8 fashion trends for your 2008 wardrobe

2008 fashion trends

(Clothes from Shopbop.com)

Here’s a cherry picking of eight key fashion trends for 2008 according to an article from telegraph.co.uk which you might like to know especially if you’re on your way to revamping your wardrobe this year.

  1. Flower power 
    Invest in dresses or tops with floral prints such as dahlias, sunflowers, roses and tulips that work for you.
  2. Ruffles 
    Play up on apparels with gorgeous, floaty frills and flounces of the softest chiffon, silk and man made fibre mixes.  
  3. Nautical style
    Be bold and salute the red, white and blue in your picks or go all-American with denim, stars and stripes.
  4. Neutral
    Or take on the urban minimalist look with cool desert shades, fine leathers and linens, faux snake and wood accessories.
  5. Citrus shades
    Spice up your wardrobe with oranges and lemons which are the new accent colours and mix match with neutral shades to balance the look.
  6. Draping
    Wear your drapery over jeans or with spike heels for a total modern look. 
  7. Feathers
    Forget the usual and add accessories such as feathered bag or jewelry for a difference.
  8. Extreme shapes
    And if you’re into big skirts, then you may like to add crinolines into your wardrobe! (I’ll skip this.)

Check out the article for suggestions of which brands to get the look and what NOT to put together.  A thumb of rule is, don’t get carried away and work on a coordinated and stylish look that suit your personality and budget instead.


  1. EniGma says:

    These are so cute! thanx.

    love your blog

  2. Gisele B. says:

    The styles and fun, flirty, sexy and perfect for hot summer days.

    Only 6 months to go before we can wear those!!!!


  3. Di says:

    I’m a conscientous objector on the whole ruffles trend, but everything else – tres cute!

  4. Allie says:

    I am soo looking forward to Spring! I love all these looks, and the three dresses pictures are drool-worthy!

  5. Luna Lorenz says:

    These are for the 11-13 year old, 90 pound crowd right? With the possible exception of Neutral, every single one of these so called trends would only look good on a tween. Ridiculous.

    Luna: I don’t see these as being ridiculous at all, with the exception of the last one perhaps. These trends are all wearable. If you have great fashion sense, there is no reason why you can’t pull of a floral dress or a plain shirt with ruffles in between. Of course, I did say you don’t have to pull all the 8 together but whatever suits you…meaning your figure as well. If you’re fat, then ruffles would be out. The tips are not for 11- 13 year olds but of course, they are welcome to take a cue from there if they like.

  6. Carla says:

    These dresses are really cute. The ruffles totally won me over.

  7. Rose says:

    Finally, a return to

  8. jenny says:

    oh yes, i love the direction fashion is in these days.

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