Green beauty: a new initiative to build a community

Hey VivaBellas! How was your weekend? Hope you’re well rested for the new week ahead! Today, I want to announce a new initiative here at Viva Woman that will culminate into something exciting for all of you about a month down the road. (#k8SjZc9Dxk-#k8SjZc9Dxk) And for this initiative, you’ll need consistency in order to gain your reward. So read on for the details.

More natural/organic
As many of you are aware, for a good part of these two years, this blog has dedicated perhaps 70% to 80% of its content on natural and organic skin care. While not all the products I review are organic, most of them contain lesser chemical ingredients. I’ve also been more stringent in my selection this year and have had to turn away many good products that aren’t in this category. It’s not an easy decision having to say no to some of the cult brands but well, I’ve had to steel my heart…so to speak.

More involvement
This direction is here to stay at Viva Woman not because I knew all along that the global sales of natural & organic beauty products will be buoyant, but rather because I’ve personally benefited from using such products. So you can say that I’m approaching this merely as a reflection of my lifestyle choice. For the record, I’m not big on the health hazards of the chemical ingredients on our skin and that’s why I’ve rarely analyzed ingredients in that light. Neither am I big on being environmental responsible; I’m no tree hugger for sure and still eat certain foods that are being frowned upon. But since I’ve embarked on the journey, little by little, I’ve learnt that my choices have a bearing on supporting organic farming, and a more sustainable mindset. I find that pretty cool and I like to get more involved not only by making more changes in my choices but also via blogging.

More community
I’ve already been writing about organic skincare and some of the recent ones are found here:
certified organic ingredients do not mean certified organic products
why some organic ingredients maybe useless
discussion on the dirty dozens
However, I want to pack more punch to these entries and hence, this ‘Green Beauty’ initiative. I live in a country where natural/organic beauty is not huge and so I want to make a difference through this platform. I hope to proactively use this space as a community to exchange ideas with those who share similar love, and to hopefully inspire more people interested to make the conversion.

More goodies
So what’s in it for you? Well, for a start, you’ll get more information. Heh. I’m also putting together a few boxes of goodies from some of the natural/organic brands and stores that I’ve recommended before. Yes, you read it right. A few boxes! So if you’re keen to participate in this Green Beauty initiative at Viva Woman, you’ll need to be consistent as all your efforts will count. There are two things you need to do for now:
1. Comment on every ‘Green Beauty’ post that I write here.
2. Be a fan of my Viva Woman Facebook page.

More comments
Exciting? So looking forward? I hope so! So tell me today, if you are a user of natural/organic skincare products, why do you use them? If you are not already using such products, what would motivate you to make a change?


  1. EcoBeauty says:

    Believe it or not, your blog was one of the bigger factors that led me to try organic/natural products. I spent my younger years either neglecting my skin or abusing it by using products which were too harsh and were chemically heavy. I used hydroquinone when I was in secondary HS even though I had no need for it–and without wearing sunscreen! I became dependent on products that provided instant results without even knowing what was in them. Yes, I even used products with no ingredients’ list on the label or no label at all. But now, I shudder at the thought. Reading your blog taught me to be responsibly “vain”. Going Green was an indirect result of that but regardless, I’m happy of where I got myself, my skin and health to. Your blog also inspired me to keep a blog, haha. ‘Cause there’s just too much information to digest and discover. I want to document everything and hopefully, let my daughter read them in the future.

  2. sesame says:

    Wow, I’m flattered! I’m glad that my blog has helped you somewhat and given you some inspirations to start your own blog. It’s good to blog because writing will help us process the huge amount of information and also force us to learn some of the ingredients ourselves.

  3. Lydia says:

    Like I already mentioned previously, I’ve been a long time reader of your blog and you’re providing me with the latest news and information. At the moment I’m in the process of figuring out which ingredients my skin likes and which not. Of course, sometimes it will break me out but that’s okay. You have to learn to understand your skin first. Sounds weird but every skin is different…. so learn and try. Keep up with the great work and I hope more ladies would start becoming more aware of their choices.

