Wrinkle care with an auto vibration massager?

Woah…what’s this? It’s an automatic vibration handheld massager that will work on its own intelligence to penetrate that anti-aging cream into your skin and stop when the cream is fully absorbed! Sounds like a neat idea? Well, I thought so when I was first introduced to this product by Beauty Finest. In fact, I thought it’ll be a great tool for my eye area, which definitely needs extra help. So is it that neat? Read on to find out!

It’s intelligent
This auto vibration massager has a name – the Hermippe Wrinkle Care Massager and it is made in Korea. What is unique about this massager is that it is created with the latest ‘Emotional Technology’, which allows it to operate automatically when the massage head comes in contact with the skin surface. What it does is that it would adjust automatically to our skin conditions and the amount of skincare applied. Hence, a strong vibration is generated initially on contact with the skin cream or serum and as the ingredients are absorbed into the skin, the intensity of vibration gradually becomes weaker and will automatically cease when the applied cream is fully absorbed.

It’s handy and convenient to use
Measuring 10cm in length, it is handy and fits into my palm and so I can easily hold it in my hand to massage my serum or cream. The massage head is quite small as it measures about 1.5cm in diameter and so I use this to massage my eye cream into my eye area. It can also be used around the nose and mouth too but I don’t use it in those areas. What I do is to dab some eye cream around my eyes and then hold this massager with the head resting on my eye area. It will auto detect the eye cream and begin with strong vibrations. Interestingly, the vibration will gradually weaken as described and then stop once the cream is massaged in. I tested it on dry skin and there was absolutely no vibration! Pretty clever I must say.

It’s time consuming
However, I find this gadget quite time consuming too. Obviously, massaging takes some time and what used to be a 1 minute application can now be extended to 5 minutes. So it can become a hassle on busy days. This is why I couldn’t use this every day but only at times when I have the luxury of time. It is also the reason why I only keep it to my eye area. In addition, because the eye area is so delicate, so I need to be careful to lift up the massager when moving around the area rather than dragging it along, as I initially did. I would recommend that you do this in front of a mirror the first time so that you know how the entire massage works.

It’s good for fine lines
I would concede that my eye area seems to look a tad better with the fine lines softening since I started using this, bearing in mind that I did not change my eye cream. So it might have helped in terms of the product penetration. But it did not get rid of the lines completely nor did it do anything for my deeper lines. I guess the results will vary with individuals plus as I’ve mentioned, I did not use this daily. Would I recommend buying this tool then?

It’s low maintenance
I was given the Hermippe Wrinkle Care Massager complimentary from Beauty Finest for review. The price is S$78 and that might be a tad pricey for some of us. But’s it’s basically low maintenance as it uses a 1.5v AAA alkaline battery and I’ve not found the need to change the battery even though I’ve used this product for over a month now. I might buy it out of fancy but the thing is, I’ve realized that this is not a tool for busy people with little time to spare. For all we want to do is to slap on our oil, serum or cream, tap a little and be done with the entire beauty regime. So chances are, I will stop using this tool after the initial excitement wears off. But that’s just me.

It’s available internationally
For those interested to find out more about the product, check out the info at Beauty Finest’s website. International shipping is available. Do note that although the website shows a number of colors, only the silver one is available if you order from the company.


  1. Audris says:

    Price isn’t that bad, but I’d be more concerned about warranty and what sort of coverage it provides.

  2. sesame says:

    Was informed that there is a full replacement if it is a faulty device within 5 days. No replacement if it’s due to careless handling.

  3. lemon says:

    Myaunty just bought one from Seikitsu. It can massage, lift, cleanse and another function which I cannot recall. Each function will last 4 minutes. The SA demo to us using 4 functions on 1 side of her face and the results is quite instant, her face was lifted within few minutes.

    I am not sure if there are any side effects as the ultrasound penetrates deep into the skin. They are selling this for about RM1668 together with 3 serums. I am not convince and I am quite concern health wise.

  4. sesame says:

    The one your aunt bought sounds more sophisticated. This one doesn’t use the same technology though.

  5. Rebecca says:

    I often wonder about these products, like clairsonic, that are supposed to clean your skin better and help with fine lines. I do notice that it cleans my skin better, but then I wonder if its vibrating and therefore causing my skin to swell up a bit, so that my fine lines go away temporarily…

    I don’t know, but I like how the clarisonic feels, and I’m sure this gadget feels pretty good too, but I wonder if it really works on wrinkles…tempted to try.

  6. xin says:

    i used to have a TUA VISO, which is also a face massager, it is close to almost RM1k, which claims to exercise our facial muscles (passive exercise using electro-stimulation technology, i wasn’t sure if it was working for me because i was only 23 then ? i need 20-30 min to work on the whole face and so i got lazy and sold it off

  7. sesame says:

    Many ladies rave about Clarisonic. Personally, not tried but I think that product is better at cleansing the skin? Good to use like an exfoliator but I do wonder if it’s good to use daily as some girls have been doing so.

  8. sesame says:

    RM1k? Wow. But your skin is so firm you don’t need it lah. Actually, normal facial massages on a daily basis will do to maintain.

  9. stella says:

    i have the clarisonic; if you feel your skin swelling, you are pushing the device too far into your skin. the product should just skim the surface of your skin to exfoliate gently; nothing more as i think it’ll be too aggressive for daily use

  10. stella says:

    looks like an interesting device. i like to mask, do massages etc. on my face while watching tv every night, makes things easier!

  11. Cara says:

    OO This looks pretty interesting! I’ve been toying around with buying a baby quasar for awhile but this is so much more affordable! ? Of course, I still use my clarisonic with my yes to blueberries cleanser but def giving this a whirl!

  12. sesame says:

    This is more affordable than a baby guasa? Interesting. I thought it would be vice versa. I have one baby guasa and it should be around S$30 or so.

  13. sesame says:

    I see…then it would not be too time consuming for you.

  14. Cara says:

    Are we talking about the same baby quasar (www.babyquasar.com) ? One of them is $349! Hmmm?

  15. sesame says:

    No, not the same. The one you pointed out is much more high tech for sure! ?

  16. CT says:

    I just bought this. hopefully its works on me. But i am not a very hardworking person ?

  17. sesame says:

    Haha…try to keep at it. ?

  18. Nicole says:

    Hi, I was thinking of purchasing this but wonder whether it works on dark circles?

  19. Sesame says:

    Hard to say…it really depends on what’s the cause for your dark circles. If it’s a lack of blood circulation, this might help.

  20. catherine burbidge says:

    have been doing the recommended facial exercises for wrinkles but may take months to see the difference they say-have a small back/shoulder massager-would that work?

  21. best topia says:

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  22. Sharif Ahmed says:

    Thanks for writing. Just a thought…will it be really a good idea to use a vibrator around your eyes? I’m not sure how mild the vibration of this device would be.
    Sharif Ahmed last post is: 10 Best Handheld Home Massagers: Reviews

  23. Niha says:

    Nice device.. it looks very attractive .. and wrinkle massager will be very help fpr age group of 30-40 year of women.thank you for the blog…

  24. Maria Dsouza says:

    Very nice to see your blog and has very great information.

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