Guest review:Hello Kitty perfumes & a giveaway

Hello Kitty is now available in Singapore and Jyoan of Positively Nice has some nice things to say about them. The perfumes were provided complimentary by Goldsilk and the company has also generously sponsored six more for for Viva Woman’s local readers. Read on to find out how to get your hands on them.


When was the last time you went TOTALLY hysterical? Mine was when I received the news from Sesame that there were Hello Kitty perfumes to test.  I just cannot resist the temptation to at least take a look and touch anything Hello Kitty. Can you imagine that sense of fulfillment when you get to display yet another Hello Kitty in your room?  And actually, it’s not just one more Hello Kitty, it’s THREE! Two little potion bottles in pink and white, and a ladies perfume which I will review another time.

Hello Kitty Eau de Senteur 30ml S$34

Star Properties
Alcohol-Free! Made in France. Suitable for baby and children.

Aqua, PPG-26-Buteth-26, Fragrance, Glycerin, PEG-40 hydrogenated cator oil, Ehtylhexylglycerin, Phenoxyethanol, Benzophenone-4, Disodium phosphate, Citric acid.

I like Hello Kitty, because I know that every authentic Hello Kitty merchandise will be beautifully packed, aesthetically pleasing and pink. This makes it such a great gift for girls all over the world. Even my mum commented how nice the bottle looks!

As published on Goldsilk’s website: “A fun contrast between the freshness of green nut and the softness of musks and woods. The touch of violet brings originality and sophistication to the fragrance.” This fragrance is more to the woody side, which is my favorite as all my perfumes come in woody florals. To me, woody is the kind of note that will never be over-the-top, and strong till the point of being unpleasant. It’s the very safe scent that is suited for every day use, especially in the office, because it is not offensive.

Perfume tip
A lot of men do not like perfumes, and even hate beauty halls (like Tangs) because they can smell really strong and repulsive like Chanel No. 5. So wear woody fragrances if you’re unsure of the what to wear on the occasion, or if you’re buying fragrance as a gift for someone whom you do not know the taste of.

I never knew of the phrase “eau de senteur”, so I went to check it out and found out that this French phrase actually means no-alcohol.  In fact, you can normally find this phrase on body mists that are suitable for children, and on natural/organic products. I think is very good, especially since Hello Kitty is more of a young girl’s image.  So this Eau De Senteur may give a girl the lovely fragrance yet protect her from the harms of alcohol at a young age.

Anyway, it is beneficial to avoid alcohol as much as possible. Personally, I choose skincare products that are alcohol-free because my skin can get irritated by too much of it. Even oral intake of too much alcohol does gives me rashes sometimes.

Staying Power
The fragrance can stay for a few hours if you’re not so active because it seems to go off faster when I use it outside, and I keep walking around.

I love it: 5 out of 5 hearts! This is a scent that I will continue using, because I like the woody note, I know that what I am using is alcohol-free and safe, and last but not least, I just LOVE to bring the Hello Kitty bottle out in my bag. =)

Hello Kitty Eau De Toilette 30ml S$34

Star properties
Trendy and sweet! Made in France.  Not recommended for children under 36 months.

Aqua, Alcohol denatured, PPG-26-Buteth-26, Fragrance, PEG-40 hydrogenated cator oil, Ehtylhexylglycerin, Phenoxyethanol, Benzophenone-4, Sodium hydroxide.

Similar to the Hello Kitty Eau De Senteur; except for the pink, cute, golf-ball shaped bottle cap.

As published on Goldsilk’s website: ” A trendy top range perfume line manufactured in France. The freshness of green apple combined with cherry tree flowers and jasmin leaves mingles with the sweetness of sweety apple and vanilla syrup ” This EDT smells really sweet, literally like a sweet and unfortunately, I don’t really like it as much as sweet scents don’t go well with me. But it’s of course nice to have another bottle of Hello Kitty to display together with the Eau De Senteur one.  LOL.

I love it: 2.5 out of 5 hearts.