  4. Mai says:

    i never knew 0rganic 0r natural skincare exist till i came acr0ss y0ur bl0g. the truth ab0ut th0se drugst0re 0r high end pr0ducts scare the hell 0ut 0f me! it b0thered me that what i have been using are n0t g0ing t0 help me but kill my skin. right n0w i have been steering t0wards being m0re resp0nsible 0n what i slather 0n my skin. M0st 0f my pr0duct ch0ices are th0se reviewed 0n this bl0g. Th0ugh i have n0t seen much difference 0n the c0nditi0n 0f my skin, i’m still h0lding 0n t0 the faith that they will in the l0ng run, benefit my skin.

  5. sesame says:

    Yes true, we have different skin types so what works for you may not work for someone else. Like you’ve mentioned, it’s important to understand our skin first.

  6. sesame says:

    Well, I hope you’ll see some positive difference soon. Natural products take awhile longer but the results also tend to be more long lasting.

  7. BT says:

    Not sure if you know that, I have been following your blogs more than 3 years now ! You are the one that inspired me to concern about ingredient and start my research and studies on ingredient list, hopefully more people can be inspired too. (“v)

  8. Sonum says:

    You are an inspiration for lot of us here ? SoJa

  9. sesame says:

    Thank you. ?

  10. sesame says:

    Yes, BT! I know you’re a long time reader. Thank you for coming back so regularly; I really appreciate your support. ? Your research is good…I learn something from reading them too.

  11. fwy says:

    I try to stick to organic and natural products for my face as I have rosacea. As for hair & body care products, I may choose to use a natural products once in a while as my biggest concern is still the price factor. E.g. shower foam and body lotion tend to finish up faster so I will have to settle for commercial brands.

  12. sesame says:

    Yeah, body washes can be expensive in the long run. Same with shampoos too.

  13. Jamie says:

    I think it’s really great to have someone test out these organic / natural products that I’ve all along wanted to try but refrained from due to costs or mass volumes. Thanks and I am definitely looking forward to the freebies!

  14. Jeanie says:

    I used to slap on any well-known skincare brand on my face & guess what? Cold sores & eczema happened. It lasted for so long that I even had to go on antibiotics on & off for 1 year. It was until a kind doctor actually took pity on me & revealed that the chemicals in the commercial skincare products can actually trigger a sensitive reaction or a skin condition over time. I totally regretted it. Now my skin condition is permanent & I have to be very careful with what I put on my face, otherwise it will cause a reaction again.

    It was during that time (about 2 yrs ago) that I started to do extensive research on the internet & that was also how I found your blog. I’m a VERY silent reader, but I guess not anymore. Your goodies are too hard to resist.

    In order to ‘heal’ my skin, I have tried all sorts of organic/natural skincare products the past few years – Garden of Wisdom, The Organic Pharmacy, 100% Pure, Bod, Renew, Akin, Grown, Trilogy, Antipodes, Endota Spa, etc. Even DIY stuffs like manuka honey, clay masks, mild lemon washes, essential oils, hydrosols, etc.

    Finally my skin improved & I noticed that it looked even better than before (when I was using commercial brands). Even my friends said that I have a radiance. =D Hooray! Therefore, I totally support your cause for Green Beauty.

  15. kay says:

    Your blog inspired me to switch to organic products but I made the change too drastically and cause my skin to break out, now I’m introducing new organic products slowly into my routine, skincare products, hair care, body care.

    I totally support your cause for Green Beauty because your blog educates new and current readers more about organic products, and one organic product convert each time is a success for you and the wellness of the Earth.

  16. Kim says:

    I stumbled across your blog earlier this year and have been following you since then, albeit silently. I find your blog to be informative, and I’ll definitely check here to see if there’s any reviews before buying! Love your DIY tips too.
    I switched to natural skin care about 2 years ago, and my skin has stablised a lot since then. I don’t go for organic so much nowadays because I dun quite trust the “organic certification”. I’m just trying to stay clear from chemicals, which is quite a challenge even for products which are supposedly natural.
    From your DIY tips, I find that there is a lot of cheaper and better alternatives than slapping on chemicals. I’m trying to control my consumption, so DIY is the way for me as it’s cheaper, less chemicals, less pollution, less wastage.

