DIY Beauty: Thai style herbal scrub and mask

Here’s something I got from the Chatuchak weekend market in Bangkok – a packet of herbal mask and scrub dry mix. Some of the ingredients are new to me and I had to ‘google’ for them to find out what they are. And while this is stated to be for the body but going by the ingredients, I tried it on my face too and it’s pretty pleasant.

Keeps skin clean and clear
According to the description on the pack, this is said to help the skin clean, clear, smooth, soft, and prevent pimples. In addition, it will help balance the skin and improve the firmness. Ingredients include: Cassumunar, Tumeric, Andrographics Paniculatac, Seven Golden Stick, Cassod Tree, Rhinacanthus, and Tiger Herbal.

Ingredients in the herbal mix
Aside from Tumeric, I’ve not used the others before and based on my quick find on the Net, Cassumunar is actually a kind of ginger, while Andrographics Paniculatac appears to be a herb. Seven Golden Stick might more accurately be Seven Golden Candlestick, while Cassod Tree, Rhinacanthus and Tiger Herbal seem to be some sort of leaves or plants. Like I mentioned, I’m not familiar with these ingredients but they all seem to work together to provide benefits for skin, be it in terms of clearing impurities, moisturizing or rejuvenating.

Can be used in multiple ways
It is recommended that the dry mix be used with milk, yogurt, honey or water. Because I wanted to try it on my face, so I used it with honey as a mask for 20 minutes before washing off. I didn’t add a lot of the powder but I realized that by adding more, this can become a scrub too. And for the curious, this mixture has quite a strong herbal smell.

Rose quartz massage stick
I also bought this rose quartz massage stick but I haven’t started using it (although my boy has been rolling his face with it!). Rose quartz gem apparently improves circulation and is rejuvenating. It is also said to be able to help heal scars and improve the complexion. Well, I’m not so certain of those benefits but one thing I’m sure is this tool is great when used for a warm manuka honey facial massage!


  1. Cara says:

    Yay I love your diy posts! I also love home made scrubs. The scrub sounds great… looks like curry!

  2. EcoBeauty says:

    Hey Sesame, did you get the rose quartz massage stick from thailand or here in SG? ?

  3. xin says:

    the rose quartz stick looks really interesting! btw, did ur skin turn yellow after using the tumeric powder?

  4. sesame says:

    Yes, looks a bit like curry powder. Haha…

  5. sesame says:

    I got the massage stick from Thailand. I know there are gemstone massage sticks available via ebay but the designs vary.

  6. sesame says:

    Not from this herbal mix but yes, tumeric powder makes the skin temporarily yellow…it’s however a very good ingredient for skin especially those with acne.

  7. Swati says:

    this herbal mix looks almost like ones we get here…but never ever heard of those weird ingredients but they sound really good..I want that rose quartz stick…its looking so cute…was it costly???like is it real rose quartz???

  8. sesame says:

    No, it’s not costly…I think it’s just a couple of bucks. It looks and feels like rose quartz…but I certainly did not verify. Haha…

  9. Russya says:

    Hi, nice to meet you!
    I ‘m Thai but I have never seen the rose quartz massage stick before. I have two rose quarts balls in my home(bigger than yours). I only use them for decoration…maybe I will try them for massage as you did.
    I like your Thai herbal scrub but it isn’t a newness for me. I ‘m quite familiar to it and it is very easy to find all ingredients in Thailand so we can make it by ourselve.
    However, I ‘d like to recommend another brand of herbal scrub and mask. ‘Madam Heng’ this brand is quite be popular in Thailand.
    You can search its info in internet. I love this brand very much. It ‘s not expensive and get good quality.

  10. sesame says:

    Thank you for your info! I haven’t seen Madam Heng around…will search for it.

  11. Elaina says:

    This one looks a bit too simpe for me. Still thanks!

  12. Siew Ying says:

    It’s not that relevant but have you used YOKO sea salt body scrub? It is a Thai brand that’s shipped all over the world I heard. I got mine from Mustafa Centre. They are really cheap and going by the (short) ingredient list, pretty natural as well.

  13. Sesame says:

    No, never tried. Sounds interesting! I must go Mustafa one of these days to check the stuff out.

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