Overall sentiments
I think Hello Kitty really did hit the right note with its perfumes. I thought these would be some low quality products like those Hello Kitty selling in Watsons (which do not look real to me, so I didn’t buy any of those). But it surprises me that these two fragrances I’ve got are as good as those you can get from counters in beauty halls. =) By the way, both Hello Kitty perfumes are now available at T1 and T2 of Changi airport departure main shop.

Hello Kitty Perfumes Giveaway
So, as promised earlier, SIX lucky local Singapore readers will be getting one Hello Kitty perfume each because Goldsilk has kindly sponsored:

– three Hello Kitty Eau De Toilette 30ml
– three Hello Kitty Eau De Senteur 30ml

Do note that due to the fragile nature of the items, winners have to SELF-COLLECT the perfume at Goldsilk’s office located at Lower Delta Road. To enter, just answer the following questions in the comments section:

1.  How crazy are you about Hello Kitty? (I want lots of passion!)
2. Which perfume do you want to win – the Eau De Toilette or Eau De Senteur – and why?

Winners will be chosen based on how interesting their answers are. Other guidelines to note are – each Singapore-based reader is allowed one entry only; please provide a valid email address and the item is not redeemable for cash. The giveaway will be opened till 12 midnight SST on 27 January 2010 so enter right away!

Giveaway Disclaimer: Viva Woman has not tested all the products in the giveaway and cannot be responsible for any negative product experiences that arise from using them. Please use the products at your own discretion should you win them.


  1. Norisa says:

    These are pretty! I love Hello Kitty toys since young and I used to queue up for those toys from Mcdonald’s. I would like to win the non-alcohol one cos it sounds nice for me and my girl.

  2. Sparklewolfie says:

    I cannot enter because I do not live in Singapore ? But I LOVE Hello Kitty so much! I have way too much Hello Kitty stuff >.<

    Bottle-collecting is another obsession of mine, so these would have been perfect if I could enter!! I work in a perfume place and sometimes we can take the used testers home ? So I have a pretty bottle collection! I would probably prefer the EDT because I love sweet smells like Miss Dior Cherie, but the EDS sounds lovely too… I usually do not wear woody smells, but alcohol free is good for everybody!

  3. kiwi says:

    1. I am MAD CRAZY about Hello Kitty since I was young. (I still am. XD) I used to queue up at the Mcdonald’s outlets just to get the Hello Kitty toys. I know, it is kind of ridiculous, but I still have them at home! They’re sitting in my cupboard still! Properly wrapped up at that. And when my aunt went overseas, she got me a few more hello kitty(s) wearing different clothes from those I got from mcdonalds in Singapore.

    Oh yea, and I still wear my long sleeved, pink hello kitty shirt out these days, and I bought it from HK around 3 years back. I still remember I used to have a hello Kitty romper-like clothing which I absolutely loved when I was little. I refused to wear anything else if I had my mind set on wearing it. >..< Because they are too cute to resist!!! *innocent*)

    2. I would like the Hello Kitty Eau De Senteur Perfume because it does not contain any alcohol! I have eczema, thus the alcohol-free version is more suited for me, as it won't dry out my skin. I also have not tried perfumes with woody smells, and I think that would be awesome, as I don't really like strong perfumes. (They make me sneeze.)

  4. Mixue says:

    1. I’ve started noticing Hello Kitty at quite a later stage of my life when my youngest sister was so obsessed with the Mcdonald’s trend back in Jan 2000 which I can remember so vividly that she’s one of the crazy people who fainted in the queue. There was once I felt that like I’m living in Hello Kitty Hell as I shared a same room with her and the entire room was paint in pink & occupied with Hello Kitty merchandise.(YES i’m not exaggerating at all!!!!) Till now she still has this cutesy ambition to start a Hello Kitty shop once she has saved sufficient money, Though the topic is to describe MY passion about Hello Kitty but I choose to narrate my sister instead as I would really love to take this opportunity to give her as a surprise as well as a birthday present which falls on 21 Jan. *Prays hard I will win*

    2. Prefer Hello Kitty Eau De Senteur as I realise my sister has loads of Eau De Toilette perfumes and I wish she can has a new try on different range of perfume.