  17. Wendy says:

    I and my friends follow your blog.It was inspiring.Thanks a lot.

  18. xin says:

    love your effort & also introducing us readers with so many organic/natural product brands/info. to be honest, i can’t say i am huge on organic stuff but it is a plus point for me if they do. and i do find myself reaching out more for natural ingredients. i just started DYI-ing some products and i love the fact that i know exactly what i use on my skin ?

  19. sesame says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing your DIY stuff! It’s very interesting to read this…whether or not I try the recipe myself. ?

  20. sesame says:

    Glad you and your friends like it here. Thanks for the support! ?

  21. sesame says:

    Actually my DIY recipes are very simple because I tend to confine to what’s available at the supermarkets. If I expand it, the cost can escalate cos getting some of the DIY ingredients to make body lotions, lip balms, etc are not cheap. But it’s an alternative to consider if you don’t want to spend a bomb on brands.

  22. sesame says:

    Ah…going organic can lead to purging for some people. I hope all is well with your skin now.

  23. sesame says:

    The doctor is really kind! Many of them would push their products and their treatments. Your experience reminded me of mine. About maybe three or four years ago, I was thinking of seeking some laser treatment to improve my skin condition. The doctor I consulted advised me against it and instead, asked me to use products. He introduced me to vitamin C and that’s how I love the ingredient. But I decided to go natural/organic and so stopped using his stuff.

    I’m glad that your skin has improved since making the switch to natural/organic. I’ll say the results, depending on what one uses, can be slower. But they they are also gradual (kinder) and more lasting.

  24. sesame says:

    Haha…beauty bloggers are like guinea pigs! ?

  25. chenyze says:

    I used to be so easily persuaded by all the new and attractive sounding products in the pharmacies, and kept trying different brands. It only tapered off after I started following your blog, because I became more knowledgeable about the chemicals in products. I do wish I’ve as much resolve as you do to stick to a healthful diet!

  26. Amanda says:

    Your blog was the first one I stumbled upon when natural skincare piqued my interest one year ago, and I’ve become a regular reader ever since. Unfortunately, I live in a place where brands and marketing are more valued than ingredients. And It’s darn difficult to find some REAL natural/organic products in my city. I am glad there are blogs like yours.

  27. melmok says:

    i’ve never really took care of my face when i was younger even thou my mom kept on telling me to do my 4 three steps routine. wash, tone, moisturize and sun screen. as i grew older, my pigmentation appeared. then when i started going to beauty salons, i blindly let them put ‘magical’ creams to my face, and telling me that it will lighten my pigmentation. when i found out about all these chemicals in these products, it was too late. My skin has became thinner and more sensitive. i was researching for alternative solutions for my problems and stumble upon your blog. your blog intrigued my curiosity to learn more about natural solutions… i’ve been using natural skin care products + DIY “potions” for a year now and i know what i’m putting my on face with out any fear of harming my skin. it also got me thinking, if my grandmother can do without all these “miracle cream” … so can i.

  28. sesame says:

    Haha…I’m not so resolute on that front now. Just ate fries!

  29. sesame says:

    Unfortunately, natural/organic is just taking off in this part of the world so a lot of stuff have to be shipped in. Like we used to have two choices to get DIY ingredients but now, none!

  30. sesame says:

    Sounds familiar…especially about your experience with pigmentation. I also let the salons do their “magic” and eventually lived to regret it. But fortunately, it’s not too late. Some things can be reversed. ?

  31. babybunii says:

    Yea! I actually switch to using only organic / natural products for my face because of my sensitive & acne skin.. At my age of 21 years, its not easy to afford buyin such products. But for the sake of savin & doin less harm to my face, I save more & spend less so my face can thank me for feeding it with Real natural plants & fruits extracts..
    I love reading ur blog! And thanks for sharing with us so much on the wonders of using organic/natural products!

  32. sesame says:

    I see…you probably also need to look at balancing your health if you have sensitive and acne prone skin. That’ll also help. ?

