean inside the bottle with a stick during washing. I’ll also air dry thoroughly before using.

  24. els says:

    icic. where can I order it? what other oils would you recommend for combination skin? where can I buy those?

  25. sesame says:

    Where are you based. You can try Garden of Wisdom based in US. There should be instructions on what the oils are for.

  26. MissQ says:

    hey, not sure if you all have heard of the brand Jenulence… they have afew interesting products and one of which is this Grapeseed Oil Skin Drink for Oily Skin. Would you be interested to try it out? I am keen to try this and afew others.. and maybe also the mineral makeup! haha… i’m just so hooked to trying out new things!

  27. Fi says:

    Thanks for that ? Will try next time I do it.

  28. Nurul says:

    Hi, do you usually wash/sanitize the jars before using? Or is it alright to just use the jars as is from the store? I thought of buying those small bottles and jars from MUJI but I wonder if it is actually better to do that or just leave it in the big jar the products come in

  29. sesame says:

    Well, I only wash them and use hot water to rinse them.

  30. EcoBeauty says:

    hi sesame, how do you usually clean droppers? and how do you dry them? do you just leave them out and wait for days until the insides of the dropper dry out?

  31. sesame says:

    I usually wash them with a facial wash and then rinse them with clean water (squirting). Then I’ll shake off the excess water and leave them to air for two days or so before re-using.

  32. EcoBeauty says:

    Oh…. mine has been air-drying for weeks and its still moist inside! I’m blow-drying it now as I type this comment. :p

  33. Minerva says:

    TYVM you’ve solved all my prbmleos

  34. says:

    Got my reservation in to see JRB on March 11. Caaaaaaan’t wait! Finally, I get to hear the Maestro in person!As a writer (not a songwriter – the other kind) I can’t wait to hear more re the process, choices, etc. Should be utterly fascinating. Anyone else here going?

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