Share: do you check out and purchase star products?

Whenever I check out a new range of products, I have a tendency to check out the star product or the best seller. Yes, such marketing works for me! I can even tell you that at times when I’m hit by some shopping impulse but don’t know what to buy, I’ll head over to Makeupalley, randomly select a category and then zoom right into the item with the highest rating!

Okay, if you’ve noticed, I used the word “check” so it doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll buy. In fact, most of the time, I do not end up buying. *PHEW* Thank goodness for my left brain! The reason I check out star products and best sellers is because this helps me when I’m absolutely clueless about the brand. So such products gives me an introduction to the brand, something to test out and I might end up purchasing if it’s something that will work for me. I may end up not selecting any items though like recently, a company sent me their 10 top best sellers but I just could not find anything I want to use!

Herd instinct?
All right, this marketing strategy rides on the herd instinct and not all of us fall for it but I’m sure it must have been working because I see many stores putting up their “top 10 best sellers* or “what’s hot” on their websites. I’m not ashamed to say that it pleases me tremendously when I check out a product with the intention to purchase it and later find out it’s a best seller. That gives me some added assurance that I’ve sort of made the right choice.

Higher expectations?
So yeah, products that are raved get my immediate attention although many a times, if I do get them, I find them falling short of expectations probably because my expectations were already raised above the bar. And in most instances, the products that I like and are best sellers were purchased without first knowing that they’re best sellers. Placebo again? Probably!

Your say?
What about you? Do you have a tendency to check out best sellers or star products too? Do you end up purchasing them most of the time? And do they usually satisfy or disappoint?


  1. Chelsea says:

    Yes I have a tendency to gravitate toward a brand’s best sellers, especially if I’m new to that brand. My most recent “best seller” purchase was LipFusion XL overnight treatment. I’m not a fan of all the ingredients (more science than nature), but I gotta say, I like the product and it works.

  2. Emily Chia says:

    I have a tendency of trying star product and reviewed by good beauty bloggers. My experience so far is quite alright as I read a few review before doing the purchase. I might experience once or twice experience that the product is alright but not as good as it was publicize.

  3. Nora says:

    I do have a soft spot for this “hot seller or star products” especially when it is rave about in a magazines.
    Like the Nivea Moisturiser that Kate Middleton has been using. I went to check it out at Watson’s but was not moved on buying it as there’s no SPF.

    But I have gone to buy some things that being reviewed & raved about like Avalon Organics & Sukin & also Maybelline no shine powder that turns out better than I’ve expected – cheap & good.

  4. fwy says:

    I had finally finished my last bottle of rosehip oil & had purchased a bottle of Dessert Essence Jojoba Oil (SGD18.35 for 60ml at Nature’s Farm). As usual, I used it on my face & hair ends & so far the performance is on par with rosehip oil & it is also cheaper. In addition, I noticed my face is less oily using Jojoba Oil. I admit I did check up on MUA before deciding on which brand of Jojoba Oil to purchase & if the star product is organic & reasonable priced, I do not mind trying it out.

  5. xin says:

    ops! sometimes my decision for purchased is also affected by this ‘star’ or ‘hottest’ products if they ‘seem’ suitable for me, but it’s not all the time thank goodness

  6. Brownies says:

    In the past before I have access to beauty bloggers, I will look at the ranking and allow myself to be persuaded by sales person. Now, I am not really affected as I normally buy them after some search and review from beauty bloggers. However once a brand disappoint me after 2-3 times, I tend to stop buying from that brand. I am affected by reviews rather than the ranking done by retailers as I tend to believe retailer are out to profit from us and they rarely tell the truth.

  7. Connie De Alwis says:

    Only if I really like or want the product. If not, despite how much “star factor” it has, I still wouldn’t buy it if I don’t think I’d use it.

  8. sesame says:

    Just goes to show that sometimes we just can’t be too particular about the ingredients or we’ll miss out on products that can work well for us too.

  9. sesame says:

    Good move to check reviews!.

  10. sesame says:

    Good that you have good experience with products that were being raved.

  11. sesame says:

    MUA is definitely a good source to check out such info cos of the different inputs from different reviewers.

  12. sesame says:

    Yes thank goodness! Or our pockets would have big holes all the time! ?

  13. sesame says:

    I see…it’s definitely wiser to do more research like checking up reviews from bloggers or forumers. That’ll save much heartache later.

  14. sesame says:

    You have good discipline! When it comes to certain category of products like supplements or maybe cheaper gadgets, I have no will power. ?

  15. Cris says:

    I always check the product. Look to the ingredient list and most of the times I skip it. I always prefer the less known brands and products. I have purchased popular products:
    -the Bioderma cleanser: I didn’t care for it…doesn’t clean well;
    – Caudalie Lip conditioner: hated it…dries my lips, smells and tastes bad;
    – Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation: also hated this one;
    – Avene Cleanance line: so wrong for my very acne-prone and sensitive skin;
    – LRP Effaclar H (?- it’s the soothing moisturizer): just gives really bad cystic acne;
    – Nivea Soft Cream: I also don’t like this one.
    I can’t not think of a popular product that I used and liked it.

  16. Destiny says:

    If its a cosmetic product I try to get a sample and compare at home. For example, do half my face in current foundation and half in the new one…then go outside.
    For supplements, I read reviews online and give a lot of weight to the experience of peers. But also cross check on sites like Life Extension and Natural News.

  17. Soos says:

    I avoid those best sellers – they tend to be products that I know won’t work for me. I did have a big “whew” moment after I used The Most Expensive Lipstick I’ve Ever Bought. Yes, the SA applied it for me, but that’s not the same as using it on your own. The color is great, and it leaves an attractive stain so you don’t even have to worry about reapplying.

  18. sesame says:

    *Try to guess the brand of the most expensive lipstick#k8SjZc9Dxk

  19. sesame says:

    I’m sorry that most of the best sellers didn’t work for you. I sometimes wonder if it’s placebo or that our expectations are raised. But well, it’s good practice that you check the ingredient list first to avoid more costly mistakes.

  20. sesame says:

    Good tip about getting samples to try! That’ll totally save our pockets.

  21. Nat says:

    It’s interesting that you’ve touched this subject. I always was wondering about “star” products or “bestsellers”. Those nominations are surely given/spread by manufacturers, I don’t see who else would be bothered. I don’t know if this issue can relate, but (OK don’t laugh) I’ve read an article about the restaurant business and their daily “star” menue and “special of the day” thing. It turns out that in restaurtant business “special of the day” is something that “almost” goes out of date or they have surplus of. So they try to “move” that product and bring to it more attention by giving it a “special’ name. That was an eye opener for me as I always thought that “special of the day” is really, in fact, SPECIAL. Do you think that the same tactic can be applied to beauty products that don’t really sell…? Why not. Just a thought from marketing standpoint. ?

  22. Soos says:

    Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte in Red Taboo. $34US @ Sephora. Worth every penny. My lips look fabulous. I have Dior Addict and Chanel, but those are less $ and do look less fabulous. Yes I know there are more expensive lipsticks, but that is the most I have ever and will ever spend. Thank goodness I don’t care for any of the other colors!

  23. sesame says:

    I was thinking if it might be Chanel…didn’t guess it was YSL.

  24. sesame says:

    I have no idea that restaurants do this but it is quite possible. As for beauty products, I doubt so cos they must have some products that move faster and sometimes I see some brands deliberately creating a shortage on those products too. But they are definitely clever marketing cos there are pple (like me…haha) who will check them out. ?

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