  33. Pollya says:

    I would like to go all out and use only organic/natural products but I have 2 limitations:
    (i) cost – would be too much strain on my wallet; I have a friend who prefers to splurge on organic foodstuff rather than skincare and makeup because she says what goes into the body is more important than what is applied outside, so foodstuff are her priority when it comes to living/starting an organic lifestyle
    (ii) slower/poorer efficacy of some organic products – since these products are gentler on our skin, it also means they might not be as “effective”, and I guess I’m a person who goes more for short-term gratification, so if I don’t see results after some time, or worst still if the product causes more problems like breakouts (I don’t subscribe to the “purging” theory), it’ll make me lose confidence and that means one organic product/brand out of the window for me. But since there are SO MANY organic brands out there — and more upcoming probably! — maybe this is not so much a limitation after all ?
    I don’t have a Facebook account so can’t like your Facebook page; does this mean I’m excluded from the giveaways? ?

  34. jade says:

    I’ve been following your blog from Shanghai for a few months now, after coming across a list of beauty blogs online. I thought vivawoman was the most accessible one that actually took products seriously, and examined ingredients in detail. My boyfriend has laughed so hard at me using yogurt and tofu on my face…but it was worth the experience because I got him to do the mask with me too ? It’s really nice to read a blog by someone as obsessed with skincare as I am- no one else around me can take it anymore!
    Thanks for all the DIY skincare recipes and tips, and especially for the anti-sun damage information. I actually used to shun anything with SPF because of the texture those products had (I’ve been using a Clinique moisturizer samples) but you’ve made me realize SPF will actually improve skin tone and texture! I will continue to research products and ingredients, especially natural ones.
    BTW- In response to the olive oil thread from a while ago: I have used olive oil straight from Greece before, not the commercial packaged type, but actually fresh from the tree, cold-pressed, via small farm on a volcanic island type. It was wonderful to use, but VERY different from commercial olive oil. The organic farm-fresh OO was lighter, smelled fresh, and rinsed off much more easily. My skin also absorbed it better and felt incredibly soft and smooth for two days. Worth a try!

  35. sesame says:

    Haha…we’re all skincare addicts! But I’m glad your boyfriend benefited from your experiments! ?

    I’ve not tried olive oil from Greece but I tried one from Israel and the texture is very different. It’s like what you said, very light and smell different. I don’t use it for my skin though because it is given for a special purpose. But the texture sure feels different.

  36. sesame says:

    Organic skincare can be effective when they include active ingredients. In fact, I found some of them to be more effective than the usual brands. But these can be expensive like you’ve pointed out.

    You can still participate by commenting here but I’ll be honest that those who like my Facebook page might stand a higher chance.

  37. Jeanie says:

    Yes, I agree. The results are slower, but it really pays off. Now, after seeing the results of my skin, even my family & friends are gearing towards natural/organic skincare. However, we have veryyyyy limited brands here in SG & it is costly. If we get them overseas, the shipping cost will kill us. Woe is our pockets.

  38. Ct says:

    I didn’t know the existence of so many organic and natural products till I started reading your blog. I used to think origins is the only company, from the word origins it sounded natral. Now my knowledge has expanded.

    Thank u

  39. sesame says:

    Actually more stores are bringing in organic stuff. Check out the ones I’ll be featuring under this initiative.

  40. sesame says:

    You’re welcome! There are many more interesting natural/organic brands out there.;)

  41. Amanda says:

    Absolutely agree with you. I don’t want to buy online, but the choices available offline are SUPER limited. That leaves me with fewer and fewer choices.

  42. kay says:

    my skin is better now, having it under controlled but still will have painful pimples when my period is around the corner. now i have a roller ball container, think garnier eye roll-on, but it’s glass bottle and glass ball with a sturdy plastic holder, which i put lavender EO inside to dab my pimples before i sleep at night. two-three days of overnight treatment, the pimples will be gone, but over-dabbing will cause burning of the skin, so usually i stop after 3 days of treatment, and resume after two days of rest.

  43. Frond says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for a long time now… probably started about close to three years ago when I first started paying attention to what I was using on my skin. The specter of age was really showing and I was scrambling to find more ‘skin-friendly’ options to use.
    Since then, I’ve switched my skincare to products with ingredient lists that I actually understand. Your blog was helpful in educating me on what to look out for and putting very complex scientific ideas into layman terms that I could absorb and understand. So thank you very much for all the effort you put in.
    Presently, I’m using a SLS free shampoo and skincare from LolitaNewYork. Makeup is all mineral and I’m finding that my skin has gone from combination to normal… its amazing what the right products can do for your skin.
    Looking forward to learning more from you over time… thank you again

  44. sesame says:

    Oh you’re using products from Lolita…interesting. I am using their mineral makeup and liking it very much.

