Honoré des Prés: French organic perfume range

These perfumes under Honoré des Prés collections are French organic scents crafted by Olivia Giacobetti, one of the world’s foremost contemporary fragrance composers. The range is completely natural and certified organic by ECOCERT, with no synthetic fragrances, no petrochemicals, no colorants, no phthalates, no ingredients of animal orgins, and are not tested on animals. And they are now available in Singapore at Bud Cosmetics as well as Urban Botanica @ Tangs Vivocity Beauty Hall.

Honoré des Prés We Love NY collection s$190
I’m not a perfume user but I was totally taken in by the novel media kit I received from Bud Cosmetics – the perfume samples were contained a Starbucks coffee style “take away cup”. Both quirky and refreshing! Apparently it represents Faubourg Saint Honoré’s olfactive memories of some romantic emotions he experienced in New York. Those memories were enclosed in a similar coffee style disposable cup that is later born in the Honoré des Prés We Love NY collection, which includes Love Coconut Eau de Parfum and Vamp a N.Y. Eau de Parfum that you see here. Included in the collection is also the Love les Carottes Eau de Parfum.

Honoré des Prés Les Verrines collection S$130
The other two samples – Nu Green Eau de Toilette and Honore’s Trip Eau de Toilette – are part of the Honoré des Prés Les Verrines collection. In the retail size, this range of perfumes are also charmingly packaged in a traditional glass jar or “verrine”, used by grandma’s for the delicious French “confiture” or by famous chefs to introduce the most beautiful food to delicate palates. They are therefore called Honoré’s Jars, made by Honoré with simple ingredients and love, ready to be given as a gift.

Eau de Parfum is more concentrated
Clcver packaging aside, the Love Coconut and Vamp a N.Y. Eau de Parfum came across with sweeter scents. I actually prefer the smell of Nu Green and Honore’s Trip Eau de Toilette because they smell close to nature to me. But obviously an Eau de Toilette formula is less concentrated and the smell does not linger as long so they seem to work better as a refreshing body spray. And considering that these are made with ingredients of natural origin, chances of skin irritation is way lower.

The Honoré des Prés range of organic perfumes are available from Bud Cosmetics at #03-32, Mandarin Gallery or #01-66 Square 2. You can also find them at Urban Botanica @ Tangs Vivocity Beauty Hall. The products are also sold in some countries within Europe, as well as in USA, Australia and Japan. Meanwhile, you may like to check my Facebook page for more photos on the range.


  1. fwy says:

    Like you, I had not been using perfume & makeup for sometime as I am slowly trying to phase out commercially made products for skin, hair & body care into more natural and organic ones.

  2. Leowell Gonzales Photography says:

    Organic products is always a welcome thing for me. great post

  3. Eric (bud Cosmetics) says:

    Hi Sesame
    The NY Collection is $190.00 and the Verrine Collection is $130.00 ?

  4. sesame says:

    This one is > natural so it should be suitable for you if you don’t mind perfume.

  5. sesame says:

    Oh yeah…it’s available online too. Thanks for the link!

  6. sesame says:

    Thanks Eric! ?

  7. aging center says:

    Seems quite pricey but worthy, I love the idea of an organic perfume!
    Original and the smell should be more natural and charming…

  8. sesame says:

    Yup…rather pricey.

  9. Sandra says:

    Well I guess it’s actually not that expensive if you compare these perfumes with the other top perfumes such as Serge Lutens or Acqua Di Parma… they are much pricier in Singapore. yet these perfumes are created by one of the best perfumers in the world, and the ingredients are completely natural (hence more costly to produce).

  10. sesame says:

    Price is always relative. If one compare apple to apple, then it may look reasonable. For people who do not spend much on a certain category, price will always stick out as a deciding factor if they need to choose.

  11. fwy says:

    Maybe my nose is more sensitive nowadays, I don’t seem to like any of the perfumes scent my colleagues are using; whether floral, sweet or musky….strange…..

  12. sesame says:

    Personally, I’m not too keen on perfume. Find that the scent is very fake. So some of these natural ones are nice…not artificial in their scent.

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