Poncho fashion: the blanket is in vogue

I was looking through some Japanese fashion catalogs at Onward and noticed that ponchos are featured in almost all their labels. I know some critics find ponchos a fashion crime but well, I like them because they are so versatile and comfortable. I’m not for the tribal style but those in boho-y style appeal to me; at least they don’t look anything like a blanket with a hole in the middle. Or even if they do, they look like a stylish piece of blanket.

Actually, ponchos have an interesting history dating back to the early 1900s. I don’t really think it has actually left us; I know for a fact that the army boys always carry a poncho, which serves as their raincoat, floor mat and makeshift tent. Back in my trekking days, ponchos were the rage as we would drape some big rectangular shawl to keep ourselves warm; they look exactly like some of the ponchos in fashion right now!

Resembles cloaks and capes
All right, some of the poncho designs are more stylish and elegant looking now, with some resembling cloaks and capes. But some fashion critics are still against ponchos making their way into mainstream fashion because they consider them ill fitting and unflattering.

Ponchos are well accepted
Maybe some of these critics who spoke strongly against ponchos being baggy and unsightly are men because my husband hates me wearing a poncho. He always calls me a butterfly when I don on one. Frankly, I don’t think these critics’ opinions carry any weight going by the offering of ponchos at every major department and online stores. Even well-known designers are pushing them at the runway shows.

Still looking for the perfect poncho
But let’s get realistic. While I like the look of ponchos, I don’t necessarily look good in one. These ponchos look really good on the models here but on me, that’s probably something else altogether. Anyway, I haven’t found the perfect poncho yet; the ones I have somehow looked better on the mannequins.

Poncho to add variety to your wardrobe
Still, I think they’re a good fashion item because obviously, they add variety to our wardrobe. So instead of wearing just cardigans, sweaters, jackets or coats when the weather turns cold, a well designed poncho can add some style and flair to your usual attire.

Is poncho your thing?
What do you think of ponchos? Do you have at least one in your wardrobe or at least are considering wearing one? Or are you like some of the men who consider ponchos a fashion flop and an eyesore?


  1. Swati says:

    the poncho in the third pic is really awesome!!! I would love to get a poncho…only if they don’t quite hamper the hand movements!!!
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  2. Audris says:

    lol I saw a lass wearing a poncho today in Orchard road and I thought it looked good on her. She paired her grey poncho (with some ikat-like print border at the base) with a short black skirt and showed lots of leg to balance the “tent-like volume” of the poncho.

  3. Chris says:

    My friend has this great poncho that she got in Mexico. She’s tall, so it looks good on her. If I were to wear it, I’d look like I was wrapped in a blanket. ?
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  4. Mimi Zhu says:

    Keiko’s poncho is so cute! I am planning to find one this fall/winter!
    Mimi Zhu last post is: NOTD: Wild Things w/ Black Night

  5. Raelynn says:

    I had to take my exams in Expo where it’s FREEZING. what saved me was a winter acrylic fibre poncho that my mom and sister got me from melbourne (where handmade goods are still the rage). i quite liked wearing it until the fibres got really scratchy ( i wonder why though.. ) and usually got second glances especially because it’s in deep red (hopefully not because i look whacky in it). but because my lecture hall is also pretty cold, i still wore it in sch, whether it matched what else i was wearing or not because keeping myself warm is more important. heh.

    i do find it a lot easier to fit into “mainstream” fashion if i tuck the long end into the neck, creating a shorter poncho/cape. your post has got me thinking about a second poncho….

  6. Tara says:

    I have one or two but quit wearing them because I found that they went out of style. I think it has to be the perfect “look” or it just flops.

  7. ParisB says:

    Hey these are cute! ? I like the one in picture #2 I could see myself wearing it and because its split, it doesn’t look like I just wrapped myself in my blanket and walked out the door ? I had a poncho when I was little but that was about it ?
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  8. Amanda says:

    Well, I can foresee that if I (ever) wore the ones on the first or last photo on my skinny body, the effect would be like I’m putting on a blanket, instead of a fashionable poncho. I can barely wear clothes with bat sleeves (depending on the style), so ponchos are something I want to try, but I know I don’t have the right build for them.
    Amanda last post is: Lesson Learned From an Old Beauty Stash

  9. sesame says:

    It’s very classy looking…no, don’t think it’ll hamper hand movements but probably good to remove it before having a meal.

  10. sesame says:

    She must be leggy. I find ponchos look better on tall and thin ladies.

  11. sesame says:

    I know what you mean…ponchos don’t suit all of us.

  12. sesame says:

    Hope you’ll find a really nice one. ?

  13. sesame says:

    It’s actually great to wear indoors and unless it really doesn’t suit the person, one shouldn’t look too bad in it. I use mine whenever I have to wear this particular plain tee on a certain day; the poncho adds a bit of flair to it.

  14. sesame says:

    It seems to be making a comeback in some parts of the world at least…

  15. sesame says:

    It’s particularly great if you go travelling in colder climate countries. Very handy and can add some style if you pick the right one.

  16. sesame says:

    I actually like the first one very much but it’s long for me. The material is blanket like but cos of her boots, hat and makeup, she’s carrying it off very well. But of course it helps that she’s probably tall and lean.

  17. Lydia says:

    I spent my Saturday looking for a poncho but I couldn’t find one which was pretty depressing. I especially like the third one, this is the style I’m looking for but I want it in black and thicker, more jacket-like because it’s cold in Europe. Apart from that I do own a few blanket ponchos but I rarely wear them because I find it very hard to match with the weather, it’s either too cold or too warm.
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  18. Dee says:

    Im looking for a new jacket/sweater/cardi/smtg to keep warm in the office without looking like a slob, and quite possibly, a poncho could make a great option after reading this post! Particularly like the styles of pic 1 and 2 ? im so bored of my usual cardi and need to liven up my wardrobe with smtg stylish… hehe.. ?

    <3 Dee
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  19. Dee says:

    Hi Raelynn, totally understand about the arctic blast at Expo! It’s crazy to freeze our brains when we need to squeeze every bit of juice out of them during those exams man.. i totally covered up with long sleeves, jeans, socks and shoes PLUS a fleece jacket on top of everything. Winter wonderland when we least needed it.. ?
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  20. Ria says:

    I’ve seen others wear ponchos and they look so glamorous and classy but I have never gone close to any of it as it made me look bulky and a lot smaller (I’m only 5 foot tall).#k8SjZc9Dxk#k8SjZc9Dxk Maybe I’ll give it a shot if I find one that doesn’t make me look like a dwarf michelin. =p
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  21. sesame says:

    You might have to look online. Try ASOS…they ship free worldwide.

  22. sesame says:

    Yeah, a poncho would add a dash of style and from where you are based, your weather justifies for one.

  23. sesame says:

    Try those that do not look so heavy and long…plain color or with simple designs. I’m about your height. ?

  24. makeupmag says:

    They’d make nice nursing covers. ?

  25. jozefin says:

    I have a white faux fur poncho which looks quite grand. I’ve only worn it once for my prom and since then I’ve had no chance to wear it. =X It kept me quite warm so I don’t foresee myself wearing it in Malaysia’s sweltering heat. I think it should keep me warm for long haul flights though. I remember shivering in the plane en route to LA even though I had my winter jacket on!

  26. sesame says:

    Wow a faux fur poncho….yes, that would look very grand.

  27. sesame says:

    Haha…that’s a cute idea!

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