  45. Issa says:

    wow, this is very exciting…looking forward to your posts…. it will be great to learn a lot from these…

  46. Audris says:

    Work has finally toned down somewhat for me to revive a few of my favourite daily hobbies – among them – reading your blog to get up-to-date with the latest in organic/natural skincare ?

    I like using natural/organic skincare because they work for me. Much better than what Roaccutane/antibiotics and other funky stuff that I’ve been taking since my teens to control acne and oily skin have done – with no harm to the skin, unlike what Roaccutane and antibiotics or chemicals can do to your body in the long run. Without too huge a price tag too that comes along with heavy advertising too, if I may add.

    I’ve shared your Facebook giveaway picture ( and am looking forward to more Green Beauty posts!

  47. Sara Khong says:

    I have never post so many comments in any blogs, yes I’m obviously excited! It’s fun getting to learn more about natural products, share my thoughts and possibly win something though this is just a bonus.

    I just learned about natural skincare in the last few years after reading about how harmful they are at So I’m slowly giving up not-so-natural cosmetics and replacing it with more natural products. I don’t use things I don’t need e.g hairspray. Instead I opt for a hairstyle that is easy to maintain without hair products. I also try to make simple cosmetics like body scrub and lipbalm. But I still can’t find a replacement to many things like mascara and my Burberry perfume!

    I hope so! So tell me today, if you are a user of natural/organic skincare products, why do you use them? If you are not already using such products, what would motivate you to make a change?

  48. claire says:

    yay! ? I’ve never been much of a commentor but the goodies are wayyy too shiny and attractive to be miss.

    Oh how I love natural skincare! I stumbled across your blog a few years back. Probably 5 years ago when I was post-JC. I read up on your most infomative posts and how you were slowly moving over to using natural and organic skincare. Being a person who always prides herself for having good skin and my entire family always exclaims how rosy my skin complexion is, I’ve tried so many different types of cleansers, lotions, serums and whatnots on my face since primary school.

    Getting to know of all these chemicals and scary things that put into commercial skincare and how these things affect our general wellbeing definitely turned me off. Your blog has always been an inspiration and that tiny push to go out and buy a product you’ve reviewed. Over the years, I have fully converted to natural skincare & haircare product. I’ve even made sure my boyfriend only uses natural products. I do believe by doing so, we boost our skin with what mother earth provides and we’re being eco-friendly too.

    anyway, I’m really glad your blog is doing so well. and I really do hope local Singaporeans know more of organic/natural products ‘cos they’re just really good for us!

  49. Lil Khor says:

    Hi, nope, I am not yet a user of organic skincare though my sister-in-law has been selling me the ideas for 1 year. She reads your blog. What is stopping me? For one, organic products are pretty limited in Penang where I stay. They are also generally more expansive (in my mind at least, I am not sure if they actually are). What will change my mind to start using organic products? Hmm, probably some free samples from you to start the ball rolling. Actually, i am looking for skincare product for my pre-teen daughter. She is 11, has sensitive and she is active in sports so I am looking for one suitable for her. Will continue to read your blog for more updates

  50. sesame says:

    Wow, so happy to learn that you’ve been reading my blog for the past few years. It means a lot to me. ? I think natural and organic products are great but at the same time, we ought to be discerning. I am still learning too and blogging has helped me learnt a lot I must say. And to read all your comments has given me inspiration and ideas too. I have come across interesting products and services because readers share with me. So come back often to comment…it’s food for me!

  51. sesame says:

    Thanks for coming by and sharing your thoughts. I totally understand your concern cos I ask myself the question too – why must natural/organic be more expensive. Some of them are just way too much and it’s all due to marketing. However, having said that, the normal range of products are such too. So we just need to be more discerning in our choices. Organic or not, we need to feel comfortable with what we use.

