Botani natural pure plant natural skincare range

I was recently introduced to Botáni – a range of natural skin care brand created by Australian based naturopath and herbalist, Barbara Filokostas. The brand has been around since 1994 and their range of products are toxic-free, formulated with skin friendly and organic active ingredients to address skin issues and imbalances.

Toxic-free natural ingredients
As such, the Botáni range of products are created with natural emollients, moisturizing actives, botanical extracts, plant-based emulsifiers, as well as natural detergents and humectants; they are free of mineral oil, paraffin oil, petroleum jelly, lanolin, sulfates, propylene glycol (PEGs). And instead of parabens, the company uses plant based preservatives such as potassium sorbate and grapefruit seed extract. The products are also cruelty free and vegan friendly as the company do not use animal derived ingredients such as beeswax but use rich olive waxes in place. Additionally, some of their formulations are completely wheat and gluten free.

Naturopathic holistic approach to skin health
Botáni products are created to heal the skin of major skin care issues, based on Barbara Filokostas’ naturopathic holistic approach to skin health. Hence, their natural pharmaceutical range is said to offer proven results in treating acne, tinea and common skin infections while their face and body ranges cater for all skin types and provide effective relief for dehydration, eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.

Premium quality botanical science products
Barbara also combines her naturopathic expertise with leading industry professionals in Microbiology and Cosmetic Chemistry to ensure the performance, safety and efficacy of Botáni skin care products. Because of that, all Botáni formulations are rigourously tested for safety and results, and Botáni products are stated to be gentle enough to care for the most sensitive skin types, even for babies’ skin.

Simple and affordable skin care routine
In line with their natural healing philosophy, Botáni focus on a simple and sustainable three-step skin care routine: cleanse, treat and nourish. Their website even offers product selection and treatment recommendation by skin types and that makes it so easy for customers to get just what they need. Besides that, their products are also designed to be versatile, multi-purposed (family friendly) and highly concentrated. These combined features ensure that only small amounts need to be applied to experience the benefits and healing. Hence, you basically can enjoy healthy looking skin without having to spend too much or purchase too many items.

Products and availability
The Botáni skin care range now includes over 20 products and is used by a variety of health care practitioners. Botáni range of products appear to be great for all skin types and those with skin problems will be glad to find a range of products that can help them treat their skin issues effectively but gently. For example, the Botáni Rescue Acne Cream kills acne-causing bacteria but is benzoyl peroxide free, which makes it effective but gentle. While the Botáni Olive Skin Serum is 100% plant based and formulated with pure squalene derived from olives. For more information on the range of products, check out the Botáni website. Within Australia, their products are available online as well as nationally in Priceline, National Pharmacies and selected independent pharmacies. Botáni is also available in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Russia and Poland.

My thoughts on the range
Based on the founder’s holistic approach towards skin care, the company’s performance driven formulations and the ingredients in their products, this range looks rather promising, especially those with particularly sensitive or problematic skin. Many of their products use Aloe Vera as the base and other notable ingredients in their formulations include Olive Squalene, Olive butters, Jojoba oil, Olive Leaf Extract, Calendula, Arnica, Liquorice Root and Beta-Glucan, amongst others. The prices also look reasonable and some products are even affordable, considering that the formulations are said to be concentrated and only a little need to be used each time. I’ll say it’ll be great if the range can be brought into Singapore soon!



  1. Ana N. says:

    Hello VW,
    I’ve been a silent reader most of the time, but I really like ur webbie.
    I currently live in Melbourne.
    Just wanna share, I am using the Botani facial wash, and its superb for dry skin. I am usually comb/dry skin in winter & comb/ oily in summer. Weather in Melbourne currently sucks, we’ve had the longest cold dry weather every this year despite the intermittent sunlight. And this facial wash certainly helps lots, very gentle & keep my skin clean at the same time. Smells nice too!

  2. sesame says:

    That’s really great to know! I read some of the reviews online and it does look like their products are working well for many pple with different skin care issues. Wish we can get them here though.

  3. Kitty KK says:

    I have been using the Botani Olive serum for more than 1 year. I bought my first bottle in Hong Kong and the second one from Australia. The serum is light but moisturizing. It does a great job to minimize the pores on my face and help to clear up the blackheads on my nose.

  4. sesame says:

    Oh that’s good to know! Now I really wish we have this product here.

  5. Healthtips2day says:

    Excellent. The best thing in the formulation is it’s mineral-oil free characteristics. Mineral oil derivatives close skin pores causing acne or black spots. The product has substantial PUFA ( Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acid )content , which is helpful to keep the skin healthy.

  6. sesame says:

    Yes, they are mineral oil…something I try not to use.

  7. nature in a box says:

    Suprised to see an introduction of Botani on your blog!
    FYI we are the Malaysian distributor for Botani skincare. We ship to Singapore as well. Any enquires can be directed to

  8. Xi Xi says:

    Is there any difference between french lavender and lavender? Cos I see they use french lavender as an ingredient in some of their products.

  9. sesame says:

    Seems it’s just the difference in origin…benefits should be about the same although I haven’t done much reading on the differences.

  10. aibicon says:

    Botani contains herbs, like Bio a+o.e. and Madara. Its main ingredient olive squalene is good for the skin as well. I 1st came across this Olive Squalene in your blog. Botani also has nice green packaging=X

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