  5. crystal says:

    I agree! I cannot enter but would have liked to ENTER THIS CONTEST,

    Congratulations to all who win.

  6. Suz says:

    oh man ….I LOVE hello kitty I adore her…too bad I dont live in Singapore not fair ?

    good luck people

  7. coraline says:

    1. I’m new to this blog and I usually dun post comments; I’m the sort who will just take and dun give. However, this post prompted me to just post a comment immediately! Ok, ironically I dun like hello kitty when i was young, I was forced to queue up at mac donalds for the whole day and nite by my sis, and the only reward that I got at that time was my all-time fave big breakfast (I was very young at that time). However, my passion for it started not long after I started working! All things pink wouldnt escape my eyes and bad habit of liking secondary products grew.. and of course these include the ever pink-white hello kitty! I’m not rich and wouldnt aim to possess every hk-related stuffs, but I love to own unique little pieces of mementos with the never-fail-to-cheer-me-up face of hello kitty! And now I hope my seven months old baby girl will love it too so that we can share our little joy together!
    2. I would love to own a piece of Eau de Senteur so that I can share it with my baby girl! I love woody scents and since it doesnt contain alcohol, its great for my sensitive skin and for my baby too (wearing perfume on babies never come across my mind until i read this post).

    Anyway, since I’m sending a post here may I comment that this is an informational blog that I will turn to when I need to find out more about skincare. Thank you!

  8. Candy says:

    1. I totally dig this post. So delighted that this post is giving out items associated with Hello Kitty. Anyone who have a look at my family car will know we are a big fan of Hello Kitty. As you may imagine or probably stumbled over one of those striking pinkish Hello Kitty car out on the road, I’m proud to say it belongs to my family!! Both of my elder sisters have been a follower to your website and alerted me right away when this post is about none other than Hello Kitty and I know I have to win it. Hello Kitty is indeed a timeless & classic character which appeals to children & adults. My friends are always astonished by my wide variety of Hello Kitty items ranging from Toaster, Mini fridge, luggage,umbrella & etc which many of them were painstakingly brought back from Japan when my dad was outstationed over there. I really do hope this perfume can add on to my collection.

    2. Wish to win Eau De Senteur as I’m a student now and I wish to have something that is not too strong and gives out a youthful smell which I believe Eau De Senteur will fit the picture.

  9. Justina says:

    1. A surge of inexplicable nostalgia will fire inside me whenever i look at those hello kitty plush toys. At the age of 22, i only own the one and only one Hello Kitty soft toy in my whole entire 22 years and although this soft toy was torn and worn-out cause i have kept it for more than 5 years, i still hug it to sleep every night. Without the company of this priceless soft toy, i could feel as if a significant part of me has been mutilated. In addition, despite hello kitty brings back many unpleasant and miserable memories, i will not discard it because it represents my unwavering and unconditional love for that one and only one. Albeit the soft toy being torn and dingy like my love, it will still stay strong. I hope this brand HELLO KITTY will stay strong too. =)

    2. I prefer HELLO KITTY Eau De Senteur because it is alcohol free. Suitable for my super sensitive skin.

  10. CT says:

    1.Hello Kitty brings back lots of memories. It is amazing how a cat without mouth memorise the old and young. Despite of age, Hello Kitty is all time favourite. I remembered the year when Mcdonalds launched the Hello Kitty, many queued for hours to purchase them. I was one of them who queued overnight before just to get my hands on them. Because of this, I almost missed my exam and had to rush like mad to school. No regrets. They are now nicely placed beside my bed. I still have hello kitty hanging on my bags.

    2. I would like to win the Hello Kitty Eau De Toilette cause I associate Hello Kitty as being sweet rather than Woody. And I love to smell SWEET!