    Buds Baby is made in Malaysia and you can get it for your pre-teen daughter. They are good enough for older kids too. If you can find A’kin, that brand is good too and affordable.

  52. sesame says:

    Thanks for sharing on FB! I think you’ve dabbled with more natural/organic products than me! I don’t DIY products that much like you do. I should try to do it next year.

  53. sesame says:

    Comment more! All your comments fuel my energy to want to blog more you know?

    It’s not easy to go completely natural/organic. Those I see doing so usually use little makeup and perfumes, etc. I have problems going 100% natural in makeup. The choices here are also limited.

  54. Lucia says:

    This is yet another great thing you’re doing, Sesame. I’ve learned so much from this blog and am so grateful I stumbled upon VivaWoman! I hope more people from across the globe get the chance to discover and know you. They don’t know what they’re missing! ?

  55. sesame says:

    Thanks Lucia! Very encouraging to read your comments. ? I hope to take this off further. For the time being, due to the giveaway, I’m giving more time to introducing readers to some of the brands / stores I love but I’ll write more varied topics after the giveaway is over.

  56. aibicon says:

    Hi EcoBeauty,
    I agree with you. When we were young, we dont see a need to take care of our skin. I am aging now and realize how much i need to take care of my skin.I regretted for not taking care of it(having very dark eye circles). I constantly remind my younger sisters not to use chemical facial products as I want them to take care too. But my advise dont seems to work though.

    Knowing the ingredients really help us in choosing our products better#k8SjZc9Dxk#k8SjZc9Dxk

  57. Lucia says:

    Looking forward to that as always, Sesame! Thank you! ?

  58. Bebe Lee says:

    Liked Viva Woman on Facebook Bebe Lee

    I am not a user of natural / organic skincare products.

    I would like to make a change as these products are free of the harmful ingredients. Its natural and organic ingredients will be more suitable for my sensitive and pimple prone skin. Hopefully, one day, my skin will be free of blemishes, it will turns smooth and radiant.

  59. Sara says:

    Hey Sesame,

    Yes, this giveaway made me learn to write comments. But really I prefer to write emails. It is much more personal and I can write more freely without thinking I’m writing an essay instead of dropping a comment. Don’t mind me sending you mails to your inbox sometimes!

  60. sesame says:

    Of course…by all means! I’m happy to hear from readers. Only thing is I sometimes can’t reply right away and may need a few days to respond.

  61. Jason says:

    nice story

  62. Corinna says:

    I made my change very gradually, and especially with sunblock.
    The day I stumbled onto your blog, I read reviews after reviews of products that you’ve tried before deciding to try some for myself.
    Previously, I’d only get for my son, who has eczema, thus my search for chemical free products.
    Now, I’m changing my skin care regime to MVO & Sweetsation Therapy, which I also got to know through your review on viva woman, and I’m clearing my last bottle of SK II’s treatment essence.
    I realised that each time I want to try something, I’d do a search on your blog first before buying!
    Thanks Sesame for this informative blog.

  63. sesame says:

    It’s heartening to learn the change process in your skincare routine! I hope the change has also been benefiting you but personally, I really think it helped improve my skin condition.

  64. Carol says:

    A Chinese doctor said that poor blood circulation could be the cause of my acne. Therefore, I went online to find more information about acne and I discovered VivaWoman. After reading through your blog and reviews, I started paying attention to what I was using on my skin. I gradually switched to using only organic and natural products for my face. Many of the products I am using now are products you have written good reviews on. For me, I rather spend a little more money on an organic skincare that is effective and uses intelligent ingredients that do not harm my body. I even got my boyfriend to switch to organic/natural skincare. Your blog is very informative and I enjoy reading it everyday.

    I have liked your facebook and been following your blog for almost 2 years now!

  65. sesame says:

    Thanks Carol for the support! I hope your skin has also improved with the usage of more natural products! Acne is quite a tricky issue…personally I find the problem with mine is caused by a poor digestion and so beauty inside out is truly important.

  66. sherry says:

    I’m not yet an organic product user. I guess it is because I don’t go out of my way to purchase them as they are generally pricier and the products I use now are good enough for me. I think that if organic companies went out of their way to advertise the benefits and why they are priced higher, I would be more willing to try their products.

  67. sesame says:

    Usually organic brands that are certified cost more. But it depends…most of them are not pricer than the commercial counter brands either.

  68. Swati says:

    I think its an awesome initiative!!! this would also be helpful for the small companies which are starting up and are more environment-conscious!!! and, I have seen that there is a difference while using organic products though I haven’t got much chance to use organic skin care but organic foods taste so much better!!!

  69. fiona says:

    never knew much abt organic skin care until i stomp on your blog! <3

  70. Tammi Cherise Tan says:

    Just wanna say that I think it’s great that you’re doing this (:

  71. Diane says:

    been a while since i’ve commented here…
    But, truly, reading your blog was one of the reasons i started to shift more to natural/organic products…i learned a lot from you and it enabled me to help a lot of my friends on skin care issues/matters. ? thanks a lot Sesame!

  72. sesame says:

    You’re welcome Diane! ?

  73. aibicon says:

    I have eczema since birth and my skin is slightly sensitive thus I cannot use normal products from watsons or guardians.Slowly, I came to realise the importance of choosing the correct facial wash. My aunt taught me how to choose a product that does not contain parabens and sulphates. My 1st organic product will be sukin shampoo and the facial wash. However, prolong use of the facial wash result in dry skin. I do not like the dry feeling. After that I was introduced Renew. Sukin and Renew can be found in Watsons/Guardians, they are consider cheaper organic products. I would continue using organic products as I think they are actually suitable for me.Now I am using the Thursday Plantation facial wash and I like it very much.It has a pump that helps to pumps out the wash in bubble form. Choosing the correct product will helps to maintain and protect our skin.

  74. Aida Mustapha says:


    I discovered your blog accidently while looking for some info on Yuan Soap. Truthfully, I’m still new with the Green Beauty/Products things. Until of course my health and skin condition became worse.

    I’m suffering from Discoid Lupus Erythemathosus (DLE) where once in a while my auto immune system suddenly goes haywire and kill my skin cells. Usually it happens once a year around June and last until September or October. I have to rely on steroid to reduce the lesions.

    About 5 years ago, after my chemical loaded skincare caused the lesion on my face to bleed and irritate, I decided to visit Sasa boutique on my way back to my hometown. I was looking for A’kin products. They didn’t have it apart from the haircare line, but I was being introduced to Caudalie, a French eco-cosmetic company.

    I bought their Organic Grape Water Facial mist. It helped calm my skin, so months later I bought their foaming cleanser, buffing cream (facial scrub) and Beauty Elixir. I was and am still truly amaze how amazingly effective these products are and at the same time help protect my skin.

    Unfortunately, Sasa is not available in my hometown and I need to travel at least to Penang to get my supply. Even then sometimes the one I was looking for was out of stock.

    Realising that I need to find online shop that carries natural products, I spent sometimes browsing. I found and got attracted to the Botani line, although not immediately. But, I’m using some of the items and began using Aleppo soap too. This year, I purposely did not refill my steroid prescription as I am in the middle of an experiment – treating the DLE lesions using Botani serum and repair cream.

    I really hope I will succeed as I am tired of the side effects I have to endure using the drug. Pray for me please…

  75. Lena says:

    To use chemicals defeats the purpose in my many circumstances.
    What really made me conscious of the ingredients in certain products was my high school biology; Knowing how the skin works.
    I was told a story about a family who did not like to bathe.
    Some scientists examined the skin of this family and found it be baby soft underneath all the dirt . You see, dead skin cells act as a protective layer, while the living cells function beneath . ( Fighting off bacteria etc. )

    Harsh chemicals can accelerate the rate in which your skin cells die off.
    And in accordance to your DNA, they only replace themselves so many times.

  76. nami says:

    beautiful post

  77. DJ says:

    Using organic products is a natural change for me as I have now the financial ability and the knowledge to do so and also because these products just FEEL so much better! Whenever I use organic facial products compared to drugstore products, my skin just sighs in happiness and it thanks me for it by feeling better. Ever since I have adopted organic skincare, I am constantly in awe of the concept of ‘less is more’ !

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