  11. fang says:

    1. I must win this! Every girl loves a Hello Kitty. Even though I recently read about a murder case called the Hello kitty murder, I still love Hello Kitty very much!!!!!

    2. I would like to win Eau de Senteur because I have dry skin so I would like a product without alcohol. And a smell that is tooooo sweet doesn’t really suit my personality as I’m a sporty gal #k8SjZc9Dxk#k8SjZc9Dxk

  12. Ling says:

    1. Hello Kitty is not just an adorable character to me, she is a friend and source of inspiration (do I sound crazy? I hope not). I wrote my essay on Hello Kitty during my PSLE examinations, flew across the country to get my hands on a Hello Kitty Tokidoki, obsessively play Hello Kitty Online (if you’re into gaming, I recommend Hello Kitty Roller Rescue; its superfun), collect everything Hello Kitty; I will buy and overpay for anything with Hello Kitty on it, my bedroom looks like a 4-year-old lives in it. Yes, I love hello kitty!

    2. I wish to win a Hello Kitty Eau De Toilette because I love sweet scents, and I like the pink packaging, looks really sweet!

  13. Rosemary says:

    1. In primary school, I used to save up what little pocket money I was given to buy Hello Kitty merchandises (stationeries and sweets) but because I was not given a lot, I could only buy something new in 2 months… and walking into the stationary shop after school was also the highlight of my week! Once the school bell rings, I would excitedly run across the school, cross the road and dash into the shop. Heck, the shopkeepers even knew me and nicknamed me the ‘Hello Kitty girl’! Tiptoeing, I would reaching out to the collection and scrutinize to find the perfect item before gingerly handing out coins to the shop aunty.

    Up to today, that joyous feeling of walking away with my Hello Kitty merchandise is still as exhilarating as many years before. I own many Hello Kitty merchandise (electronics, makeup, apparels etc) and I would like to add the perfume to my collection, please!

    2. Eau de Senteur would be a wiser choice for me because it has no alcohol in and I have sensitive skin. I don’t use any perfumes because of the alcohol content and imagine my excitement when I read that there is no alcohol!

  14. Sandy says:

    1. Hello Kitty is such a real sugar baby. An iconic character developed in the 1970s which become one of the most branded character in the world. How amazing it is. My obsession of Hello Kitty started during my secondary school times when Mcdonald launched the Hello Kitty plush series. Like many readers here, I’m also one of the crazy & ardent fans who queued overnight just to get my hands on the irresistible plushies. I missed out a few series as there were a few days which clashed with my exam period. It really upset me and you won’t believe that I actually spend a few hundred dollars to bid in Ebay just to possess the complete set. You can imagine how my mom gone berserk when she eventually found out. Though I’m a working adult right now, I’ve just purchased a Sony Ericsson Hello Kitty mobile phone recently even though the functions are so backdated & limited. I simply can’t resist anything to do with Hello Kitty. I even “brainwashed” my baby nieces by buying them Hello Kitty DVDs and it goes with without saying that they have fallen in love with the large headed cartoon cat with absence of mouth and small buttons eyes & a nose too. I really do hope I can win this contest.

    2. I hope I can win Hello Kitty Eau De Senteur as it’s suitable to use in the office and last whole day long.

  15. iris says:

    1. I adore Hello Kitty even though she is younger than me. :X I guess my daughter has a great influence on me because she absolutely loves hello kitty when she was young. I still remember buying her a hello kitty toy as a reward for doing well in her studies in primary school. I also have several notebooks with the hello kitty print on them, which I think are too cute (and my daughter has claimed that to be hers already though). Several hello kitty items at home which used to be mine are now hers. Not that I’m complaining, because we still live in the same house. Hello Kitty is one of my favourite characters because it was a character which has been ‘growing up’ with my daughter, and thus have some special significance to me.

    2. I hope to win the Hello Kitty Eau De Senteur because it is alcohol free which is good for my daughter’s and my own sensitive skin. The woody scent will portray a more mature feel to it rather than a sweet scent which usually only younger people will wear.

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